Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Crucible Unlockables

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Posted on June 2, 2011, GameFront Staff Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Crucible Unlockables

One of the coolest new features of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is called the Crucible, which is effectively a content-creation tool that enables players to craft their own dungeons and levels. Think Little Big Planet with more battleaxes. Use of the Crucible, however, is driven by gold collected in the campaign. Players hoping to design more complex and challenging environments will have to spend their cash to unlock “tiers,” each of which gives access to new enemy types and new variations on old enemies.

Information on the various tiers and the gold required to unlock them can be found below. Players interested in further augmenting their experience with the game should also check out our walkthrough and our cheats page.

Tier 0 – 0G – Arackling, Skeleton Loadout, Skeletons, The Barn, The Smithy, Town Center

Tier 1 – 500G – Punishment of Limitation, Town Center, Wargar Hunter, Wargar Soldier

Tier 2 – 1000G – Queen’s Tribe Loadout, Punishment of Time

Tier 3 – 2000G – Dyfed Inn, Punishment of Time

Tier 4 – 3000G – Wargar Guardian, Wargar Zealot

Tier 5 – 4000G – Foyer, Replenishing Quiver

Tier 6 – 5500G – Wargar Blastcaster, Wargar Scorcher

Tier 7 – 7000G – Overland Tribe Loadout, Replenishing Life

Tier 8 – 8500G – Elder Courtyard, Replenishing Mana

Tier 9 – 10500G – Damage Dealer, Infected Wargar

Tier 10 – 13000G – Neverending Quiver, Replenishing Quiver, River Town

Tier 11 – 15500G – Assassin, Overland Tribe Soldier

Tier 12 – 18500G – Dark Tribe Loadout, Pain Threshold

Tier 13 – 21500G – Clean Slate, Overland Tribe Hunter, The Wilds

Tier 14 – 24500G – Mountain Tower, Overland Tribe Warrior

Tier 15 – 30000G – Minotaur Loadout, Punishment of True Aim

Tier 16 – 35000G – Fort Market, Overland Tribe, Overland Tribe Zealot

Tier 17 – 40000G – Minotaur Charge, Punishment of Disorientation

Tier 18 – 45000G – Entry Gate, Overland Tribe Blastcaster

Tier 19 – 50000G – Assassin Loadout, Mana Influence, Overland Tribe Scorcher

Tier 20 – 55000G – Hidden Temple, Overland Tribe Infected

Tier 21 – 60000G – Demon Boss Level, Punishment of Disorientated Movement

Tier 22 – 70000G – Battle Charge, Cliff Ruins, Dark Tribe Soldier

Tier 23 – 80000G – Dark Tribe Hunter, Graveyard

Tier 24 – 90000G – Demon Loadout, Dark Tribe Warrior

Tier 25 – 100000G – Dark Tribe Guardian, Punishment of Vulnerability

Tier 26 – 120000G – Dark Tribe Zealot, Punishment of Bounds

Tier 27 – 140000G – Dark Tribe Blastcaster, Dark Tribe Scorcher

Tier 28 – 160000G – Dark Tribe Infected, Light As A Feather

Tier 29 – 190000G – Annuvin Loadout

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