Intel Challenges AMD's Position in Discrete Graphics Cards Market

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Published by FileTrekker 3 weeks ago , last updated 3 weeks ago

According to the latest data from JPR, a leading PC market research firm, discrete graphics card shipments declined by 50% at the end of 2022. However, the data also showed that Intel had matched AMD in the discrete graphics cards market, with both companies having a 9% market share in the fourth quarter of 2022. Nvidia still dominates the market with an 82% share.

It is important to note that the data only pertains to discrete GPU and add-in graphics card shipments, excluding integrated and embedded graphics. If those are included, Intel had a 71% market share, followed by Nvidia at 17% and AMD at 12%.

Even more interesting is that JPR's data shows that Intel had a 5% share of the discrete GPU market in Q4 of 2021 before they started selling their Arc graphics cards. This suggests that Intel was likely manufacturing and shipping early DG1 graphics desktop boards and Xe Max dedicated graphics chips for laptops at the time.

Despite Intel's rise in the market, Nvidia still dominates gaming graphics, with AMD falling behind. However, given the asymmetric nature of the fight for graphics performance supremacy, some experts believe that AMD is not doing too badly.

It remains to be seen how this three-way battle between Intel, AMD, and Nvidia will play out in the coming years. However, the latest data from JPR suggests that Intel is poised to challenge AMD's position in the discrete graphics cards market.

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