How Loud is the Xbox One? Compared to PS4?

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Posted on November 20, 2013, Mike Sharkey How Loud is the Xbox One? Compared to PS4?

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Firing up the original Xbox 360, particularly before HDD game installs became available, was an exercise in auditory punishment. That sucker cranked out the dBs in the hair dryer range. So just how loud is the bigger, badder Xbox One?

The folks at Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry put the Xbox One through its paces and measured noise decibels at close range, at 3 feet (1 meter), and at 10 feet (3 meters). Here’s what they found:

Image courtesy Digital Foundry.


That’s quiet. We’re talking sitting-in-your-living-room-alone-with-the-TV-off quiet. Here’s how Digital Foundry put it: “Xbox One is quiet to the degree that the Blu-ray drive is significantly louder than the cooler – even when we push the system to draw maximum power.”

According to Digital Foundry’s hardware review of Sony’s new console, the Xbox One is, in a turnabout, quieter than the PlayStation 4, especially at close range where the PS4 hit 53 dBs while gaming and simultaneously using UI functions. PS4′s noise test results:

So the Xbox One might not look as pretty as the PlayStation 4, but it will run quieter, cooler, and consume less power.

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