How to unlock secret Halo Infinite offline game modes

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

You're probably familiar with the 17 game modes that currently exist in Halo Infinite multiplayer, but did you know there are some secret games modes, 14 of them in fact, that are usually hidden?

As crazy as it sounds, you can access these additional modes by booting the game in offline mode, and there's even a method of going online to play with your friends if you so choose. The method, noted by WickedSoldier991 on Reddit, is fairly simple to do.

You'll unlock 14 new modes, some of which are completely unique such as Attrition, where players have a limited number of respawns, similar to the ticketing system in Battlefield. There are also some variants, such as Elimination, similar to Attrition but played across a number of rounds.

To unlock the modes, simply;

  • Disconnect from the internet, or set Steam to "offline mode"
  • Launch the game
  • Check the new modes are available
  • Reconnect to the internet

The game modes have been suspected for a while, but only recently discovered, although some of the names had leaked previously. You'll find other modes such as variants of the existing Fiesta game mode, including an interesting Capture The Flag version. 

Here's the full list of modes you can unlock;

  • Arena: Attrition
  • Arena: Attrition Dodgeball
  • Arena: Elimination
  • Fiesta: Attrition
  • Fiesta: CTF
  • Fiesta: One Flag CTF
  • Fiesta: Strongholds
  • Ranked: Elimination
  • Ranked: One Flag
  • Tactical: Slayer
  • Tactical: Slayer Commandos
  • Tactical: Slayer Manglers
  • Tactical: Slayer Sidekicks
  • Tactical: Slayer Stalker Rifles

It's likely these game modes are sitting and waiting for an official launch sometime after the campaign's release, or when the first season gets fully underway. It's possible this workaround to access them early may get patched out at some stage, but for now, the method seems to work.

What do you make of the hidden game modes? Let us know in the comments below.


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