Huh?: Link Marries Princess Peach

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Posted on June 3, 2007, Jonathan Huh?: Link Marries Princess Peach


Well, this is the most random site I’ve seen in awhile. All it has is this picture in the background and what I think is music from Starfox in the background. That would kind of make sense, since you can see the Starfox characters’ shadows in the back. But why is Link marrying Princess Peach? What sort of dimensional rift would even allow the elf-like hero of one fantasy world to even meet the mushroom-bred monarch of another? I don’t know, but I hope some filmmaker makes an 80′s style romantic drama about it. I’m thinking Dirty Dancing: Mushroom Kingdom/Hyrule Nights.

And I want that tie.

Update: Okay, I’m tone-deaf. It’s actually the music that plays when you defeat an enemy in Final Fantasy VII. Thanks, Daniel!

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