Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough

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Posted on May 24, 2011, CJ Miozzi Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough

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Chronicling exploits of two tough-as-nails, tribal-tattooed mercenaries, Hunted: The Demon’s Forge kicks off the summer of 2011 with a little dark fantasy. The plot centers around the search for a mysterious artifact, and players will control the two ass-kicking protagonists from a 3rd-person perspective, directing them to eliminate enemies with axe, sword, and crossbow.

Check back on release day for the first updates of our full walkthrough for the game, which will ensure that the inked adventurers recover the artifact in one piece, more or less. We also have pages listing achievements, trophies, and cheats (a multi-purpose term describing all manner of information about the game).

Table of Contents


  1. After a blurry intro cinematic, you find yourself in a dark, rat-infested dungeon with a disembodied female voice trying to seduce you. Head toward the candles and proceed into the passage.
  2. Continue down the passage into another cutscene. Turns out this was just a dream. You awak to see your half-naked elf partner warming her gloved hands over the fire.
  3. You now get to take control of said scantily-clad pointy-eared partner. Cross the bridge, then shoot the rope holding up the drawbridge ahead.
  4. Pick up the arrows ahead, then follow your partner left around the corner.
  5. Turn right and hop down.
  6. Take cover behind the wall to your North-West. Take aim with your bow and shoot the bugs that barely defend themselves.
  7. Once macho man clears the way, cross over the felled tree, hop down, switch to your sword and cut a path through the reeds.
  8. Kill the bugs, then approach the fountain.
  9. Advance and help your buddy open the door, then proceed through the path under the gnarled branches.
  10. Continue straight, grab the arrows at the edge of this path (if you need them), then turn left and follow the giant wyrm skeleton.
  11. Cross the rickety bridge into a cutscene. Apparently your character is stupid, because she touches the death stone next to the dead body.

Run forward under the crumbling ruins. Take cover and kill the skeletal archers. Vault over the cover and dispatch some more skeletons to your right. Follow your partner, left, and fight yet more skeletons. Your partner will fall in battle regardless of how quickly you dispatch the skeletons. I think he’s faking it. In any case, toss him a vial to get him to stop complaining. Dead skeletons may drop glowing red Health; step over it to regain hit points, then leave the area to the far right. Swap to your bow and dip your arrows into the flaming brazier. Then, shoot the unlit brazier hanging on the gate ahead. Interact with the obelisk to switch to the macho man. Smash the various barrels, vases, and statues in this room to collect the health and mana vials they drop. Push the white, fractured stone column to open the next gate. Pick up the two crystals beyond the gate, then continue right. Use the deathstone on the dead body on the floor. I guess it’s safe; it’s not like the body is going to get any more dead. Head left, up the steps, into battle with more skeletons. Round the bend to the right and fight more skeletons within the mausoleum. Cross through the mausoleum and fight a giant, flaming demon. Just kidding — it’s skeletons again. Descend the steps and destroy the weapon rack. Pick up the weapon that drops. Continue down the path and into the mausoleum ahead. Use the health vial, if you need it. Smash the objects and collect any items/vials that drop, then exit, right. Kill the critters that come at you. At we’re done with the skeletons. Follow the path until you reach the lit brazier. Interact with it to have the elf light her arrow. Look at the unlit brazier above the axe on the central platform and interact with it to have the elf shoot it. Cross the newly-formed bridge and pick up the magic axe. Turn around, cross the bridge again, and… skeletons. Turn right down the path, climb the steps into a mausoleum, and hop down off the other side of the mausoleum onto the wooden pier. Advance into a fight with more skeletons. Climb the steps to the left, then descend the next set of steps into battle with skeletons. As you block, your shield takes damage. Equip a fresher shield from the dead skeletons. Continue through the door into a cutscene.

Head into the ancient battleground and use your new-but-temporary magic powers. You’ll fall into a pit. In case you were getting bored of skeletons, you now get to fight more skeletons than you’ve ever fought before. With the skeletons defeated, approach the tall statue recessed into the wall, and push it further into the wall to reveal a hidden passage. If you instead take the obvious passage, you will miss out on most of what follows. Pick up the torch and light it in the nearby brazier. Proceed down the path and fight the skeleton that spawns at the intersection. Turn left and collect the gold at the end of the path. You’ll fight a skeleton on the way. Backtrack to the intersection and take the right path this time until you reach another intersection. Fight the skeleton to the right, then collect the gold to the left. Return up to where you just fought the skeleton by the lit brazier and turn left into an area with candles. You’ll enter a dripping cavern. Follow the rickety catwalk until you find a crystal you can collect. Continue across two more bridges and down a candle-lined passage. A portcullis will close behind you. Fight the skeletons that spawn. Have the elf shoot the two ropes holding the large stone statue. Approach the statue from the side opposite the wall you want to break, and push it over. Your characters will escape before you have a chance to fight anything more interesting than skeletons.

Chapter 1: Town of Dyfed

  1. Turn around and smash the barrels and weapon rack in the area before proceeding.
  2. Make your way forward breaking barrels along the way, until you walk into a vicious cutscene straight from Indiana Jones.
  3. Fight your way forward, smashing barrels and weapon racks. Once all the enemies are dead, continue forward and turn left into the gated archway.

Open the gate, turn left, then right. You’ll see a monster eating a corpse. Shoot him in the back; his friends will soon arrive. Fight your way forward, then turn right around the corner. Shoot the prisoner free. Vault over to the area where the prisoner was hanging to pick up some gold and smash a weapon rack. Continue left, through the covered alley. Once you emerge on the other side, fight more Wargar. After killing the monsters, approach the dead body to the right and speak to it. Climb the steps and enter the house. Continue up the steps, turn right, then drop down to the lower level. Proceed through the doorway. Cross the narrow beam to your left. Turn left, then left again. Explore this dead end to find gold. Return to the main path and fight the Wargar. Travel ahead, and turn right rather than descending the steps. You’ll be able to collect a crystal. Descend to the lower area and fight your way through Wargar. Continue down to the end of the path and turn right under the archway. Climb the steps to the left, then turn right and open the gateway.

Activate the magic rift if you want to train some skills, then continue down the path to the right. Free the prisoner to your left. Head toward the prisoner, then turn left once you’ve entered his house, and left again. Destroy the weapon rack, then continue right, into a cutscene. Enter the house across, loot this floor, then climb the steps. Take cover and fire at the Wargar-filled house across. Shoot the explosives to kill nearby Wargar. Collect the cash in the corner of this floor before hopping down. Enter the building across and fight your way up the steps. Once you reach the top, leap across to the platform. Which will shatter under your combined weight.

Head left, turn right, and continue ahead up the steps into a cutscene Fight the Wargar, then continue forward, past the bonfire into another battle. These will be tough battles. Grab the crystal beyond the bonfire, then proceed through the nearby demi-archway. Bank left and open the heavy door.

Wind your way through the path until you reach the fire. Light an arrow, and shoot the brazier to your right. Continue down the path, toward and beyond the brazier you lit. Collect the dragon tear near the burning debris. Once you reach a dead end, cut your way through the boards, then continue to wind your way down the sewers. We’re back to fighting skeletons. The big rock face will tell you to light a fire in its unlit eye. Return up to the burning debris and light an arrow. Descend back to the big rock face. Make Caddoc stand on the round stone pattern to the right of the face, then have E’lara shoot the now open unlit eye. Proceed inside giant face man, and go down, down, down the steps. You’ll eventually reach a room full of treasure. It’s obviously some kind of terrible, terrible trap. Once you try to grab some loot, skeletons spawn. After thoroughly looting the area, make the long trek back up. Some form of super Skeletor awaits outside.

Climb out of the sewers, the way you came, fighting monsters along the way. Backtrack to the brazier you lit, the continue forward to the portcullis. Head left, then right, then right again. Open the door. Fight your way toward the big, gnarled tree, then turn right into another battle. Turn left and head into the darkened doorway. Open the door ahead. Continue forward, turn right, then left, left again Continue ahead into a cutscene.

As you moe under the bridge, arachlings will attack. Enter the only accessible passage, and speak with the fallen guard. Continue down the path, up the steps, and through the door into battle.

Make Caddoc push the hay cart. Light an arrow, and shoot the hay. It’ll break the bridge. Cross the broken bridge and fight more Wargar. From a safe distance, shoot the stacked explosive barrels. Climb the exposed steps, then take cover as the Wargar arrive. Don’t shoot them — shoot the explosives to the right to take out the bridge.

Continue up the steps to your right, turn right, and proceed through the arched path. Climb the steps, round the bend, and use the rift to buy powers, if necessary. Open the massive gate. Head up the steps and into battle. Try not to get shot by the ballista. To kill the Wargar manning the ballista, you’ll need to distract him, making him turn the ballista so that he has his back to your companion. Your companion will then kill him. Make E’lara man the ballista. After taking down the waves of enemies, you’ll transition into a cutscene.

Head under the rickety shelter and squeeze through the hole. Proceed forward into a long battle. Continue up the steps into a cutscene revealing a sniper. Take cover and kill him. Open the door, then turn right. Head down the path, using the upgrade rift if you need it. Climbs the steps into battle. When it’s clear, descend the steps into the courtyard and climb the steps on the other side. Head to the left side of the building and read the plaque. Have Caddoc push the cart, then make E’lara light an arrow on the revealed brazier. Return to the courtyard and light the unlit brazier held by one of the smaller statues. Collect the dragon tear in the revealed secret passage in the courtyard, facing the stairs.

Climb back out of the courtyard and proceed to the right of the building. Navigate through the toppled carts. Continue through the archway, into a cutscenes. Battle through the area; you won’t be able to grab the ballista from here. As you battle your way forward, Wargar will man the ballista. Press on ahead,, out of its line of sight. Once you get to man the ballista, alternate between shooting the tower and shooting nearby Wargar, as necessary. With the tower destroyed, you’ll transition into a cutscene with the mayor.

Walk down the dungeon corridor, turn left at the bend, then right into a room. Exit the room through the opposite path. Skip the intersection and continue straight ahead into a room with a big stone face. Have E’lara light an arrow on the nearby fire in this room, then backtrack down the path to the previous room. Light the unlit brazier to reveal a secret chamber. Enter the ominous-looking crypt. Exit to the far right and read the riddle plaque. Continue forward and pick up the red glowing rune stone. Round the bend and continue up the steps. Once you reach the next bend, have Caddoc move the wall. Enter the revealed path, descend the steps, and navigate around the rubble. Round the corner and pick up the orange rune stone beyond. Move toward the azure fire. A spider monster will smash through a wall to scare you. Light an arrow in the azure fire. Return to the last intersection and turn right, then left at the bend. Climb the steps. Skeletons will come for you. At the top of the steps, have Caddoc push the wall to the right. Enter the revealed passage, but be wary — if you step on the round stone pattern, you’ll trigger a dart trap. Continue forward, then make a U-turn to the right to grab the green rune stone. A red Skeletor will spawn. Spot the small waterfall issuing from the roots of a toppled tree and loot the chest beneath it. Cross through the two stone arches, over some planks of wood, into a difficult battle with a horde of skeletons. Loot the various weapon racks, then exit into the cavernous passage. Turn left at the first intersection — be wary of the skeleton around the corner — and grab the crystal at the end of this dead-end. Continue down the path and drop down into the large room with the coffin, which you’ve previously explored. There is still one purple rune stone to grab. Retrace your steps to the azure fire and light an arrow again. Take the right path, climb the steps, then turn left. Continue forward until you see, to your right, an opening in the wall closed off with a warped portcullis. Shoot the crystal-lined brazier beyond with your azure arrow. A passage behind you has opened. Enter. In this room, you will loot a chest and the purple rune. Skeletons will spawn. Backtrack to the crypt and stand before the massive runed door. Open Sesame. Once you enter, Mega Skeletor will erupt from his tomb, behind you.

Pick up the orb Mega Skeletor drops, then loot the two magic weapon racks in his room. Light an arrow on the azure light, then Exit the crypt, back into the room in which you can switch characters, then head down the path toward giant Stone Face. You’ll fight a dual-wielding Skeletor along the way. Shoot Stone Face’s empty eye socket with your azure arrow. Don’t enter the secret passage that is revealed yet — we’ll come back to it later. Instead, backtrack and turn into the long corridor between the character-switching room and the face room. Follow the corridor into a room with a couple weapon racks and an ensuing battle. Once you’ve looted the area, return to the secret tone face passage, and open the door at its end. Follow the path to a T-intersection and turn left. Wind your way through the path. You’ll exit into open air. Once you near the door of the rickety house, two armored Wargar will emerge. Before entering the house, continue down the path to loot some weapon racks, vases, and free the only living prisoner in the shack. Enter the rickety house and promptly exit it through the doorway to the right. Interrogate the dead body. Re-enter the house and explore every nook and cranny before climbing the steps. You’ll find a crystal. Climb to the second level and fight more powerful Wargar. Move beyond the shattered doorway through which the Wargar emerged, and exit onto a “balcony” to the left. Drop down to the ground, and navigate through the path in the cornfield. You’ll fight Wargar. As you’re about to exit the cornfield, a gate will open and two powerful Wargar will emerge. Move beyond the gate, up the steps, and through the door.

Grab the crystal and use the power-up rift to buy skill points, if needed. Move ahead and kick open the doors into the final battle of Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Dungeon of Dyfed

Smash the wooden wall to reveal some weapon racks. Exit through the hole in the wall. Bats! Turn left and follow the corridor until you can see a prisoner hanging on the other side of a collapsed archway. Shoot the rope that’s holding him, then continue down the path. Kill the Wargar ahead, then continue on to the dead body. Talk to it. Keep following the path until you see the procession of prisoners. Shoot the Wargar captors, then continue down the path and open the door at the end.

Fight the hordes of Wargar. Exit through the gate. Once you near the floor grate, the gate will close behind you and Wargar will attack. Once you kill enough Wargar, a gate will open, unleashing a big, green Wargar. Once you get him angry, he flies into a rage. After killing the Hulk, loot the area and proceed through the stone archways to the left. Open the little door beyond. As you move down the path, you’ll fight a tough Wargar. Keep following the path into a room with a crystal and a magic weapon rack. Backtrack to the open area with the floor grate and climb the steps to the far right end of the area. Speak with the dead body. Keep climbing the steps and kick open the door at the top. Return once again to the grated-floor area and this time proceed through gate that spat out the Hulk. Open the door beyond.

Once you reach the intersection, turn left and speak with the dead body. Light an arrow in a nearby fire, then shoot the unlit brazier to illuminate the way down this next bend. Run your way down as the braziers wink out and arachlings jump out at you. You can make it to the end of the path, turn around, and bear your shield with your back to the wall. Follow the path, descending the spiral steps. Drop down to the next level and fight more arachlings. Explore this room, speaking with the dead body. Then move through the arched hallway and cut your way through the wooden boards at the far end. Collect the dragon tear. Descend the spiral staircase. Enter the passage beyond and fight an arachling. Follow the path until it leads you into a chamber with a dusty tome. Read the tome for a delightful riddle. Take either path until you reach an octagonal platform. Once both characters are on the platform, notice the large bells hanging from the ceiling in the darkness ahead. Shoot the bell that is leaking purple energy. Turn to your right, so that you are facing a blue passage, and shoot the bell above it. Follow the path; you’ll be randomly assaulted by a giant spider. Round the corner into a room with chests. Once you grab the key out of the shabby chest, two skeletons will spawn. Return to the platform and shoot the bell. Then shoot the bell to your right, the next bell to your right, and finally the bell to your left. You should now be at a large archway. Speak with the big stone face. Return to the platform and shoot the bell to your right, then the bell straight ahead, then to your left. You should now be at a poorly lit archway. Follow the path and turn right, killing the skeleton. Continue along the path until you find yourself in a room with skulls on the floor and a circular rock pattern. Loot the various alcoves. Walk toward the unlit brazier at waist-level to tell your partner to stand on the circular stone. Light your arrow on the now-lit brazier. Shoot the corpse with a flaming arrow, then pick up the charred remains. Return to the floating platform and bell-ring your way back to where you first found the platform. Dismount and open the mighty door before you. Loot the chest and grab the heart. Mount the floating platform and return to the ledge to the far right (giant stone face). Once the face opens, enter the revealed passage. Have your partner stand on the circular stone to put out the fire, then fetch the trinket that was in the flames. Once you grab the skull, skeletons will spawn. Defeat them, then return to the floating platform. Ring your way back to where you first found the platform. Return to the dusty tome and read it again. You will be elevated and able to reach the magic weapon rack. Exit this area, back up the spiral staircase. Exit the corridor and return to the web-filled room wherein you fought the arachlings. Open the heavy door and enter the area. As you cross the bridge, arachlings will attack from ahead. Light an arrow in the brazier ahead, then shoot the unlit brazier above. Run along the lit path, before the fire dies down. Descend the steps, then hop down to the lower levels. Fight the ensuing arachlings. Search the alcoves; speak with the corpse. Navigate through the alcoves to the web-heavy side of this area and open the door. March ahead into a cutscene. Follow the path, up the steps, and upgrade at the rift, if necessary. Head into the room to the right, and squeeze through the thin path. You’ll see a hulk down in the distance — you can take him down with arrows before he can get anywhere close to you. Drop down and fight the second Hulk and remaining Wargar. Open the prisoner cages by pulling the nearby levers, then shoot the prisoners free. Speak with the dead body in the cell. Wind the crank to open the door out of the prison. As you begin your “escape” from this prison, armoured Wargar will attack. Fight your way through two of these and a Wargar mage. Climb the steps in this next room to make your way onto the level above the prison. Flip the switch by the fire on the floor to open the cells. Free the prisoners and loot the area. Near a railing will be a round bronze disk, similar to a sewer plate. Light an arrow, stand on the plate, and shoot the area revealed by the rising cage. This opens the cell to the dragon tear. Drop down and collect the dragon tear, then exit the cell once more. Instead of climbing the stairs, this time, crank the winch and move through the unblocked passage. Wade through the water and continue down the path.

Follow the path to a door; open it. Continue down the path to a green, glowing area, fighting Wargar along the way. Climb the steps and loot the crystal in the dark alcove. Follow this balcony over the green river, fighting Wargar along the way. Wind your way around the balcony, then climb the steps, fighting the advancing Wargar troops. Keep fighting your way along the linear path, eventually climbing another set of steps. Continue forward until you reach a door. Open it.

Beyond, you can change character, then open another door. You’ll enter an area with something that looks like a catapult and will have to find a way down. Notice the “catapult” has a platform that is level with this floor. Jump onto it, then have Caddoc turn the crank. As the platform is moving, Wargar will emerge on a nearby ledge filled with explosives. You know what to do. Once the platform stops moving, disembark and descend the steps. You’ll have to fight a Hulk by yourself. Spy the pile of explosives at the bottom of the next set of steps. From a safe distance, shoot them. This will allow Caddoc to descend. Proceed into the cavern, and squeeze your way through the rubble.

Continue forward, smash the boards to your left and loot the vases. Keep following the path until you come to an alcove to your right; loot it and talk to the body. Head into the corner and level up/change character, as necessary. Keep following the path, down the steps and to a fiery pit. Leap over it. You will be ambushed by arachlings. Proceed down this pillared hall. To the far right is a chest you can loot. Exit to the far left, winding your way to a door. Enter. Exit the dungeon corridor into an immense cavern. You’ll see more prisoners in a cutscene. And a giant spider-like monster. As you near the steps to the right, Wargar will surge up them. Continue down the path into battle with more Wargar. At the next plateau, you can snipe the Wargar leading the villagers on the bridge, but killing them seems to have no effect. Before descending the next set of steps, explore the cave to the right. Yes, those are arachlings you hear. Speak with the dead body, then leave the cave and descend the steps. Open the next door. Continue forward into a torture cutscene.

Kick open the next door and follow the path into a cutscene — and battle. You’ll fight a Hulk and a number of snipers, then a second wave of snipers with a mage. When the mage is about to launch a fireball, dodge out of the way. Exit the area, round a bend and continue down the corridor. Keep descending the steps until you reach a balance beam. Cross over, then hop down two levels. Loot the nearby alcove before following the path. You’ll fight arachlings. Round the bend and head through the next door. Continue down the path into a cutscene with a giant arachling. Wargar will begin running up to fight you — battle your way down. Once you reach the next plateau, explore the cave and be wary of arachlings. As you fight the arachlings, powerful Wargar may climb up the path to fight you. After looting the cave, continue down the path leading from the plateau. At the next plateau, thoroughly loot the area — there is a weapon rack behind the staircase. Then proceed through the passage and the door beyond.

In a cutscene, villagers will fall to their death to show you that bridges can only support the weight of one person at a time. Shoot the snipers, loot the weapon rack, and snipe the Hulk on the distance ledge. There is another Hulk across the bridge, but it’s difficult to get a good angle on him. Cross the bridge. You’ll have to fight the Hulk solo — or so you think. Once you reach the platform, run onto the next bridge. The Hulk won’t follow. You can stand five feet away from him and peg him with arrows, and he’ll just stand at the edge of the bridge until he dies. Once the Hulk dies, a mage will spawn on the next ledge. You can snipe him before crossing the bridge. Do NOT cross while your partner is crossing. The bridge will collapse. Unfortunately, your dumbass partner may cross while you’re crossing. You’ll fall to the ground and have to fight a swarm of arachlings. Once you’ve killed the arachlings, loot the area, then exit through the door. Climb the path and fight Wargar. Once you reach the plateau, head through the door. Follow the path, down the rickety steps, back into a dungeon corridor, and speak with the dead body by the spider web pit. You’ll spot two explosive containers under the stairs. From a safe distance, shoot them to blow open a secret passage. Grab the crystal, then continue down the path. As you round a corner, you’ll enter a cutscene in which another villager is killed — eaten by a giant spider, specifically. Enter the spider path and fight arachlings. Squeeze through the boards, then shoot the prisoner to your right free. As you proceed forward, you’ll fight more Wargar, some of which launch delayed-blast grenades.

Continue down the path, battling more Wargar. At the next landing, stand near the gargoyle and observe an explosive in the distance. Shoot it. What did it do? Who knows. But blowing stuff up is always great.

Continue your descent, killing more Wargar. As you cross through the crumbling walls, speak with the dead body, then head out onto a cliff ledge filled with loot. Remember that explosive we blew up? That cleared the way

Keep following the path and speak to a second corpse. He’ll tell you about the treasure you just looted. Cross under the fallen beams into a cutscecne with a flying eye. Continue your descent (it’s going to be a long way up, isn’t it?) and fight arachlings along the way. Snipe the snipers on the battlements. Once you reach the archway, you’ll fight two Hulks and numerous shielded Wargar. Proceed through the arch and down the next slope. At the next plateau, loot the spider web cave, then head through the door. Follow the path down to a door. Hop down and level up/change character as needed. Proceed through the massive hole in the wall until you reach yet another door. Descend the steps into a cutscene. Fight your way through the swarm of Wargar. Continue through the archway and the raised portcullis into a cutscene. You’ll fight a mage, a High Priest (more powerful mage), and several shielded Wargar. After the battle, you’ll enter yet another cutscene. Climb the steps ahead; once you reach the level platform, a mechanism will lower you into a pit. Follow the path, loot the crystal, and drop down a few levels — you know there’s no going back. Follow the path, loot another crystal, and change character up ahead, if necessary. An enormous cavern awaits beyond. Looks like a good area for a giant spider fight. Drop down, and advance into a cutscene. That… spider is a lot bigger than I thought. Run! Ignore everything — just keep running past all the enemies. If you’re too slow, you’ll be killed by the queen. You’ll pass through two stones walls — if they don’t collapse by the time you reach them, just wait in front of them until they do. They are the obvious bricked up walls in the center of the path. Once past the second wall, man a ballista and fire at the queen. Keep firing until a cutscene is initiated, highlighting a massive stalactite. Shoot the stalactite instead. After a very unrewarding cutscene (no loot?) you’ll finally be out under the Sun again. That ends Chapter 2.

Chapter 3: The Wilds of Govad

  1. Cross the bridge. Halfway through, a cutscene will depict another villager dying. Finish crossing the bridge and kick some Wargar butt.
  2. Shoot the prisoner free and loot the chest beside hm.
  3. Cross the next bridge, then crouch under the fallen log.
  4. Level up/change character, as needed.
  5. Up ahead, shoot the woman free.
  6. Take cover by the crumbling walls and shoot the Wargar archers.
  7. Drop down to the lower ground and fight a Wargar. Head through the gateway in the wall and fight the numerous Wargar beyond.
  8. Squeeze through the small archway in the ruined wall and fight another horde of Wargar.
  9. Move through the gateway with the raised bamboo portcullis into another cutscene.
  10. Immediately to your left, chop through the reeds and speak to the corpse beyond, then move through the next door.
  11. Drop down into battle with another Wargar army.
  12. Fight your way across the cratered battlefield, descending steps and rounding a corner, and cross through the next door. Fight the Wargar beyond.
  13. As you wind your way down this corridor, Wargar will attack from ahead and behind.
  14. Fight to the next door and open it into a cutscene.
  15. Dive for cover, then observe the catapult. Fight your way down the battlefield.
  16. During the battle, rush up the steps ahead and follow the wooden walkways until you can drop down and man the catapult.
  17. Turn the catapult all the way to the left and fire at the stone rubble blocking the path.
  18. Head to the path — and into a cutscene.
  19. Advance and level up/change character if you need to.
  20. Continue forward, past the hysterical woman, then explore the right branch and speak with the body.
  21. Continue forward until you’re on a cliff and observe the temple. As you descend this next path, you’ll enter combat with more Wargar.
  22. Battle your way forward, eventually turning right down the path flanked by two trees. Jump over the broken bridge beyond.
  23. A Wargar archer will appear on the bridge that crosses over the waterfall. Take him down, then cross.
  24. Continue along the path. As you round the bend, you’ll enter another, similar battle. Except there are arachlings, too, this time.
  25. At the end of the path, loot the area to the right, then continue left.
  26. As you continue along the path, you’ll spot a stream running over stones to your left, just before entering the clearing. Loot the chest at the end of this stream.
  27. Proceed to the edge of the short cliff overlooking the clearing and observe the jagged cave opening to the left.
  28. Drop down and loot your surroundings. Once you climb the central altar and near the elixir, a cutscene will unleash a horde of Wargar on you.
  29. Spoiler: If you drink the elixir (Sleg), you’ll gain high damage resistance, regeneration, and increased melee damage. This will last the duration of the battle. However, if you drink of it even once throughout the game, you’ll receive the “bad” ending — your character will be addicted to Sleg.
  30. Before moving into the Wargar fortress, return to the cave and free the woman within.
  31. Exit the cave, return to the Wargar fortress, and open the door.
  32. Speak with the corpse ahead, to the right.
  33. Press forward and leap from one stone outcrop to another.
  34. Loot the area ahead, then drop down into a cutscene.
  35. You must take out that Wargar camp. Follow the path of water lilies to the right to circle around to the flank of the camp, and take cover by a pillar. Engage.
  36. Follow the retreating Wargar through the rectangular passage. You’ll fight arachlings as well.
  37. Fight through the glowing blue fungus cave and enter the passage beyond.
  38. Smash through the wooden boards to free the rebel leader.
  39. After a cutscene, backtrack and fight two Hulks, then a “swordsman” (as Caddoc calls it). As you exit the cave, you’ll fight a small army, after which a second wave will spawn.
  40. Walk up the drawbridge into the small fort.
  41. Follow the path, drop down to the lower ground, and cross the log to reach the level-up point.
  42. To the right of the next door is a boarded-up path. Cut through the boards and explore.
  43. Slice your way through the reeds and speak to the corpse.
  44. There will be two sets of reeds you can cut through; take the left path.
  45. Loot the chest and return to the path. Squeeze through the reeds and climb the grassy outcrop.
  46. Once you reach the ruins, you’ll notice there are three pillars to the left, but only two to the right. Stand on the square where a pillar should stand, and order your partner to stand on a “circle.”
  47. The portcullis will open. Proceed.
  48. Speak with the giant stone face to receive a riddle.
  49. Backtrack to the outcrop and hop off to the ground below. Cut a swath through the reeds until you can grab some blue flowers.
  50. Cut your way back to the dead body, then take the left path again. Cut your way through the reeds and into a cave. Locate the pillar at the far end and grab the glowing material on the pillar’s far side.
  51. Outside the cave, perched on a barren tree is a crow. Kill it and grab its black feather.
  52. Return to the fire pit near the dead body and mix the ingredients.
  53. Light and arrow in the green flames and return to the giant head. You’ll fight a Red Skeleton along the way.
  54. Shoot the giant face in the eye socket, loot the area beyond, then return all the way back to the level up/character select area.
  55. Open the door.
  56. As you advance down the path, watch for a place where you can turn left. Collect the Dragon Tear, then return to the main path and drop down a few feet to the lower level.
  57. Kill the Wargar at the camp, ahead, then free the slave.
  58. Exit through the gateway and kill the Wargar at the next camp. Try to prevent them from using the horn to call for reinforcements, and from killing the prisoner.
  59. Free the prisoner if he survived and head through the next gate into battle with another Wargar camp. As before, try to save the two prisoners while preventing the Wargar from sounding the horn.
  60. Continue down the path, through the gate, and into another camp. Repeat.
  61. Loot the chest at the far end of the camp, then exit through the gate and into another camp. Repeat.
  62. As you approach the next gate, cut through the reeds to your left for some coin and crystal.
  63. Follow the path and squeeze through the rocks. Before crossing under the triangular arch, head up the hill to your right and speak to the skeleton.
  64. Head through the arch and loot the ruins, then open the next door. A tree will explode — you’ve reached the temple, but it’s guarded by catapults.
  65. Fight Wargar on your way toward the Temple. Once you reach the catapults, you’ll need to use one to fight off advancing Wargar.
  66. A Hulk will then issue from the gate behind you. Defeat him, then enter the temple. Before opening the doors, take the path to the right and speak wit the corpse.
  67. Open the door. Change character ahead, if needed.
  68. Follow the pool of shallow water around the fountain and grab the crystal on the other bank, before the level-up rift.
  69. Continue beyond the rift and open the next door.
  70. Before you is a long, thick wooden bridge lying atop a chain. Head to the right and shoot at the explosives in the rubble atop the chain. Then head to the left of the bridge and crank the winch.
  71. Start walking up the bridge, but wait for your partner to get on before moving too far ahead, or it’ll seesaw. Once your partner is on, walk to the other end and step off onto the walkway when your partner gives the okay.
  72. Follow the walkway onto the upper ruins. Loot the shield on the wall up the steps to the right.
  73. Walk up the central steps and fight Wargar archers. Atop the steps is another seesaw bridge; walk off it onto a stable walkway after your partner gives the okay.
  74. Head up the steps and through the next door.
  75. Advance into combat with Wargar and arachlings.
  76. Round the corner and loot the vases and weapon racks, then open the next door. You’ll enter a prerendered cutscene with minotaurs.
  77. You’ll now have to fight a minotaur. When he charges, dodge out the way.
  78. Once he’s defeated, head to the rift in this area to talk to Seraphine.
  79. After the cutscene, you’ll fight another minotaur, and Wargar.
  80. After taking down the first minotaur, a second wave of enemies will arrive: another minotaur, arachlings, and Wargar.
  81. A third wave will then spawn — more of the same.
  82. Fourth wave. After this comes a quick cutscene and two Wargar.
  83. Once they are defeated, take either exit and level up/change character.
  84. Round the corner, ahead, and fight Wargar across the collapsing floor. Speak with the corpse at the other end of this shattered corridor.
  85. Follow the corridor and open the next door.
  86. Proceed into a cutscene. Catapult the advancing minotaurs.
  87. Exit through the round door that just opened, then squeeze through the rocks.
  88. As you follow the path, you’ll be able to cut through some reeds to your left and climb up a higher level to loot some coin and speak with a corpse.
  89. Hop down and speak with the nearby corpse on the main path. Follow the path into a cutscene. It’s a trap. Fight off the waves of attackers.
  90. Spoiler: Again, if you drink the Sleg, you’ll become superpowered, but you’ll receive the “bad” ending.
  91. Exit through the opened gateway once all enemies are defeated.
  92. Leap across the chasm and read the plaque beyond the character-change crystal for another riddle.
  93. On the other side of the wall with the plaque, you’ll see a stone face — not an Ancient One. Walk by it and have your partner stand on the nearby stone. “Lights” will turn on. Light an arrow in the fiery mouth.
  94. Down the path to your right is another stone head with mouth agape. Shoot your flaming arrow in its mouth to light ‘er up.
  95. Continue forward and light three more mouths, in proper sequence — the beams of light point at the next face to light up. If you do one out of sequence, you’ll have to start over. For the last face, you’ll need to backtrack a little; it’s on the floor, partially hidden, beside the large archway.
  96. With all faces lit, walk to the wall where the final beams face. Have Caddoc move the wall. Loot the revealed area and speak with the corpse. He drops a bombshell on you — the Wargar originated as people from Dyfed who were looking for an edge in the war against the minotaurs. They probably drank that foul elixir.
  97. Leave the area and smash through the boards blocking the nearby archway. Descend in search of loot.
  98. Fight the skeleton at the intersection, then turn right. Speak with the corpse at the end of this path.
  99. Take the path leading up and read the book beside the tomb.
  100. Walk up to the walled-up doorway and have Caddoc push it open. Loot the chest to grab the key.
  101. Return to the first intersection, fighting a skeleton along the way. Take the left path, this time, and turn right when you can. Open the portcullis.
  102. Follow the walkway into a chamber with a round obelisk. Turn the winch on the obelisk. The water will stop pouring.
  103. Return to the walkway and light an arrow on the lit brazier. Shoot the wet log in the canoe to have the Ancient One give you another riddle.
  104. The portcullis beside you will open. Enter the room and shoot the ceiling bathed in darkness to “light a path in shadow.” Walk to the edge of the chasm and have your partner step on the mechanism.
  105. A bridge will deploy. On the other side, you will fight skeletons.
  106. Immediately to your left after crossing the bridge is a lever — pull it to lock the bridge in place and allow your companion to cross.
  107. On the obelisk is a winch; turn it tree times to complete the riddle puzzle.
  108. Cross the bridge and return to the wooden walkway, fighting a new skeleton. Observe the lowered water level.
  109. Wind your way around the circular walkway and exit through the opposite door. Turn left, skip the next intersection, and turn right at the following intersection at the end of this corridor. Fight a Red Skeleton in the room, then backtrack to the intersection and take the left path, down a flight of steps and onto a spiralling walkway.
  110. At the bottom, squeeze through a crack in the wall.
  111. As you walk toward the loot, a spider will crash through the wall and manhandle you. Escape its kung-fu grip and loot your treasure, then take the spider path up to another spiral walkway. Follow it into a corridor with candles and open the door at the end.
  112. You’ll be back outside. Follow the path to the end, loot the vases and weapon racks, then open the door into a cutscene. You’ll have to fight some ivory-skinned, teleporting, scantily-clad, assassin-type woman who looks suspiciously like Seraphine. This is the boss battle for Chapter 3, and it’s comparatively easy.

Chapter 4: City of Lyr

  1. Advance to the end of the pier and drop down onto the lower level, then climb up the steps to the left.
  2. Turn left and change character, if you wish. Beyond the collapsed wall is a boarded-up path; smash your way through.
  3. Read the plaque to the right for another riddle.
  4. Enter the room to your right and stand on the circular stone. Skeletons will come for you. Step again on the circular stone and have your partner stand on the other one. A fire will light.
  5. Light an arrow in the fire, then light the three unlit, small braziers in this area.
  6. Move to each of the larger unlit braziers and, in turn, have Caddoc push them into place beneath the small ones.
  7. A path will open in the floor; walk to it and drop down inside.
  8. Head left along the path, under the waterfall, and light an arrow in the brazier. Continue to the end of the path and light the unlit brazier on the platform to the right to spawn a bridge.
  9. Follow the bridge onto the platform, then shoot the unlit brazier to your right, near the area from which you descended, to spawn two more bridges.
    Cross the bridges, walk to the end of the path, and light a final brazier to your 11 o’clock.
  10. Return to the platform and cross the final bridge.
  11. Loot the area and fight the final Skeletor brother and his puny skeletal minions.
  12. Grab the yellow orb and walk up to the Ancient One to cash in your prize.
  13. Exit the area and cross the bridges to the next door.
  14. Speak with the skeleton ahead.
  15. Climb the steps and fight Wargar.
  16. Loot the chest near the railing, then climb the steps and speak with the corpse.
  17. Double back and open the door beyond the archway. Change character, if necessary, then advance into a cutscene.
  18. Open the next door after some commentary on E’lara’s “strategically placed” slutty outfit.
  19. Fight the Wargar, ahead.
  20. Continue forward and to the right into a pre-rendered cutscene in which you see a catapult kill a dragon. This will segue into a Wargar battle, because you’re not cool enough to fight dragons. After killing a few Wargar, a minotaur will erupt through a wall.
  21. After the fight, move through the rubble toward a staircase. Before climbing them, speak to the nearby fireplace. You’ll need to locate some skeletal remains to piece Humpty Dumpty back together again.
  22. The ribcage is in this area, near the steps.
  23. Exit the “house” and turn left to find a femur .
  24. From the “house,” turn right for a second femur, and continue to the end of this former combat area for the pelvis.
  25. Return to the fireplace. Light an arrow in the green fire that forms. Climb the steps and follow the walkway around the caged hole in the roof. You should spot the other side of the skull fireplace through the roof. Shoot the green flaming arrow in it.
  26. Descend into the uncovered area and loot the magic weapons, then climb the steps once again and squeeze through the rubble.
  27. Fight the Wargar on this level and up the steps to the next floor.
  28. As you explore this next level, the floor will collapse, and you’ll have to drop down to the basement and fight supermutant aracklings.
  29. Exit the basement into a brief cutscene, then fight the floating eye and two mages.
  30. This battle over, an assassin girl will come at you.
  31. Before leaving the area, free the prisoner, then exit through the door.
  32. Climb the steps and squeeze through the rubble.
  33. Drop down to the next level and fight Wargar and minotaur.
  34. Proceed beyond the shattered wall and up the steps, then leap across the chasm and drop down into battle with more Wargar, a minotaur and two mages. You’ll even see an ogre walk by — he’s bigger than you think.
  35. Loot the chest to the left of the opened portcullis before moving through it.
  36. Speak with the dead woman in a corner.
  37. Head left, loot the crystal, then continue right. Cross the beam.
  38. You’ll enter a cutscene. Backtrack to speak with the corpse and loot the chest.
  39. Enter the ruined inn and fight more Wargar, a mage, and a minotaur. At the end of this corridor to the right, smash the red vase.
  40. Smash the vase near the fireplace, speak with the dead woman, then shoot the vase beneath the staircase.
  41. Light your arrow in the fireplace, then shoot the tapestry of the reed lady on the wall down the corridor. The wall will open. Loot the dragon tear and the magic weapons.
  42. Ascend the steps to the second level of the inn into a cutscene. Once again, a poor villager is sacrificed to show you, the player, how deadly a monster is. In this case, it’s the ogre.
  43. Wargar will attack immediately after the cutscene.
  44. Fight your way through this level and ascend the next staircase.
  45. You’ll see a soldier die to a firing squad of Wargar — but they quickly get their comeuppance when a stray catapult stone blows them up.
  46. Continue up the next flight of steps into combat with a Hulk.
  47. Walk to the end of this level and drop down to the lower level.
  48. Free the prisoner, then continue through the passage and squeeze your way through the rubble.
  49. Drop down onto the aqueduct.
  50. Walk to your left into a brief cutscene showing the aqueduct being bombarded. Run like mad.
  51. Once clear of the perilous aqueduct, head through the “doorway” and into a cutscene. You’ve finally found the King. Sorta.
  52. Walk to your 11-o-clock and drop down to the lower level.
  53. Cross the rickety bridge and enter battle with Wargar, a minotaur, and a mage.
  54. Enter the collapsed building to the right, ahead, and speak with the skeleton.
  55. Free the prisoner in the ruined building to the left.
  56. Continue through the vine-covered arches, down the steps and read the plaque.
  57. Follow the path into a cutscene with the King of Llyr. He’s kind of a douche.
  58. After the cutscene, climb the steps.
  59. Follow the path and loot the chest, then drop down to the ground. Battle the Wargar ahead, into the open area. One will be manning some form of arrow machine gun — possibly based on the Korean Hwach’a. When you can, man the machine gun and fight off the waves of Wargar.
  60. Walk in the direction the machine gun was pointing, as far as you can, until you find a prisoner. Free her.
  61. Return to the machine gun and head under the large portcullis into a cutscene.
  62. Level up/change character, then climb the steps.
  63. Wind your way through the building and exit into a courtyard. Now you get to fight a badass demon.
  64. The demon will spawn with a shield that deflects attacks. Destroy the three bodies the demon holds to nullify the shield. This is the first truly epic boss battle — although it’s not actually that difficulty. Avoid his area of effect attack and kill off the feeble skeletons he spawns.

Chapter 5: Outskirts of Kala Moor

  1. Change character/level up, then squeeze through the hole.
  2. Battle the Wargar, mage, and Minotaur. After the battle, return to the hole and climb the slope to the right, then cross over the fallen tree and grab the swag.
  3. Continue ahead; a procession of Minotaur and Wargar will march over a tree bridge.
  4. Cross under the bridge and fight the Wargar beyond.
  5. Speak to the corpse to the left, then climb up the outcrop and man the machine gun. Nail down the advancing Wargar swarm. Then a swarm of blackaracklings. Then a swarm of Minotaur. Well, a swarm of two Minotuar — but frankly, two is more than enough.
  6. Cross the bridge and drop down to the right.
  7. Loot the crystals under the bridge, then head across the drawbridge.
  8. Follow the path and speak with the corpse on the left.
  9. Jump across the chasm and follow the path into a cutscene. Fight off the hordes.
  10. Spoiler: As usual, if you drink the Sleg, this battle will be easy, but you’ll receive the “bad” ending.”
  11. Loot the area, then head through the doorway and speak with the corpse.
  12. Open the door, then level up/change character. Follow the path out into the quarry. Resupply, then head left around the blocks to loot a chest.
  13. Head right and squeeze your way across the ledge. Proceed forward into a large battle.
  14. Walk the path around the lava pit and climb the slope at the end.
  15. Once you reach the ledge and see the slaves by the makeshift cranes, turn right and speak with the corpse.
  16. Note that the cranes have piles of explosives near them. Shoot them to destroy the cranes — this doesn’t have any in-game effect, but it’s worth two arrows to see the cranes go down.
  17. Climb the path and head through the archway. Follow the path until you see a door; from there, walk toward the complaining man, then turn left and follow the walkway all the way to its end. Loot the chest and crystal, then return to the door.
  18. Open the door. You’ll enter combat with an assassin girl and Wargar archers.
  19. With the assassin down, two Hulks will arrive.
  20. Ascend the ramp and head through the doorway at the far end of this area.
  21. Squeeze through the debris.
  22. Head down this short passage and loot the area to the right, then backtrack and take the left path, down the steps.
  23. Open the door. Descend the ramp and loot the area to the left, then continue right down the ramp.
  24. Jump down and take cover as this battle commences — try to snipe the floating eyeballs first, before they can call for reinforcements. Also, take out the Wargar manning that ballista/catapult; those stones hurt like hell.
  25. Squeeze through the beams supporting the bridge and enter battle with Wargar. One mans a machine gun. With the Wargar defeated, a wave of blackaracklings will attack.
  26. Speak with the corpse to the right (with respect to the direction you came from).
  27. Head to the other end of this area and cross through the sewer grate. Level up/change character, then squeeze through the hole to the left.
  28. Fight a seemingly endless stream of blackaracklings.
  29. Follow this corridor until you see the explosive — fire at it to reveal a hidden chamber. Loot.
  30. Follow the path around the two sets of poison darts and drop down to an area illuminated by sunlight.
  31. Fight a swarm of blackaracklings and skeletons.
  32. Loot the sewer and speak with the corpse, then head through the door.
  33. As you advance, you’ll fight blackaracklings.
  34. Walk down into the sewer waters and shoot the explosive to blow open a secret chamber. Loot it, then exit this area through the door.
  35. Shoot the explosives through the ceiling grate.
  36. Free the slave, ahead. Loot the chest, then squeeze through the hole in the wall.
  37. Fight the Wargar and Minotaur and continue the battle around the corner.
  38. Climb the slope up through the doorway and fight more Wargar.
  39. Climb the ramp to the left and open the door.
  40. Battle your way up the slope and round the corner. Paths will collapse around you — simply follow the linear path that remains, fighting Wargar along the way.
  41. Once you near the door at the top, you’ll enter a cutscene.
  42. Level up/change character, then squeeze through the rubble.
  43. Fight two Minotaur and Wargar on your way through this area, then leap across a chasm.
  44. Descend the steps and hop down to the next level. Descend a second set of steps and drop down again.
  45. Continue down yet more steps and into battle with Wargar. In an alcove near the stairs is a corpse to talk to.
  46. Continue along the path and fight several more Wargar, Minotaur and mages. Then, approach the door and stand on the round stone to open the gate.
  47. Open the door. Loot the area to the right, then fight three Hulks and three heavily armoured Wargar as you make your way up the stairs.
  48. Fight a few delayed-blast grenade Wargar, then descend the steps to the left to loot a crystal. Backtrack and take the right path to the door.
  49. Open the door. Level up/change character, then ascend either set of steps and open the next door.
  50. Battle Wargar and Minotaur. Ascends the steps and speak with a corpse in an alcove.
  51. Climb the steps and open the nex
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