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Posted on March 16, 2011, GameFront Staff Homefront Korean Kodex QR Codes

The Korean Kodex is a set of 10 Xbox-exclusive QR codes that users can find in-game and scan with their phones to unlock exclusive Homefront content. The first code is included with 360 players’ Homefront manual; the rest can be found scattered around the gameworld. Peruse our list of Kodex entries, below. For more information about finding them, check out our full Homefront Walkthrough.

Mission 01 – Why We Fight

  1. In the gas station, on a board next to the soda machine.

Mission 02 – Freedom

In Boone’s office, between the filing cabinets, beneath the plan for “Fire Sale.” Look below the left foot of the mascot on the wall, in the gym. On the right side of the wall of lost souls.

Mission 03 – Fire Sale

At the base of the Tiger Direct sign on the store’s roof, where the EMP soldiers had set up shop.

Mission 04 – The Wall

On the white wall near the dumpster, by the mesh fence behind Brook’s camp.

Mission 05 – Heartland

In a wooden picture frame, next to a wall where Rianna takes cover after you kill the guard on the windmill, after listening to the guards talk about cigarettes.

Mission 06 – Overwatch

On the top left part of the tallest building in the port area, to the right of the highway if you’re facing south.

Mission 07 – Golden Gate

On the wall to left of the last set of stairs after Checkpoint D.

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