Here's the best Starfield mods released in the first 24 hours

By FileTrekker a month ago, last updated a month ago

Modders move quickly, especially where Bethesda's games are concerned. Barely a day after the game's official Early Access release, several excellent mods are already available that do everything from adjusting the FOV to adding DLSS to maximise your performance on Nvidia GPUs.

The Quality of Life mods have already proven incredibly popular, with one mod allowing you to skip the game's opening logo videos, so you're not waiting around for the main menu, while another excellent mod will enable you to disable the message of the day, should you be annoyed by that kind of thing.

You can even replace the opening logos with Todd Howard's face, but naturally, you'll want to skip the video skip mod so you can admire him in all his glory.

The most important QoL mod, however, is the Starfield FOV mod. It's inexplicable to me that the game didn't include its own menu options for FOV, even though it's easily adjustable in the game's .ini configuration files. This mod makes it much easier to adjust and find the FOV you want, in-game, and is a must-have for players using larger monitors, for example.

My personal favourite is the DLSS mod that replaces AMD's FSR2 with Nvidia DLSS. This is preferable if you own an RTX Graphics Card, with DLSS better utilizing the hardware to provide a better-upscaled image. The performance uplift could also be significant, depending on your hardware. Bethesda caused a stir when it announced AMD as an "exclusive PC partner" for Starfield, but modders have taken matters into their own hands, less than 24 hours after launch.

There are a ton more mods available, from Lazy Cheats to a number of character presets, including a rather young-looking Arnie. It'll be fascinating to see what the modding community can come up with in the coming days and weeks.


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