Here's where to find Fortnite's spray cans

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's a new Spray & Pray mission in Fortnite this week, and part of it involves hunting down various spray cans. It's a particularly challenging one, this, and to help you along, we've created this handy map to show you just where all of the cans can be found.

The can's can be found at;

  • The north side of Junk Junction, near a heap of cars.
  • The bottom of the umbrella trench in E3, near 3 stacked barrels
  • The west of Pressure Plant, in a tunnel off the river of lava
  • The northeast of Happy Hamlet, to the west of the old disco near a blue container
  • The southeast corner of the junkyard that's southeast of Paradise Palms
  •  The underground section of Shift Shafts, behind a wall inside
  • The bottom of the waterfall on the frozen lake, near the foot of a tree
  • The underground hangar section of the Abandoned Mansion to the far east
  • The north of Fatal Fields, on the east side of a mound with the small river running into it

And that's where to find all spray can locations - happy hunting!


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