Is Nvidia's next generation card called the RTX 2080?

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 3 months ago

It's pretty much a certainty that Nvidia will be announcing their next generation of graphics cards at their upcoming "spectacular surprises" event this coming August 20th, shortly before Gamescom 2018. Some possible details have been revealed now through a teaser trailer, however, and the naming may not be what we're expecting.

Rather than being named the GTX 1180, as many expected, the next generation may be named in the RTX 20xx series, instead, meaning the launch card will likely be named the RTX 2080. Now, graphics card numbering has long escaped us and it is all very much arbitrary, but it's an interesting twist, perhaps for the sake of being a twist, although the RTX replacing GTX is likely to be a reference to the cards' ray tracing capabilities.

The trailer above, clearly signposting to a new graphics card aimed at gamers, with tag line "Be For The Game". The video is chock full of possible spoilers / easter eggs, for example at the 40 second mark, where a user named "RoyTeX" (RTX) posts an emoji of a flexed arm. 

Where this gets interesting is at the 44 second mark, where a conversation between a user called "Not_11" and RoyTeX ends with Not_11 saying "eating, gimme 20" - this is of course circumstantial reading between the lines, but at the 45 second mark, there is another conversation shown between "Mac_20" and "Eight Tee", which also seems to hint at the new naming scheme.

So it's not concrete evidence, but it does appear at Nvidia hinting toward the next generation of cards being in the RTX 20xx series. What all these new abbreviations mean and why, well, maybe we'll find out on August 20th.

Of course, the important thing is how these new cards perform, their pricing and power consumption. No other details have been released as of yet, but it's very likely this next generation of cards will focus heavy on the ray-tracing capabilities that RTX stands for.

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4 months ago by Plokite_Wolf


4 months ago by Mikey

I just love how Discord features very heavily in that video.

Shows how much they're becoming a market leader.


3 months ago by Superfluous Curmudgeon

So what you are saying is, the 2080 will be released for Mac first?

3 months ago by FileTrekker

You never know! Dunno if Apple have any announcements coming up?

3 months ago by RadioactiveLobster

This Twitter account is posting screens of old games in the run up to the 20th.

We'll have to see what it all means.

3 months ago by FileTrekker

The games seem to be getting progressively newer.

Could be building up to the next gen of graphics aka ray tracing.

3 months ago by Mikey
Posted by FileTrekker

You never know! Dunno if Apple have any announcements coming up?

WWDC is usually June so I don't think so.

3 months ago by Superfluous Curmudgeon

It's not really clear what these new cards are going to offer. Spec-wise they are a standard jump from previous cards. But there's a big price premium for the raytracing and tensor core hardware built in. On the one hand, it's all cool stuff, but on the other, seems like Nvidia is maybe pushing a bit too hard for their tech to become mainstream right now. Don't know if it's worth the money to be honest. So basically, we now get to wait until the cards are actually released to find out, and hope that by that time they're not completely sold out. 

I'm trying  to get a used 1080 Ti as they are pretty reasonably priced right now. Reliability of a used item is another question, but my experiences with used items have been good so far...

Edit: I think that Nvidia is going in the right direction though. I think a wall is being approached in terms of  how good games look with current tech. Raytracing is probably a reasonable next step towards improving  graphics quality. But this is early adopter technology being pushed on everyone. Having the mid-range card at a $500-$600 price point isn't gonna fly with a lot of people (including me). PC gaming really doesn't favor poor gamers in recent years. What happened to the current-gen x70 card being  $300?

3 months ago by RadioactiveLobster

Here is the thing about RTX and Ray Tracing.

When you can do it in real time for things like Lighting, Shadowing, Global Illumination, Reflections, etc... it will fundamentally change the way rendering works.

Someone has to make the push and honestly, only nVidia seems to have the resources to do it. AMD has done Ray Tracing before in demos but never to this degree.

I highly recommend giving this video a watch.

I would embed the video but it's f'ing broken apparently.

Edit: I'm embedding the video for you - MejTxjpZNCb3cn9gxZuhRrw6Nw9LcO9mUdZpCukB.jpeg@Mikey  ⁠ 

3 months ago by MrFancypants

I skipped the last gen of cards, so I'm considering upgrading to something like a 2070. No hurry though, I still haven't finished the Witcher 3 and won't be buying any new games before I have played through the extensions.

1 week ago by Mappbe Thomas

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