Hitman: Absolution – How to Kill with an Ice-Cream Truck [Easter Egg]

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Posted on November 20, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Hitman: Absolution – How to Kill with an Ice-Cream Truck [Easter Egg]

Hitman: Absolution is all about getting creative with your assassination skills, but we’ve found one downright bizarre way to take down a target. This strange assassination is found out in the desert, and you’ll never find it on your own — we’ll spoil it for you, it involves an Ice-Cream Truck and high-speed collision. If you’re interested, check out how to make this weird Easter Egg show up with the steps below.

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Ice-Cream Truck Kill [Easter Egg]

  • When 47 must kill his target in the middle of the arid desert, you can find another… odd way of killing your man.
  • Instead of shooting him, walk toward five nearby vultures to scare them off. You’ll find them near or on the ruined old car and the fallen dead tree. There’s another right beside the grave.
  • Now, all five birds will fly into the sky and circle the area. Grab a sniper rifle from your car’s trunk and shoot the three vultures in the sky to your right (from the car, looking toward the grave), then kill the next bird slightly to the left, about the center of the screen, and finally kill the lone bird on the left.
  • The vultures can be killed in any order.
  • If you shoot them all, the target will slowly walk to a certain spot in the desert, and…
  • … an ice-cream truck will speed by, crushing your target flat.

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