Insurgency's "Day of Infamy" getting standalone Steam release

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Day of Infamy, a popular WWI-era mod for Insurgency, will be getting a fully stand-alone commercial release on Steam later this year, with the full support of Valve.

Copyright isn't really a concern for Valve these days, as long as they're making money somewhere in the deal, they don't really care what ideas if theirs you recycle; Day of Infamy is quite clearly inspired by Day of Defeat, a valve game, although admittedly that game was set during the second world war, rather than the first.

Day of Infamy has a more realistic approach to combat than Valve's Day of Defeat, though, which is probably due to the game's roots as a mod for Insurgency, meaning that the weapon mechanics are very realistic.

To take the Day of Defeat inspiration a step further, however, the deal with Valve has allowed the game's creators to port over some Day of Defeat maps to the this game, with some of the confirmed maps being Thunder, Caen, Avalanche and Ramelle.

The game will feature the ability to play a verity of  class types, including the ability to play as a radio operator, with the ability to call in air strikes on your unsuspecting enemy, as well as the ability to play as either the Americans, the Germans or the British.

The game will be on Steam Early Access sometime during July, and will retail for $20 USD.

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