James vs. Games 19: James vs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (VIDEO)

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Posted on February 12, 2013, Phil Hornshaw James vs. Games 19: James vs. Surgeon Simulator 2013 (VIDEO)

It’s the start of a fresh batch of James vs. Games challenges, with James ready to take on a new somewhat ridiculously hard game under the threat of punishment.

This time it’s the browser-based Unity title Surgeon Simulator 2013, which requires careful movements of a surgeon’s simulated hand. It also requires you to pick up and use tools very carefully, as each finger is articulated by a different button on the keyboard, with a mouse button raising and lowering your hand and another rotating your wrist. It’s a bit of a mess, actually, which is what makes it hard.

James’ challenge is to perform a heart transplant on a patient by first cutting open his rib cage, then removing the heart and replacing it. Too many screw-ups and the patient will bleed out, and James is limited in his attempts as well — he gets seven minutes on his first try, six on his second and five on his third. Take too long three times in a row (or lose the patient three times) and he loses the challenge.

You can check out Surgeon Simulator 2013 at Kongregate and play along with James. It’s not easy.

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