HTC Vive Cosmos has improved screens and tracking

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

HTC have released some technical details on the upcoming Vive Cosmos, an improved version of their VR headset which was first announced at CES this year.

The new headset will use six new on-board cameras to give the headset inside-out tracking capability, which is something that the Oculus Rift S already does. It also has a new and improved flip-up design that allows you to see your real-world environment without having to take the entire headset off, which can be a cumbersome thing to do.

The main improvement, though, is the new display, which will be a pair of 1440x1600 LCD panels that provide a combined resolution of 2880x1700 - which is a slight improvement on both the Valve Index and the Rift S. It promises to be capable of 90 FPS - which is quite impressive for a VR headset, although the Valve Index is capable of 120 FPS.

There's also talk of a modular faceplate, which can be removed and replaced - and although there's no details on this yet - it seems to be an expansion port of sorts that will help future proof the headset, so you could possibly add more sensors or other technology to the headset further down the road.

There's also a brand new controller, which aren't hugely different to typical VR controllers but seem to be a bit more intuitive than previous designs. 

So it seems the VR fad is alive and well. Would you consider the Vive Cosmos? Let us know in the comments below.


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