Hitman 2 is getting new content for Halloween

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

I love Halloween, and I love Hitman 2, so I'm really stoked to see that the October roadmap for the game will be featuring content designed around the holiday of spooky scary skeletons. 

Of course, it's Agent 47's wheelhouse if you think about it - he's often wearing various costumes and disguises in order to take out his assigned targets, so Halloween is the perfect holiday for crazy and hilarious shenanigans. 

The first Halloween event is currently taking place on the Miami map with the Riviera Restoration Escalation Contract. This will be followed up by another Escalation on the Mumbai map on October 10, which will unlock the Imperial Classic with Gloves outfit. On October 11th, the warlord will also return as a Legacy Elusive Target.

The main event starts off on October 17th, though. There's going to be various community contracts released, all with a trick or treat theme. You can still submit your own for consideration up until October 14th, should you wish to do so.

There'll be another Escalarion Contract themed around Halloween on October 22nd, but the details are still as of yet unknown, although IO do promise there will be two rewards unlocked for completing it, and it'll also become a permanent contract, so you'll have plenty of time to play it.

Also on the 22nd will be the release of the new Legacy Challenge Packs, which will give you three different challenges to complete for each pack you purchase, with each giving players a new weapon and outfit, too.

Finally, there'll be an Elusive Target on October 25th, a serial killer in Whittleton Creek, which will then be followed on October 31st by the Hawke's Bay challenge pack, which will see Agent 47 become a slasher movie villain.

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