Here's how Wolfenstein: Youngblood players have Unlimited Coins

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

There's a collectable currency in Wolfenstein: Youngblood that can be used to obtain weapon upgrades, consumables and new skins, among other things. It seems now though that gamers have found a way to get unlimited coins and buy every upgrade in the game before they even start.

It involves cheating, basically. It was discovered by redditor Calibrono, who has discovered that Cheat Engine can be used along with a specific cheat table for the game, which will then give you unlimited coins or skill points.

It's not recommended you do this, mind, as it breaks the EULA and there's a small chance that you may end up with a ban. Weirdly, though, coins and skill points are not encrypted server-side like health, armor and ammo, so perhaps they aren't too bothered about it.

The EULA does however specifically mention that you must not use cheats "under any circumstances" - and even if you do keep it single player only, anti-cheat detection methods are still likely to pick up on it.


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