Hitman: Absolution Easter Eggs Guide

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Posted on November 18, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Hitman: Absolution Easter Eggs Guide

Agent 47 might be an assassin, but that doesn’t mean there’s no levity to be had in Hitman: Absolution . The characters and environments of Hitman have always skewed toward the boisterously over-the-top (Learn all about it in our Hitman: Absolution review!) where you’ll find dark humor side-by-side with legitimate darkness. It’s a strange gumbo, but if you’re willing to look, you’ll find tons of hidden easter eggs throughout Hitman’s latest adventure.

Here, we’ll list every joke, references, or oddity we discover. Stick with us as we continue to update.

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Easter Eggs & References

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Double Rainbow

  • To check out this Easter Egg, you’ll need to load Mission 20: Absolution then you’ll need to reach the third section of the mission where you face off against the three Praetorians.
  • Here, you’ll see several angel statues located around this large area. Destroy the two statues at the gate entrance.
  • There are two more statues to the left and right of the main pathway. Make sure they’re all destroyed, then look out toward the rainbow over the water — a second rainbow will appear. Enjoy this brief moment of peace.

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How to Set Off a Nuke

  • Start Mission 11: Dexter Industries and work your way to the main Factory Compound Exterior.
  • Next, you’ll need to enter the lobby of the building. The area is heavily guarded, so we suggest knocking out the VIP Arms Dealer out by the fancy sports car and stealing his outfit to get inside.
  • Once you’re in the lobby, look up above the central reception desk. That’s right, it’s a Nuke hanging over their heads like the Sword of Damocles.
  • Because we know you can’t help yourself, put a bullet in the nose of the nuke to check out a special cutscene.
  • Kane and Lynch are even involved, waiting out in the desert listening to radio as they’re engulfed. Needless to say, this causes a Game Over.

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Michigan Lake Monster

  • Start up Mission 1: A Personal Contract. Once you reach the Mansion Interior, open up the blinds using the button on the second floor.
  • When the blinds are open, look outside at the water. Nothing out there yet, you’ll need to do something else first.
  • Look around the large main room. There are two shells on stands — shoot both shells, and look out the window at the water. The Lake Monster will appear in the distance!

Metal Gear Exclamation-Pig

  • In Mission 12: Death Factory, you can enter one of the fake houses on the left. Inside, there’s a pig inside a box eating from a bowl. Shoot him to see something strange.

Mini-Ninjas’ Orphanage Infiltration

  • Located inside the Orphanage, look in a side-room on the first floor for a desk with a lit green lamp. Near the lamp, you’ll find a distinctive Mini-Ninja figure.
  • The tiny ninja is a character from Io’s other stealth-action game, Mini Ninjas.

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How to Kill with an Ice-Cream Truck

  • When 47 must kill his target in the middle of the arid desert, you can find another… odd way of killing your man.
  • Instead of shooting him, walk toward five nearby vultures to scare them off. You’ll find them near or on the ruined old car and the fallen dead tree. There’s another right beside the grave.
  • Now, all three birds will fly into the sky and circle the area. Grab a sniper rifle from your car’s trunk and shoot the three vultures in the sky to your right (from the car, looking toward the grave), then kill the next bird slightly to the left, about the center of the screen, and finally kill the lone bird on the left.
  • If you pull it off correctly, the target will slowly walk to a certain spot in the desert, and…
  • … an ice-cream truck will speed by, crushing your target flat.

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47 on the Playstation 3

  • If you’re playing on the Playstation 3, you’ll find that there are exactly 47 trophies.
  • The hero of Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47, just happens to share a number. Sadly, there are only 46 achievements on 360.

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Charlie the Chipmunk Suit

  • In the mission “Chinese New Year” you can find a cop waiting in a dirty dead-end alley, in a restricted area right past the stairs leading down. Knock the guy out and stuff his body in the dumpster, and you’ll find an interesting disguise on the ground…
  • Look for a white plastic page. Put it on, and you’ll find Agent 47 wearing a cartoonish Chipmunk mascot costume. Not a perfect disguise, but it does cover up 47′s distinctive bald scalp.

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Meet Kane & Lynch

Bar Encounter with Kane

  • During the mission “Welcome to Hope”, you’ll get an early objective to “Get to the Bartender” which is when you’ll find Kane.
  • Kane is waiting by the bar, smoking and standing in front of the Jukebox. The criminal from IO’s previous games will reveal his true nature when shot, pulling out a submachine gun.
  • Bartender: Hey boy, something I can help you with?
  • Kane: Just waiting for my associate. He’s back in town buying equipment.
  • Bartender: Is that so? Well, what kind of equipment would that be?
  • Kane: Just equipment. Business equipment.
  • Bartender: I see, big businessman. Well you just watch yourself now ‘cos we don’t care much for strangers out here.
  • Kane: I’m not looking for trouble.

Lynch at the Shooting Range

  • In the mission “Birdie’s Gift” you’ll find Kane while on the objective “Get the Silverballers!” which takes Agent 47 to a gun store.
  • It looks like Kane’s associate really was out buying equipment; guns. You can find Lynch at the shooting range, complete with scraggly beard and wife-beater.
  • Lynch: Stop staring at me, you twisted little fairy! Goddamn little fairies. Imps. Trolls.
  • [Lynch shoots lawn gnomes set up to the right of the range.]
  • Worker: Hey! Hey, hey, hey — Hey! Listen to me. What did I tell you about my gnomes? You just stop it, ok? Or I’ll kick your crazy ass outta here! And I’ll do it! You just watch.
  • Lynch: I’d like to see you f***ing try. F***ing midgets ain’t what you think! Staring at me… rolling around those little eye sockets. What am I gonna… Twinkly little eyes… f***in’…
  • Worker: Well if you don’t like the gnomes, you can take your business elsewhere. Now I am serious. You just keep shooting my gnomes and we got troubles, you and I. You understand?
  • Lynch: Yeah, yeah… whatever, you f***ing asshole. F***ing gnome f***er. F***ing troll f***er. You… ah you f***er.

Writing a Letter

  • Late in the game, when you visit the Courthouse, check out the cells underneath. Through one of the vents, you can spy on Kane writing a letter to his daughter.

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