Jihadists Invade Second Life

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Posted on July 16, 2007, Shawn Sines Jihadists Invade Second Life

Have you ever wanted to start your own terrorist cell?

Would you like military instruction on weapons, assassination techniques, the manufacture of poisons and how to make explosives?

Look no further than your friendly neighborhood internet.


The Economist has a rather disturbing article on the newest training camp for the murder and mayhem that is jihad: the world wide web. According to the article, terrorists have taken up residence in various internet social sites, including Second Life. They use these gathering places as platforms to spread propaganda and instruct the masses on how to start their own terrorist cells.

The decentralized nature of the web and the anonymity it provides have given birth to an ideal new recruitment tool for Al Queda of other terrorist organizations. One of the major minds behind organizing these networks “Irhabi007″ was stopped and incarcerated but his legacy goes on. Videos of terrorist attacks accompanied by patriotic music go up within minutes of executions. Terrorist recruiters use public video sites to spread their messages and demands and video games like Night of Bush Capturing also serve as recruitment tools.

“Intelligence agencies are dealing with the problem once people have manifested themselves as existing terrorists,” says Professor Bruce Hoffman, an expert on terrorism at Georgetown University. “We have to find a way to stanch the flow. The internet creates a constant reservoir of radicalized people which terrorist groups and networks can draw upon.”

And you were worried about child predators.

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