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Posted on December 17, 2010, Phil Hornshaw Infinity Blade Walkthrough

Infinity Blade, ChAIR Entertainment’s powerhouse app on Apple’s iPhone and iPad, has easily the greatest graphics on the platform. It breaks down into two simple elements — one-on-one sword-fighting combat with a variety of enemies, and RPG-style character building and equipment management. But those two simple elements create an easy to pick up, hard to master game perfect for short stints or addicting marathons.

It seems simple at first: point and click navigation from one room to the next, where you fight an enemy. But there are a lot of subtleties to Infinity Blade. Some paths are more complete, and offer more treasure, than others. Some enemies have different fighting styles than others. And some portions of combat aren’t outlined by the app’s in-game tutorial — at all.

So we’ve put together a point-by-point guide to make you an instant champion at Infinity Blade. You’ll have to master the skills, like attack and defense timing and mastering equipment. But we’ll show you how to do the most intense combos, nail the toughest achievements, and eventually bring down the all-powerful God-King himself.

Table of Contents

Mastering Combat

Infinity Blade starts you out with something of an introduction to each of your abilities — blocking, dodging and parrying — within the first minutes of the game. But there’s little or no briefing about your offensive capabilities, and the game has achievements tied to those. Here’s a little bit about fighting your way through the God-King’s tower.


  1. Blocking is your easiest, and weakest, defensive ability, and when you start to climb into later bloodlines, it might fall away as a strength you go back to very often.
  2. You can effectively block some attacks, but the harder the enemy, the more of your shield you’ll lose with each strike. Before long, your shield will break for the battle and become mostly useless.
  3. When fighting super-hard enemies like the God-King and later foes, your shield will barely protect you. The God-King hits for something like five notches off your shield with each of his super-fast strikes. Use it if you’re in trouble, but learn not to rely on your shield.
  4. If an enemy winds up a big hit, or a strong overhead strike, you could very well have your shield broken, and you’ll take the damage anyway. It’s usually better to get good at the timing of the dodge.


  1. This is your bread-and-butter defensive move. Learn to anticipate the timing of attacks — they usually take a little longer than you think — so that you can dodge most everything.
  2. More often than not, you’ll want to dodge toward an attack rather than away from it. This means if your attacker’s swing is coming from your left (and moving to your right), you’ll generally want to dodge left, so as to go under it.
  3. The opposite logic is true if your attacker is coming in with a low horizontal attack (the logic being that you can’t get under it, so you want it to come over you). If he starts with his blade low and to your right, dodge left — the blade will cross upward and fly over your head.
  4. When dealing with vertical attacks, you can generally dodge whichever way you want. The best defense is to learn your opponents tactics: when they start to spin around, for example, pay attention. You might take a hit this time without being to anticipate the direction or speed of the move, but you’ll know for next time how to avoid it.
  5. Be careful about dodging too early. It’s going to take some time for you to learn the timing behind different enemies’ attacks, and if you pull a dodge too early, you’ll roll back into the line of fire before the blow falls and take the damage. Once you’re hit, it takes a second to recover as well, making dodging the next attack harder.


  1. Parrying is the toughest skill to learn, but it’s also the most rewarding. You execute a parry by swiping the screen like you would with a regular attack, but the direction of your strike must match and be opposite of the incoming attack. So if your opponent is swinging at horizontally from your left (and moving to the right), you need to swipe in the opposite direction but horizontally.
  2. You’ll want to make parrying your least-used counter move, even though it’s probably the most fun and challenging way to play. The problem is, it’s easy to parry incorrectly, or too soon, leaving you open to attack. Enemy attacks usually come in groups of at least three: try dodging early, parrying later.
  3. Big attacks can be really difficult to parry. Overhead strikes (especially the jumping ones) and attacks from big enemies like Trolls generally move too fast to parry consistently. Dodge or block instead.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Don’t Back down” Achievement unlocks if you can win a fight without blocking or dodging — that means parries. Get good at them (and bring a Heal spell) and you’ll be able to unlock this one.


  1. If you successfully block, dodge or parry the last strike in an opponent’s set of moves, you’ll break his defenses, allowing you the opportunity to swing away and deal some damage. The amount of time an enemy is vulnerable is dependent on the way you dealt with that last move: blocking leaves the shortest amount of attack time, then dodging, then parrying.
  2. A handy trick, then, is to dodge or block early moves, which is easier, and try to parry the last one. This will give you the maximum amount of time available to get your own attacks in.
  3. After you’ve fought a few battles, you’ll start to see enemies with pulsating circles on different parts of their bodies during certain attacks or breaks. If you can tap those circles fast, you’ll execute a stab — it does a bunch of damage, plus triggers a long break that you can use to deal a ton of damage.
  4. The charged-up supermove, which is executed with the button in the top left corner of the screen, also creates a break. This can be very handy if you’re in trouble, or if an enemy is preparing a move you suspect will break your shield but you don’t know how to dodge.
  5. Magic, also, can interrupt an attack sequence, but it doesn’t constitute a full break. However, if you’re having trouble dealing with a set of attacks and can (very) quickly rattle off a magic spell, you’ll do damage or heal while also stopping the attack.

Combo Strikes

  1. When it comes your time to attack, you can just swing away and do damage, but you’re better off executing combo attacks. These often result in additional damage, and a few of them have achievements tied to them.
  2. Combos are sets of swipes that seem to flow together: left, right, left, for example, is a three-hit combo that will earn you “huge hit,” which does bonus damage.
  3. The best available four-hit combo is left, left, right, right. That triggers a “mega hit,” the highest amount of damage you can pull down with four hits
  4. You can combo as much as five hits, but these are the most difficult. Left, right, up, down, left will unleash an “ultra hit,” as well as nab you an achievement.


  1. Equipping various rings to your character gives you the ability to activate magic spells once you’ve charged up the magic icon in the top right of your screen. Time, dealing damage and taking damage all charge your magic faster.
  2. You’ll get a tutorial in-game about executing magic spells by tracing your finger over the screen. Get good at this: the faster you can cast a spell, the better off you’ll be when you’re in a pinch and need to heal or do massive damage.
  3. You can only use magic in battles, and this is important to remember when you start running around with a ton of HP and using strong healing spells to keep yourself going during fights. Plan to drop a heal spell right before the end of a battle and you’ll be ready for the next one.
  4. It’s also handy to keep multiple different kinds of rings on-hand, even after you master them. This way, if you run into a Fire Paladin, for example, you can switch to an Ice ring, or one that carries Heal and Shield. The ability to change strategy is helpful.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can win a fight without swinging your sword — and therefore, using only magic — you’ll unlock “The Pen is Mightier” Achievement. It helps to have a higher-level of magic spells, like Fire 2 or Shock 3, when attempting this, but it’s not hard. Your magic will refill over time, so just dodge away.


  1. After every battle, you’ll receive experience points, but they only go toward leveling you up if you also have unmastered equipment. Experience points fill into equipment just like they do into your character, and when an object tops out, you stop receiving the experience points alloted to that piece of equipment.
  2. Therefore, it’s best to swap out your equipment frequently. After every fight, you can enter the store through the pause menu screen and buy new stuff. Mastered equipment sells for double, so unless an item is something you really want to have on-hand, like certain magic rings, it’s usually best to just ditch it.
  3. Use low-level equipment early in the game. You might earn enough money to jump up to higher level equipment, which will give you an edge with the God-King and other bosses, but in later bloodlines you’ll find that you’ll want to keep growing your character, but are running out of equipment to do so. Buy the cheap, crappier stuff early so you don’t have to downgrade.
  4. If you do have certain extra weapons, like ones with fire or ice elements attached, it always pays to check out an enemy before you fight it. You can click the “i” button in the bottom right corner of the screen before any battle to get an idea of what you’re facing — plan accordingly.
  5. Always have the best healing ring you are able to get on-hand for when you reach the top of the tower. When it comes to the God-King, no magic is nearly as important as Heal, especially Heal 2 or Heal 3. They will make or break your bid to take down the final boss.

Navigating the Tower

  1. It’s tempting to skip over the transitions between battles as your character walks through the tower, or do something else until your next battle: resist the urge. Scattered through almost every screen are bags of gold and healing potions that you can snag by tapping them. The achievement for getting all treasure in a playthrough can’t be unlocked without snagging all these tappable treasures, and some of them only give one shot.
  2. Every time you stop, you can swipe the screen to move the camera around and check the area around you. Do this every single time — look for bags of gold and potions, but also for alternate paths. There are two or three divergences from the main footpath through the tower, and they all lead to treasure chests.
  3. On the early bloodlines especially, try to make mental notes of where you frequently see bags of gold, because although they’re randomly added to each screen, the spots in which they appear are usually the same.
  4. There are a few places where you’ll see treasure chests. Note that if you’re hoping to take them, you’re almost always going to have to earn the opportunity by winning a fight first.
  5. While there are divergent paths through the tower, you’ll always end up in the same place. Mostly, there’s a right path, which takes you to all the available battles and treasure chests, and the wrong path, which will skip portions of the tower and get you to the end faster. We’ll outline all the divergences, treasure chests, and fights in the Walkthrough portion below.
  6. ACHIEVEMENT: You can only unlock the “Waste Not, Want…” Achievement by taking the path outlined in the walkthrough below. You need to get all treasure chests, plus every item you can tap in the world. It’s tough to do, so pay close attention.

The Walkthrough

Approaching the Tower

  1. As you start the bloodline, your character will cross the field just in front of the tower. Look for gold bags on the approach, especially to the right of your character.
  2. Your first battle will be just ahead. Infinity Blade’s enemies break down into three types: small and fast, medium sized, and big and slow. Your first contender is a medium-sized enemy, which tend to be the easiest to handle.
  3. Adjust your loadout ahead of your battle so you’re ready to deal with your first enemy, which will often be a Storm Paladin or other kind of elemental enemy. Bring weapons and magic to deal with them.
  4. When the fight’s over, make the most of your Finishing Bonus. Go nuts, because every hit you get in before the end earns you more experience.

The Front Door

  1. After your first fight, check the area for items on the ground and tap the door ahead to move up. As you cross the bridge, check the area near the river for gold, a well as when you approach the drawbridge further up.
  2. Your second enemy is another middle-sized bruiser, like a paladin or a brute.
  3. Be sure to swing the camera around before you tap the door — there’s a treasure chest near the tree to the right you won’t want to pass up. Check for gold around as well.

Tower Hall

  1. As you enter the tower for the first time, you’ll see your first 12-foot big enemy up ahead. When you stop, pan around and look for treasure.
  2. Don’t engage the troll yet — there’s actually another path. Swing the camera right and you’ll see a door you can tap. Go that way instead.
  3. You’ll walk out onto an overlook that has a chest at the end, and is often populated with gold bags. To get the chest, you’ll be forced to battle a small enemy, usually an Assassin or Hedge Knight.
  4. Small enemies are lighter and faster than their larger counterparts. They’ll attack you relentlessly, but they wear less armor, so you can strike back and deal a lot of damage for your part.
  5. Adjust your strategy to be heavy on blocking and dodging. Small enemies strike fast, so if you have trouble getting out of the way, a block can save you pretty effectively. Parrying is a lot tougher against these guys because they move more quickly than the other enemies.
  6. Once you’ve finished off the bad guy, pan around to check for extra stuff, then grab the chest. You’ll head back to the main entrance of the hall right afterward.
  7. Now you’ll have to take on the big guy, probably a Feral Troll or something similar. These guys are strong, but slow — you’ll be able to dodge just about everything in this fight.
  8. The biggest enemies telegraph their moves extensively. Watch for your opponent to slam his weapon on the ground before swinging at you. If he slams it on the left, dodge left; right, dodge right. It’s pretty simple.
  9. If your enemy jumps back, then forward, try to time your dodge with his landing.
  10. Occasionally, the big guys will throw in kicks, or try to bunt you with their big weapons. If it looks like your enemy is shifting his grip on his weapon to bunt you, it’s time to block. You can’t dodge, and he’ll hit you three or four times before the end.
  11. The rest of your strategies are the same. Parrying is tough to do here, but dodging and blocking are easy. Try to avoid blocks for your enemy’s overhead attacks — those will often break your block and hurt you anyway.
  12. After the fight, swing the camera to check the area, and make sure you swing WAY to the right to find a chest. It’s easy to miss.

The Tower Bridge

  1. Keep your eyes open! This is an area where you can miss pickups easily, especially on the wide shots — look on the far left, on the edges of the building, for money bags.
  2. The entire walk up to your battle can potentially have items scattered through it, so pay attention.
  3. You’ll face another small, fast enemy here — a Hedge Knight or Assassin, likely. Remember that these guys like to quickly string attacks together.
  4. After the fight, when you finish with the experience allocation screen, be ready to tap at items — the game will give you a flyover shot of the bridge leading to your character, and sometimes items are hidden there that you can’t get a view of after that shot.
  5. The path up ahead is tricky — you’ll see a door and also a spot you can tap at the stairs. Tap the door first. We’ll go to the stairs eventually, but first there’s a hidden chest to grab.
  6. Approaching the door triggers a battle with some kind of big 12-foot enemy, like a troll or golem. By now you should be getting the point of how to deal with these guys.
  7. Once you’ve finished the fight, check the area, specifically looking to the left. You’ll see a treasure chest — head over and empty it out.
  8. You still have the two paths ahead of you: through the door or up the stairs. Note that the door is a shortcut — if you go through, you’re only two battles away from the God-King. The stairs have an extra pair of battles, plus a treasure chest and more treasure in general along the way. To get the most out of your path as far as experience and gold, take the stairs.
  9. NOTE: If you decide to go through the door, you can skip “The Long Staircase” and go directly to “Elevator Chamber.”

The Long Staircase

  1. As soon as you navigate to the stairs, you’ll be accosted by a medium-size enemy like a Paladin. You’ll fight him all the way up to the top of the steps.
  2. We won’t talk strategy much — you’re probably fine at this point. Pound this guy until you get to the top of the stairs.
  3. Before you move on to the next location after the battle, pan around and look for items. When you click the travel button, you’re going to need to be quick to grab anything that’s on the rooftops you’re about to traverse.
  4. Money bags will often appear on the roof after you jump over the balcony railing — check the far left, the middle of the roof during the running portion, and the far right near the wall. When you climb up, there often is money around the edges of the balcony at the end of the path.
  5. There’s another treasure chest here, but to get it, you’ll have to defeat an Assassin or similar faster, small enemy. You can also bypass him and go directly through the door, but you miss out on the chest.
  6. Remember that fast enemies can be tough because the play some pretty sharp defense. They don’t stay staggered for long.
  7. Claim your chest (or don’t) and head through the door.

Elevator Chamber

  1. Be careful as you enter to scour the room for items as the camera pans around. It’ll eventually settle behind you, masking your view of several places in the room. The game likes to hide things on the sides of the chains that face away from you, so you’ll miss your chance if you wait too long.
  2. Your only option is to click the navigation icon in the center of the room. It triggers the lowering of an elevator. On that elevator is another large-type enemy like an Executioner.
  3. After the fight, the camera angle will present you with a very obvious treasure chest below you on the spiral stairs. Snag it, then board the elevator to reach the God-King’s Chamber.

The God-King’s Chamber

  1. These are the last two fights of the bloodline. Watch as you come in for pickups lining the walls — some of them can be out of reach once you’re further into the room.
  2. Your first battle is with The Dark Knight. Not that one. A different one. He’s a bit of a hybrid — he fights like a medium-sized enemy, but he’s tougher and moves a little faster.
  3. Despite hitting harder, the Dark Knight seems to be easier to read than a lot of other enemies. He’ll often breaks out a move where he claps his sword against his shield and steps back. When he does this, it means he’s about to rush forward and hit you with his shield.
  4. Dodge out of the way as the Dark Knight charges and you’ll usually get an opportunity to stab his exposed midsection. If not, immediately throw up your shield to block his next slash, which is undodge-able. Following that move, he’ll usually swing overhead — dodge that, and you should get to stab him in the face.
  5. Following the stab breaks, you can lay into the Dark Knight pretty well. He also seems pretty susceptible to magic attacks.
  6. Keep hammering away at the Dark Knight and he should fall without much trouble. Enjoy that, because you’re about to face your true test: The God-King.
  7. First off, you’ll have to approach his throne. Pan the camera around when you arrive and check around the railings for objects.
  8. Before you tap the God-King, there’s also a chest at the foot of his throne you get to open before proceeding.

The God-King

  1. Let’s do some pre-flight checks before this battle. You’re going to need a few important pieces of equipment: 1.) decent strength magic ring with Heal, ideally; 2.) strong sword; 3.) strong shield. Everything else is whatever you want, but you’ll prefer a shield that holds up at least a little while.
  2. You should also equip weapons and items that can handle a lot of experience relative to your level. If you use things that are going to top out right away, you’ll rob yourself of the considerable experience you’ll get off the God-King if you beat him. Don’t expect to win your first few times in this battle, however.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: If you bring the Steel Sword, your very first weapon, into this fight and defeat the God-King, you’ll unlock a secret achievement.
  4. Now you can start the fight. Forget parrying almost altogether — get ready to test your dodging skills.
  5. The God-King technically falls into the small, fast enemy category, except he’s much faster than anything you’ve dealt with. In fact, he’s designed to be faster than you can physically be, unless you’re right on your game.
  6. That means that if the God-King hits you with a combo, be prepared to be hit with all of it. Try to get your shield up if that happens to at least lessen the fallout. This is also the reason you’ll want your Heal spell — you’ll need it, repeatedly.
  7. The God-King starts at Level 50, and as you grow, he spikes even higher. Around your Level 15 or 20, the God-King will spike to 100. Once you reach around 35, he’ll jump to 150.
  8. The trick to beating him is to outlast him. Work on being good at dodging his attacks, because if you over-rely on the shield, he’ll break it and you’ll be out of luck. All the God-King’s attacks are things you’ve seen before, so use what you know to defeat him.
  9. TIP: Use your super-moves and magic almost as soon as they become available. You and the God-King will trade so many blows during the fight that these will recharge very fast. You’ll probably need the heal spells anyway, but if you think you can spare it, you can sometimes hurt him badly with high-ranking magic.
  10. Generally, though, the fight’s fairly elementary. The God-King battles you just like anyone else. The key is to be quick enough at reading him and avoiding him to win the battle, because you can heal and he can’t.
  11. ACHIEVEMENT: When you’ve taken out the first third of the God-King’s health, he’ll offer you the chance to join him. If you take it, you won’t advance to the next bloodline, but you will access an alternate ending and unlock the “Not in Kansas” Achievement. Afterward, you’ll be brought back to just before the God-King fight to do it all over again.
  12. The second portion of the fight has the God-King stepping up his game in anger. You’ll see him kicking more, and you should get more opportunities to throw a stab in.
  13. Keep dodging and healing, attacking when you can, to wear the God-King down. After you hack through another third of his health, you’ll really have him on the ropes.
  14. Try not to get flustered and keep doing what you’re doing. The God-King will throw in more complex moves — if you see him moving back, it means he’s about to pummel you with short slashes. Block them with your shield or use a super-move to break him out of the animation.
  15. Heal! Heal whenever you get a break and you need health. Don’t put it off because you will likely get caught in a combo and die. Whenever you can restore yourself to full health, you should do so.
  16. Tap all your skills and you may come out victorious, with a little luck. If not, you’ll get bounced back to the beginning, which just means you’ll come back stronger and better equipped.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: If you manage to defeat the God-King, however, you get the “Now Stay Down!” Achievement.
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