Hitman 2 is celebrating it's birthday in style

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

It's hard to believe that Hitman 2 is a year old this month, but despite it's relative youth, IO Interactive is already working on the next entry in the franchise. That isn't to say that support for Hitman 2 has ended though, in fact quite the contrary, as to celebrate being one years old, the game will see the biggest content drop ever since launch.

The first of the new content is already available and sees two new Legacy Escalations added, The Teague Temptation and The Bahadur Dexterity, set in Paris and Marrakesh respectively. There's five stages to these scenarios, and there's a unique set of requirements to complete for each.

In addition, there's a new challenge pack called Breaking and Entering, set in Whittleton Creek. There's more content coming though, November 14th adds two new Legacy Challenge Packs, including Master Fortune Teller in Marrakesh, and the Art of Revenge in Hokkaido. The 14th also sees a new escalation contract in Santa Fortuna known as The Montague Audacity, too, along with the usual drop of community contracts.

Fast forward to the 19th, where two more Legacy Escalations will drop, these being the Arthin Occulation set in Bangkok, as well as the Szilassi Darkness set in Sapienza.

Along with these will be Blake's Endeavor on the Isle of Sgail, and a new challenge pack, and two legacy challenge packs. These will be Plumber's Apprentice and Master Sniper, and will also be set in Sapienza.

Then, on November 22nd, there'll be a new Legacy Elusive Target known as The Fixer, and should prove to be something of an extra challenge - IO Interactive say so far he's the lowest clear rate to date.

Finally, the month ends with three more Escalations, these being the McCallister Ransack, set in Whittleton Creek, and the Quimby Quandary on the Isle of Sagail, as well as Bartholomew Hornswaggle on Haven Island.

So yeah, a lot of content coming this month. IO have promised a livestream on November 18th to talk about the future of the Hitman series, so stay tuned to GameFront for any further developments.


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