Hitman: Absolution – Kane & Lynch Easter Eggs [Locations Guide]

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Posted on November 18, 2012, Kevin Thielenhaus Hitman: Absolution – Kane & Lynch Easter Eggs [Locations Guide]

The psychopathic duo Kane & Lynch have made their way onto Io’s Hitman: Absolution and we’ll show you how to find them. In the grungy town of Hope, you’ll find multiple cameos from the two thugs while exploring the Bar, the Gunstore, and the Courthouse.

If you aren’t familiar with the two, they’re the “heroes” of Io’s third-person shooters, Kane & Lynch: Dead Men and it’s sequel Kane & Lynch: Dog Days. They’re generally loathsome criminals, but the eponymous Hitman can’t take the moral high ground here. Find the two and hear some unique dialogue with the guide below.

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WARNING! Strong language ahead.

Kane & Lynch Easter Eggs [Locations Guide]

Work-In-Progress: More to come as we play through Hitman: Absolution

Bar Encounter with Kane

  • During the mission “Welcome to Hope”, you’ll get an early objective to “Get to the Bartender” which is when you’ll find Kane.
  • Kane is waiting by the bar, smoking and standing in front of the Jukebox. The criminal from IO’s previous games will reveal his true nature when shot, pulling out a submachine gun.
  • Dialogue:
    • Bartender: Hey boy, something I can help you with?
    • Kane: Just waiting for my associate. He’s back in town buying equipment.
    • Bartender: Is that so? Well, what kind of equipment would that be?
    • Kane: Just equipment. Business equipment.
    • Bartender: I see, big businessman. Well you just watch yourself now ‘cos we don’t care much for strangers out here.
    • Kane: I’m not looking for trouble.

Lynch at the Shooting Range

  • In the mission “Birdie’s Gift” you’ll find Kane while on the objective “Get the Silverballers!” which takes Agent 47 to a gun store.
  • It looks like Kane’s associate really was out buying equipment; guns. You can find Lynch at the shooting range, complete with scraggly beard and wife-beater.
  • Dialogue:
  • Lynch: Stop staring at me, you twisted little fairy! Goddamn little fairies. Imps. Trolls.
  • [Lynch shoots lawn gnomes set up to the right of the range.]
  • Worker: Hey! Hey, hey, hey — Hey! Listen to me. What did I tell you about my gnomes? You just stop it, ok? Or I’ll kick your crazy ass outta here! And I’ll do it! You just watch.
  • Lynch: I’d like to see you f***ing try. F***ing midgets ain’t what you think! Staring at me… rolling around those little eye sockets. What am I gonna… Twinkly little eyes… f***in’…
  • Worker: Well if you don’t like the gnomes, you can take your business elsewhere. Now I am serious. You just keep shooting my gnomes and we got troubles, you and I. You understand?
  • Lynch: Yeah, yeah… whatever, you f***ing asshole. F***ing gnome f***er. F***ing troll f***er. You… ah you f***er.

Writing a Letter

  • During the mission “Skurky’s Law”, when you visit the Courthouse, check out the underground cells. Through one of the vents, you can spy on Kane writing a letter to his daughter.

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