Hop Into The Old Republic Now For an In-progress Rakghoul Plague

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

Rakghouls — the ceaselessly irritating creatures found in abundance in Star Wars: The Old Republic — are running amock on Tattooine. Oh dear!

An in-game event was unleashed without any kind of formal announcement, surprising players with a sudden newsflash that warned them of a Rakghoul plague in the Dune Sea. These creatures harbor a nasty infection that can turn its victims into even more Rakghoul, though medic droids are on hand with vaccinations. Those who get themselves infected, however, stand a chance to collect eleven DNA samples through daily events, and will be able to obtain their very own Rakghoul pet. There will be nine fresh codex entries to nab, as well.

Those who fancy a bit of extra challenge will want to note that three area bosses have caught the disease, so you can go and defeat them all over again.

The plague is in progress, so if you were thinking of getting back into The Old Republic, now’s a good time!

[Via VG247]

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