It's RTX 3090 Launch Day, but you probably won't get one

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Nvidia has learned a lot of lessons from the disastrous RTX 3080 launch, where stock sold out instantly thanks to scalpers, bots, and overwhelming demand - but will they have had time to make changes for today's 3090 launch? 

The truth is, probably not - and Nvidia are trying to manage expectations for today's launch, noting that there will be a very 'limited supply' of cards available. Nvidia is even trying to put gamers off buying one, suggesting the card is aimed squarely at "creatives and researchers" - not gamers, and that you should probably wait for more 3080 stock to arrive.

This is a surprisng change of tune given the new naming scheme and 8K gaming demo shown off during the announcement stream, although they do state that the RTX 3090 is ideal for "extreme" gamers, whatever that means.

In reality, the RTX 3090 only appears to offer a 10-15% advantage over the 3080 in most games, and for double the price, I'm personally happy I went with the 3080 instead.  Indeed, 8K gaming is outside of the reach of most consumers currently anyway. 

Despite this, the RTX 3090 is likely going to sell out almost instantly. In fact, due to limited numbers, this launch may be even more taxing than the 3080's - so don't expect to get your hands on one.  Indeed, the best success seems to be turning up and being first in line at a brick and mortar store, but with reports of long queues already forming outside various Microcenters, even that seems like a long shot. 

Are you going to buy an RTX 3090? Let us know your experience down in the comments.

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