Human Head Studios sued for abandoning Rune 2

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Rune 2, a game developed by Human Head Studios, was released back on the 12th of November. The day after it's release, the company shut down, only to then re-open that very same day under a new name, Roundhouse Studios, and now under the ownership of Bethesda. 

It was all very strange, but Ragnorak Games, the publisher of the title, released a statement shortly after these events reassuring the community that the game would still be supported, including all planned post-launch content, and also confirming they had no idea about what was happening, stating that they "found out about this news when you did."

Unfortunately things have gone downhill since. Ragnorak have since claimed that Human Head are refusing to provide them with the source code and game assets, ignoring their repeated requests. As such, they are now filing a lawsuit against the company, alleging that the development process was troubled, and that due to Human Head's "delays, errors and mismanagement", the game was stretched from the initially agreed 11 milestones during development to 23, which Ragnorak paid for. 

The suit also alleges that the studio suddenly became "uncommunicative and unavailable" during the weeks building up to the game's launch, and that three days before the game was released, Ragnorak were told the company would be closing, without mentionign the Bethesda acquisition.

Ragnarok was completely unaware of any of these developments and only learned about them from the press, along with the rest of the gaming community. In fact, when Ragnarok had asked Human Head on the November 8 call if Ragnarok could reach out to former Human Head employees, Gokey said that 'would be a problem.' The problem Gokey knew (but didn't mention) was that those employees were or would soon be Bethesda employees.

Ragnorak futher allege that Human Head Studios are refusing to provide the game's source code and assets in order to "coerce Ragnarok to make payments for Human Head's incomplete deliverables", while further alleging that the studio has made unauthorized changes to the code and even tried to submit unapproved builds of Rune 2 to the Epic Games Store under Bethesda without their concent.

This certainly seems to be a bitter drama unfolding, although we've yet to hear Human Head and Bethesda's side of the story. The lawsuit is looking for at least $100 Million in compensation, which would be a hefty sum. 

Stay tuned to GameFront for any more news on this as we learn it.

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