Hitman 3 has sold 300% more copies despite Epic exclusivity

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Hitman 3 is the best selling game in the trilogy so far, according to IO Interactive, with the company's CEO, Hakan Abrak, highlighting a 300% increase in sales compared to Hitman 2 during the same period. 

The first game in the series didn't sell very well at all, leading to publisher Square Enix dropping the franchise. It seems the series has gone from strength to strength since, though. Even with Epic Games Store exclusivity on PC, Hitman 3 seems to be performing exceptionally well.

"If there's something that IO knows how to do, it's a Hitman game," said Abrak, speaking at GI Live this week. "It's just like saying 'I know Kung Fu', we know Hitman." According to Abrak, Hitman 3 has proven to be the most profitable entry in the series so far, as well as the most profitable, despite being entirely self-published. The team did have challenges in the face of COVID 19, though.

This success has lead to IO opening a third studio, IO Barcelona, which was announced earlier today. It'll be working on IO's upcoming Project 007, as well as future content for Hitman, and other, as yet unconfirmed, projects.


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