Hitman 3 Persistent Shortcuts will reward exploration

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Hitman games are all about choices - there are usually several ways to complete assassinations, and there are multiple targets to take out per level - but it's always been a chore to repeat certain assassinations to try a different tactic or correct a mistake.

Hitman 3 aims to address this issue, according to a new video released by Game Informer, with it's new "persistent shortcuts" feature. What does that mean exactly? Well you'll need to traverse the map the long way the first time you try to assassinate a target, but every shortcut, such as a door or pathway, you unlock will remain unlocked forever, every time you play.

This will make it easier to return to areas without having to go the long way around again, so you don't have to grind you way through environments to try different approaches, which is really nice.

The release of Hitman 3 is just around the corner, on January 20th, and while it promises to be more of the same, these kind of enhancements are very welcome. 

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