It Takes 33 Hours On Average to Beat Mass Effect 2, and Other Fun Facts

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Posted on September 7, 2010, Phil Owen It Takes 33 Hours On Average to Beat Mass Effect 2, and Other Fun Facts

OK, so Casey Hudson over at BioWare did an interview with IGN, and he spilled some fun beans for our consumption. They are in the image above, obviously. Take a gander at that for a second. It’s all very interesting, yes, but a couple of these items stand out to me.

Only half the people who played the game played it to the end? I’m disappointed in all of you. Also, only half of players imported a save from the first game? I can understand that maybe some folks lost their Mass Effect 1 save for whatever reason, but there’s no way that represents all of that number. I’m curious how many of those are also folks who didn’t finish ME2. I’m guessing the overlap is very high.

Moving on. It says 80% of players played as the male Shepard, but Hudson did not explain that stat to IGN. My question: Does that mean 80% of players only played as a male Shepard? I have two female playthroughs and three male playthroughs; where I do fit in this stat?

Last word from me: The average playthrough took 33 hours and the some players went upwards of 66 hours. My own five playthroughs varied wildly in terms of time it took to finish, ranging from 10 hours to 50. (The 10-hour playthrough was the one I ran through quickly without doing any loyalty missions so I could get my entire team killed at the end.) Interestingly, I did have one that was almost right at 33 hours.

That’s all the brilliant insight I have for you here. Head over to IGN for the full interview, which will enlighten you on what BioWare does with this data.

P.S. Don’t forget that Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC for Mass Effect 2 is out today. I stupidly already downloaded it even though I can’t play it until I finish working today.

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