It's Boomer Shooters Galore in our Realms Deep 2020 Roundup

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If you like your first-person shooters stuck firmly in the past, then 3D Realms has certainly got you covered these days, with this year's Realms Deep event being touted as the "Boomer Shooter E3." There were several announcements both from 3D Realms themselves and several indie developers, and there's a heck of a lot of shooters to get through.

The first major announcement of the show was the reveal of Graven, a brand new 3D Realms game that feels a little bit like a mix between a retro FPS and an Elder Scrolls style RPG to me, taking the genre in a totally new direction. 

Many have also compared Graven to Hexen, an early fantasy shooter from Raven Software back in the 1990s, with some even calling it "what the Hexen franchise could have been" if Raven hadn't simply become a sweatshop for Call of Duty games. 

New Blood Interactive then gave us a look at a super-impressive speedrun of Ultrakill, a score attack shooter where the aim is, as the title suggests, to earn yourself as many Ultrakill's as possible to rack up a high score. 

It's a fun looking game for sure, but I highly doubt I'll be beating that record any time soon. Still, if you're looking for some casual FPS fun, there are certainly worse ways to spend your time...

New Blood then followed this up with a look at Gloomwood, an upcoming stealth horror shooter set in Victorian times. This presentation was a little dry for me, diving into a bit more detail then I probably needed on the game's inventory system, but if this is the kind of thing that floats your boat, fill your boots I guess.

The game itself looks really interesting, though. I'm certainly a huge fan of the setting and gameplay mechanics, which are evocative of Resident Evil in some ways. There are also some interesting insights into game development in there, and you can even play a demo of the game right now on Steam.

The modders behind Brutal Doom also briefly showed off their new, major project known as Brutal Fate, a new retro FPS that no doubt promises to be just as gory and difficult as it's namesake mod. There's not too much to see here, except that the game is due to release next year.

We then take a look at Hell Hunt with a new trailer to celebrate its demo release. We got to see a few clips of gameplay, and it all seems ultra-gory and fast-paced, much like the recent Doom games.

It packs a lot of punch, but in light of Doom Eternal and everything else shown off at Realms Deep, it certain;y isn't the most original concept we've seen. 

It certainly has that retro vibe, however, so if you prefer a few extra pixels and a little less polygon in your first-person-shooter coffee, this one might be for you. 

We then moved onto a new reveal for a spin-off in the Postal series, known as Postal: Brain Damaged. It certainly seems to be going in its own direction compared to the main series and seems to have some almost Serious Sam vibes about it. 

Next up was a look at a short trailer for a new momentum-platformer shooter known as Cyber Hook, and I really like the trippy vibes of this one. It's got that whole Tron look about it and shares a few parallels in gameplay with titles such as Clustertruck. 

There's even a new demo for the game out right now on Steam if you want to give it a try, and why wouldn't you?  It's one of the most visually striking games I've seen at Realms Deep, and I'm pretty excited to give it a shot. 

Keeping up the pace with the shooter reveals, we then get our first look at Effigy, a new shooter that draws inspiration from the Unreal and Quake era of FPS gaming.

Effigy promises to introduce huge, interconnected levels to the genre to make it one seamless experience and also features a very dark and atmospheric Sci-Fi inspired plot.  I like it.

And that brings us onto the last major reveal of the event, Core Decay, a new immersive sim game that seems inspired by games such as System Shock. 

It's set to release in 2021 and is being developed by Ivar Hill and published by 3D Realms themselves, and I'm getting some real Deus Ex vibes from this one. I'm really digging the lighting effects, while maintaining it's retro FPS feel. 

And those were all the major announcements from Realms Deep 2020. Which games are you most looking forward to getting your hands on? Let us know in the comments below!


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