Is the next Modern Warfare game a reboot?

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

While we've been expecting a new Modern Warfare title to drop in 2019, although that news has yet to be confirmed, there's now speculation surfacing that the game will actually be a reboot of the series, which will simply be titled Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

During a previous exclusive preview event back in April, a bystander claimed to hear what sounded like the words "Modern Warfare 4" from the outside of the preview area - which would go against this idea - and former Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling also hinted at the game being a Modern Warfare title in a recent series of tweets.

But Kotaku are now claiming to have confirmed that a tweet from YouTuber LongSensation leaking the idea that the game is a reboot rather than simply a further installment is correct - stating that while they've not seen the game, Activision has apparently been previewing it to press and streamers for a few weeks, and that the title will simply be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The reboot is apparently due to wanting a clean break from the mistakes of the last title, according to Kotaku, with emphasis being placed on more emotionally charged moments such as the No Russian mission from MW2. We've already learned that Single Player will be the focus, too, with a brand new and seemingly well considered campaign on the way.

Of course, we still need to get confirmation for all of this, as Activision are staying tight-lipped, no doubt until the official reveal which we're expecting at or around E3 - but that being said, we'll leave you with this one last tweet from Robert, showing off his excellent photoshopping skills.

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3 years ago by GuyNamedErick

So does that mean the remastered COD4 came before the game that is simply called "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare"? The remastered COD4 doesn't have "4" in the title, these sequel titles are becoming too confusing!

3 years ago by Mr. Matt

This is Activision's last stab at growth as the stale, annualised, overly-monetised franchised gradually loses relevance, as we all predicted it would (though it took longer than I thought it would). Activision is falling apart despite posting record revenues, largely because their unsustainable growth has proven itself to be almost maxed out, and unfortunately (for them, anyway; gamers will celebrate when they and their evil twin EA collapse and die), because Activision hasn't listened to anybody ever besides their shareholders, Call of Duty remains their staple money-maker, and they're shitting themselves because they haven't really got anything else to fall back on when it finally falls. 

It's almost like putting all of your eggs into one basket is such a catastrophically bad idea that it should be turned into an idiom or something.

So they're doing the only thing they know how to do - not innovating or doing anything new or good, but rehashing an older, highly successful instalment in the franchise, that harks back to the days when the CoD franchise was a critical darling and people weren't sick of it yet. If it fails, they get to tell us that singleplayer is dead just like they have been telling us, and if it succeeds, they get to cash in on it for a couple more years. Either way, they'll lay off half of their staff just before the end of the tax year for mysterious reasons.

EA, which is struggling with the exact same problems brought about by the exact same levels of astonishing, cancerous, unmitigated greed, is going in a similar direction by announcing that the upcoming Star Wars game will be a singleplayer experience devoid of microtransactions, incidentally. Like we should be praising them for not trying to nickel and dime us with low-effort, incomplete multiplayer bullshit at every turn.

2 years ago by Jannick

Developer Infinity Ward officially announced Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, a reboot of the long-running sub series with an intense focus on gritty realism. Unlike BO4, the new Modern Warfare will indeed have a single-player campaign, and it's the main focus for the reveal today

1 year ago by Buthent

I really hope the next entry in this list to be a fresh game rather than a reboot or a remaster.