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Posted on March 16, 2011, GameFront Staff Homefront Unique Weapons

There are 17 Unique Weapons scattered throughout Homefront’s singleplayer campaign. Tracking them down will enable you to really put the hurt on North Korea’s invading forces. Check out the list of collectible weapons, below. For more information about finding them, check out our full Homefront Walkthrough.

Mission 01 – Why We Fight

  1. Desert M16 Rifle – Right before entering the gas station, in the alley to your right.
  2. Desert SCAR-L Rifle – During the “Fracas at the Fuselage” section, keep moving to the right when you see the landing gear and keep your eyes peeled for the rifle.
  3. Digital Circuit M249 LMG – In the cul-de-sac after Checkpoint G, keep an eye out for an overturned fridge near a tree. The LMG is resting at the bottom of the tree.
  4. Desert T3AK Rifle – Right after Checkpoint I, which tasks you with defending the front of the house, you can grab this unique weapon of the kitchen sink.

Mission 02 – Freedom

Swamp SCAR-L Rifle – After you take out the first sentry tower, search near the entrance of the house Boone leads you to for a crate, which contains this unique rifle. Swamp M16 Rifle – Inside the weapons cache in the school. Dragon Ice Pistol – After the “Fight Up the Street” Checkpoint, you’ll be engaged in a firefight around the back of a house. Keep an eye out for this pistol resting on a barrel. It’s not useful right way, but an upcoming mission requires you to jettison all automatic weapons, so having it around makes a difference. Swamp T3AK Rifle – Carried by one of the soldiers who fires at you from the Admin building entrance, right before you retrieve the Beacons.

Mission 03 – Fire Sale

Mission 04 – The Wall

Woodland M16 Rifle – In the northwest corner of the yard with the above-ground pool, in the long grass. Shattered ACR Rifle – In a house, to the northeast of the cul-de-sac. A lot of enemies will have just come out of it. Woodland SCAR-H LMG – After Checkpoint F: Misgivings, look for a green garbage truck. The LMG is by the front wheel. Woodland M4 Rifle – After the bombardment of Montrose, you’ll run through a large drainage ditch until you get to a gate. Look for this weapon by the mesh fence.

Mission 05 – Heartland

Digital ACR Rifle – In the survivalist’s hilltop compound. The rifle will be immediately on your right, leaning against some crates as you enter the area. Urban SCAR-H – On the other side of the same compound, to the left of a shack structure with some sandbag crates and a concrete pad.

Mission 06 – Overwatch

Dragon Fire SCAR-H – On the upper floor of the steel building shell on the north side of the Marina compound, toward the end of that firefight.

Mission 07 – Golden Gate

Dragon Fire Super V SMG – At the top of the stairs, directly before Checkpoint E: Tower Interior 1, on a set of metal shelves in the corner. Dragon Fire Super V SMG – Inside a school bus on the right side of the bridge. Wait until the LAV’s arrive to grab it safely.
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