Is GTA V Redux actually a stolen mod?

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 9 months ago

While the world is currently falling in love with GTA V all over again, thanks to a mod called GTA V Redux, evidence is now starting to emerge that shows this mod actually may have existed all along, and may, in fact, simply be a mod called VisualV, tweaked and re-released under a new name.

Modder _CP_ posted on gtaforums about what he alleges is a blatant rip-off of his VisualV mod, explaining that this isn't the first time that the mod author, Josh Romito, has attempted to steal the mod and re-release it under a new name, failing twice before, under the names "Miracle of V" and "Pinnacle of V" - both times the mod was cancelled due to complaints by _CP_ allegedly making the author's position untenable.

Now, he alleges, GTA V Redux is once again stealing files and materials verbatim from VisualV, and even going so far as to add marks to the top of the stolen files claiming that they were "By Josh Romito".

_CP_ provides a collection of rather damning evidence, which shows various screenshots of source code, showing that files contained in GTA V Redux are identical in every way to files in VisualV. Some of the allegedly stolen assets include the motion blur effects, lighting reflection effects, dynamic shadow effects, no clouds, sun lighting, and more.

There seems to be little doubt, when reviewing the full evidence in the forum post, that there are at least elements of the mod that have been outright stolen from VisualV, and this should not be too difficult to verify by a third party.

I raised questions about the official GTA V Redux website, both in an article about a recent hacking attempt against Josh, as well as in our recent podcast, which is very heavily laden with intrusive advertising and anti-ad-block protection, and should this outright theft prove true, it only casts an even more suspect light onto what could be seen as a way to cash in on somebody else's hard work.

Several users left comments sympathising with _CP_ over the situation;

BlackScoutI actually thought it was using VisualV when I watched the trailer of it... It looked really similar. That sucks :s[/quote]

lDesterrado@CP That's why I and more people keep using your VisualV mod, it's perfect in all ways. I just took sounds, handling and screen effects of Josh "mod", that are the only things I saw interesting.

[quote=Mr.Arrow]Its not surprising the guy who plagiarize your work is the same guy who made pinnacle of V ( another work of plagiarism)

It does look to me that there is strong enough evidence at this stage to believe that GTA V Redux is indeed stealing assets from VisualV - and as a result we won't be covering the mod any further (we had planned a video on this mod) until this situation is settled.

FilesNation will not support the theft of assets from other mod authors under any circumstances. So far there has been no comment from Josh Romito with regards to the allegations, but the download has disappeared from the official site for the time being.

In the mean time, we strongly suggest checking out the VisualV mod, and perhaps comparing for yourself.

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