How Microsoft Pwned My Gamertag

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Posted on July 4, 2008, Daniel How Microsoft Pwned My Gamertag

For those of you who may know me on Xbox Live or have played with me in the past, you’ll know that I pretty much had the greatest gamertag ever.  I was damn proud of my gamertag as it had just the right amount of dirty humor to it.  When I’d tell anyone my gamertag, a smile would immediately come to their face, and often a laugh and/or chuckle.

BenDoverx was more than a gamertag to me.  It was a way to let people know that I don’t take myself serious at all, and I can even take the occasional joke.  You wouldn’t believe how many times I heard people jokingly say, “Heh heh… BenDover…I just bent you over!” whenever they would kill me in Halo.  I pretty much heard it so much that it really didn’t phase me anymore.  I would simply reply with a “Really? I swear, I’ve never heard that before.  You’re completely original.”

Last night, the name BenDoverx finally made it into Microsoft’s crosshairs….

As you see from the picture above, I finally had to give up my gamertag after having it for 2 years.  I don’t know if my name was reported by someone I played online or, since I deal with the folks at Microsoft through this site, maybe they caught on to my name and I was forced to change it.  Or, quite possibly, it was all a mere coincidence.  The thing that’s probably the most annoying about having to change my name is I was going to meet a friend to play online.  Instead of getting into a game, I had to sit there for 15-20 minutes to come up with a name I could use without getting in trouble again.  I decided to go with a variation of my PSN ID.  My new Xbox Live gamertag became ‘TheBeebsta’.  Yea…very anticlimactic indeed.  Going from BenDoverx to ‘TheBeebsta’ is pretty much like riding the craziest rollercoaster at the amusement park, and then having a seat on a bench.

Nevertheless, I’m paying homage today to my lost gamertag.  BenDoverx was a name I was damn proud of, even though there have been times that I had to inform a pretty important contact of mine what my gamertag was so we could get a game going.  A lot of them were cool with it and gave me the reaction I expected.  But there were a couple who have yet to add me since my gamertag was “risque”.

Here’s to you BenDoverx… you will be missed.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta take a seat on this here bench with my stupid ‘TheBeebsta’ gamertag.

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1 month ago by mac

i know exactly how you feel

it seems that there is no long term thinking in the area of gaming tags

just the next big slinger wins

hmm slingwinner .. there's a gamerfilefrontxbox tag