If You Die in Heavy Rain, The Story Keeps Going

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Posted on September 11, 2008, Jonathan If You Die in Heavy Rain, The Story Keeps Going

By now you’ve probably seen the impressive trailer for Quantic Dream’s upcoming Heavy Rain, which shows the main protagonist o the game. Now here’s the kicker: if she dies, the story doesn’t stop. That’s right, there are so many different paths to the story in this game that not even the death of the main character can end it. As David Cage of Quantic Dream explains:

“I can’t really tell you too much about what the story’s about or how it’s going to work with the characters, all I can tell you that your character – the main character – can die, and the story will continue. You can continue to play, without this character, of course.”

Cage further stated that this wouldn’t move the game into a side story, but that the main “big story” would still continue. I really can’t think of any other game right now that has done the same in the past, so that’s certainly an impressive storytelling feat. I’ll just chalk that up as another reason I’m really looking forward to this game.

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