Interesting! IO Interactive Is Independent!

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Published by Serio 1 year ago , last updated 9 months ago

I was going to write this article using only words that start with the letter "I", but that would quite frankly be more punishment than I'm willing to put myself through - even for a company as excellent as IO Interactive.

Founded in 1990, IO Interactive is based in Copenhagen, Denmark. They started out as a small, private studio, producing games such as Codename 47, a game that would spawn the famous Hitman franchise. In 2004, they were bought out by Eidos Interactive, who were subsequently bought by Square Enix in 2009.

Since then, IO Interactive have produced numerous games in the series, including the less-than-well received Hitman: Absolution. In 2016, they then released Hitman: A World of Assassination, announcing a new take on the franchise by releasing the game in episodic installments and focusing on community interaction.

Though the game was a success with the fans and popular, it wasn't an economic success and with economic trouble at Square Enix, the future of the franchise and its developer has been uncertain.

Earlier today, the Danish developer announced that they've been released from Square Enix and are now independent. They've been granted full rights to the Hitman IP, so they can continue working on it without publisher oversight, though funding is still a question that hangs in the air. You can read the full press release by clicking here.

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