How to bake Bread in Valheim's new Hearth & Home update

By Mikey 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

While checking out Valheim's latest update, Hearth and Home, I was trying to find out how to make Bread in this new update. The official wiki as of now does not have the information on how to do this, so here's the low down.

In order to bake Bread in Valheim: Hearth and Home you need a Level 4 Cauldron. In order to make your trusty Cauldron a beefy Level 4 you need the new accessories to the Cauldron. These are:

  • Spice Rack
    • 3x Dandelion, 2x Carrot, 2x Mushroom, 3x Thistle, 3x Turnip
  • Butchers Table
    • 2x Ancient Bark, 4x Core Wood, 4x Fine Wood, 2x Silver
  • Pots & Pans
    • 5x Iron, 5x Copper, 5x Black Metal, 10x Fine Wood

Once you've got these three things built in your brand new kitchen, you'll have access to a new recipe in the Cauldron: Bread Dough (10x Barley Flour).

You can use this Bread Dough in the new Stone Oven (15x Iron, 20x Stone, 4x Surtling Cores) in order to bake yourself some Bread. Do note that you'll need an Artisan Table (10x Wood, 2x Dragon Tear) nearby in order to build the Stone Oven.

Bread is one of the best foods for mid game in Valheim, providing a massive 75 Stamina (but only 15 health), but if you're not an end-game player and haven't been farming out materials, you may struggle to build all of this on day one.

Happy cooking, fellow Vikings. :)


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