Iceberg Interactive Announce Steam Sale for 10th Anniversary

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Iceberg Interactive celebrate their 10th birthday today and have put up an impressive sale of over 50 games for some of them up to 90% off on Steam. The sale includes the newest game to put on early access which is Railroad Corporation and a massive 75% off one of their most critically acclaimed games Oriental Empires which will soon by joined by a a DLC called Three Kingdoms this summer looking at the same period in history the latest Total War game does. Make sure you go to their Steam page to check out the sale here.

We recently raved about Pax Nova, their latest 4X strategy game which is also on early access in Steam and you can read about that here. With such a vast array of games of great quality released, and some brilliant games already in the pipeline I'm sure we'll see another decade of Iceberg Interactive yet!

Iceberg Interactive CEO Erik Schrueder said:

I am so incredibly proud of everyone in the Iceberg Interactive family of employees, developers and partners for everything we have achieved together in the last ten years. We have been fortunate to work on a huge range of titles that appeal to a broad audience; from strategy to shooters to horror, sci-fi and beyond. 2019 is set to be our biggest and best year to date, with many exciting projects on the horizon


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