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Posted on March 16, 2011, Ben Richardson Homefront News Pickups

News pick-ups are the main collectible in Homefront, filling players in on the story and the gameworld by way of fake newspaper clippings. You’ll need to keep your eyes peeled for 61 pick-ups in total throughout the game; they’re listed below, divided by chapter. For more information about finding them, check out our full Homefront Walkthrough.

Mission 01 – Why We Fight

  1. “Wild Fluctuations in Oil Market Lead to Unstability, Uncertainty.” – To the left of the entrance to the White Castle, around the side of the building.
  2. “Kim Jong-Un Promises to Protect Koreans Worldwide” – Between the gas station and the nearby river, in a small yard with similarly small containers, on the ground.
  3. “Pentagon: North Korean Missile Test Fails” – Soon after the tank rolls by, you’ll go prone on the ground near a house with a large, destroyed window. The pick-up is on the ground by the window.
  4. “GKR Peacekeeping Mission in Nigeria A Success” – After you sprint to escape the tank, check in the backyard of the first house you pass on the left. The pick-up is attached to the boarded-up window, to the right of the chimney.
  5. “Aircraft Carriers Decommissioned, Navy to Downsize” – Inside the house you encounter after the treehouse, on the lintel of the fireplace.
  6. “Global Economy Bites Back” – In the same house, halfway up the blocked staircase.
  7. “Violence and Protest Sweeps China As Manufacturing Jobs Disappear” – In the Civilian Neighborhood section, look for the yellow house with the foreclosure sign. The pick-up is to the right, in the bushes.
  8. “US Infrastructure Crumbles As Debt Becomes Unmanageable, Tax Revenues Decline” – In the cul-de-sac, look for the yellow house to the southeast. The pick-up is on the side porch.
  9. “American Gas Prices Rise to Record Highs As Great Arab War Escalates” – After the cul-de-sac, you’ll enter another house. When Connor kicks in the door, keep an eye out for the next pick-up.
  10. “Japanese Capitulate to Korean Occupation” – In the same house, check the northern corner of the living room for the pick-up.

Mission 02 – Freedom

“Juche Ideology” – On the floor in the corner of Boone’s office, near the two corner filing cabinets. “United States Begins Phased Withdrawal From Middle East” – Near the locked gate and the mesh fence, near the tomato plot. “Iran, Saudi Arabia Test Nuclear Weapons” – Hang a left immediately after the start of the mission and check out the Southwest corner of the yard. “U.S. Military to Scale Back, Refocus” – Check out the shed in the same yard for another pick-up. “Opinion: The Threat of EMP Attack” – Near the first Sentry Tower, in the northeast corner of the street, quite close to the KPA wall. Look for a pile of garbage near a security fence. “Opinion: How Soon We Forget” – Near the first school bus you come to in the “School’s Out” section. The pick-up is to the left if you’re facing the back of the bus, on a small pile of garbage. “Southern States Enact Stronger Border Control Policies” – Inspect the War Memorial (look for the flagpole) to grab this pick-up. “Rooftop Gardens A Way Of Life For Some Urbanites” – Inside the school bus, at the northern end of the road. “East Coast Black Markets Light Up” – On the floor of the gym, below the painting of the mascot. “International Reactions to Korean Occupation of Japan Differ” – After you exit the school, move to the southeast and look for this pick-up near the locked double doors. “Korean Government Demands International Condemnation Against Japan” – At the eastern extremity of the playground climbing structure. “North Korea Suspected of Developing Nuclear Weapons in Japan” – In the blue kiddie pool, on the porch of the home directly across from the playground. “Anarchy in the U.S. as National Guard Fails to Restore Order” – There’s a house on the north side of the street with a clothesline to the right of it. Enter crouch and snag it, passing a snoozing vagrant as you do. “Korean Officials Provide Details of Iraq Operations” – To the right of El Rey’s patch, up against the mesh fence. “Greater Korean Republic Grows” – At the east end of the Security Area 1 entrance, on a table by the fence overlooking the main camp. “North Korea Launches First Group of Next-Gen GPS Satellites” – Between the admin building and baseball field, on the path bordering the minivan road blockade.

Mission 03 – Fire Sale

“Kim Jong-Il Appoints Successor” – In the parking lot that Rianna meets the Resistance member in, behind the barricade, among some garbage. “Korean Integration Continues” – In that same parking spot. Look for the handicapped parking spaces and the nearby pile of garbage. “Kim Jong-Un Receives Nobel Prize” – On the rooftop overlooking the TigerDirect store, to the southwest. “The Biggest Industrial Collapse Ever: GM Declares Bankruptcy a Second Time” – Inside the Hooters, in the southwest corner, by the popcorn machine.” “New Korea Far From a Democracy” – Exit via the side doors of the Tiger Direct and look for the drink machines. The pickup is on the ground nearby. “The Winter of Freezing Death” – Right below a “games” sign, in the “games” department of Tiger Direct. How meta! “18 Million Dead As Knoxville Cough Burns Out” – Right after you tag the fuel tanker, go to the rear of the parking lot and look for a sentry hut. The pickup is on the floor. “Farewell Address From the President to the People of the United States” – Beneath the first set of stairs in the store’s emergency exit stairwell.

Mission 04 – The Wall

“Profile: Kim Jong-Il” – To the side of the Oasis house, across from a recycle bin, among some pieces of fence. “As Nationalism Sweeps Country, Korea Blames Economic Woes on U.S.” – Close to the above-ground pool in the backyard of the cul-de-sac, near a bench. “Unified Korean Military Will Include Many North Korean Soldiers” – As you’re making your way down the street, supported by the Goliath, keep an eye out for an open garage in the second-to-last house on the right side of the street.” “Two Koreas United in Landmark Vote” – After you defeat the tank, go to the northwest end of the street and check among the rusting appliances for this pickup. “The Charismatic Authority of Kim Jong-Un” – Right after you enter the drainage ditch, move to southern corner and look at the pile of weeds, by the graffiti. “Canada Ends “Open Borders” Policy With United States” – In Boone’s rendezvous area, near the wounded soldier “Martial Law Declared As U.S. Cities Descend Into Chaos” – At the Votypka Foot Massage store, on the outside, by the brick wall and the trash bin. “Korea Declares War Against Japan” – In the office of the garage, right before Checkpoint J: Sacrifice, on the floor behind the service counter.

Mission 05 – Heartland

“North Korean Special Forces Aim To Be ‘Best in the World’” – Near the gate that marks the entrance to the compound, between the ruined house and windmill, at the end of an alley to your right. “American Military Seen As Unwanted in New Era of East Asian Peace” – In a barn with a huge American flag attached to it, first on your left when coming from the entrance gate, on a plank table, near the campfire. “New Korean President Plans to Modernize the Korean Military” – In the second barn on your left, on the concrete pad near the candlelit table. “U.S. Pacific Fleet Consolidated to Pearl Harbor” – By the hay bale resting against the barn fence. “Cargo Carriers Find New Life In Korean Military” – Right after crossing the grass gully, to the right of the rusting vehicle, by the crossroads and the hut. “Iran Accuses Saudi Arabia of Escalating Arms Race in Middle East” – In the farmhouse garage, on a low shelf in the northwest corner. “North Korean Dictator Reported Dead” – Before you drop down into the river, look for a rock with a tire on it. The pickup is in the nearby bushes. “Massive Backdoors Discovered in Korean-supplied Circuitry” – Near the trailer at the top of the hill, between the front steps and a white plastic chair. “Suburban Flight Grows as Martial Law Begins to Restore Order” – South of the helicopter wreckage, to the left of the shack, near some grey barrels. “Korea Now Largest Supplier of American Purchases Microprocessors” – At the beginning of Checkpoint I: Some Are Better Left Alone. Look on the ground, near the entrance to a gray trailer home with a red stripe. “UN Condemns North Korean Occupation of Japan” – At the edge of the cemetary, near the collection of severed KPA heads. “Japanese Towns, Cities Evacuated in the Aftermath of Nuclear Power Plant Destruction” – In the eastern part of the churchyard, between the scaffolding and the perimeter fence, on the ground. “Racial Conflicts Turn Bloody in Japan” – On the far eastern end of the grassy area just below the burning church, near a rusted-out car.

Mission 06 – Overwatch

Mission 07 – Golden Gate

“Blix Unable to Find WMD’s in North Korea” – North of the mission starting point, on the table in the command tent, next to an attack helicopter. “U.S. Forces in South Korea Head Home” – In the walled section of the courtyard where the T-99 came from, on a pile of scrap. “Iraq: A Nation Divided” – Near the beginning of checkpoint E, on a shelving unit in the corner, to the side of the stairs. “An Already Unstable Iraq Implodes With Violence” – On a small crate behind a truck cab on the east side of the bridge. “East Coast Paralyzed As Pandemic Strikes Population” – Between the two plastic barriers, underneath the bridge, at the lower end of the ramp. “North Korean Military Grows” – By the M200 Sniper rifle, on top of the AA platform’s sniper tower.
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