Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough

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Posted on August 9, 2010, Ben Richardson Kane and Lynch 2 Walkthrough

There are good sources of advice, and bad ones. Mr. Lynch above — probably a bad source of haircut advice. This site — a great source of Kane & Lynch 2 walkthrough advice. Read on and take advantage of our detailed guide.


Welcome to Shanghai

  1. Start by heading down the alley and up the stairs. When you reach the door at the top, wait for Kane to join you and kick it down with X.
  2. Wait for the cutscene to end and follow Kane as he pursues the target. Grab cover in the doorway with A to avoid being shot.
  3. Follow Kane and the target through the next two rooms and back outside. Kane heads forward and loops around to another apartment ahead on the right. Meet up with him and kick the door in.
  4. Stick with Kane and go through the next apartment. You’ll catch up with the target as he’s leaving from the other end. He’s closed a gate, so you’ll have to turn left and go through another apartment. Look for the Kick indicator.
  5. Move through the next apartment — the way out is on your right — and grab cover on the railing immediately. Push along to the right so you’re facing down the hallway, where two shooters are opening up on you.
  6. Wait until you get a good shot and pop these two guys. You shouldn’t have much trouble, but try to catch them reloading. You can reload your own gun with RB.
  7. Kill these two guys and Brady, the target, takes off again. Chase after him by sprinting with LB. He’ll lead you out onto some rooftops — follow him by watching the distance indicator over his head.
  8. Brady will eventually hop down from the roof and take off through a restaurant. Drop down after him. Run through the alley and past the car, down the stairs.
  9. You’ll be knocked back when you get down to the archway blocked with beads. Get back up quickly with A and grab cover to the left. Shoot the guy who’s firing at you — he’s up against the left side of the doorway. You’ll see him (just barely) through the shade.
  10. Go through the beads and take cover on the wall. Two guys up ahead with uzis are taking cover on the left side of the aisle. Run across to the book shelves on your right and take cover there.
  11. Blast either of those two guys if you can, then head up the aisle to the far right, parallel to where Kane goes. You’ll find another shooter, preoccupied with Kane, around the corner to the left. Take him out while he’s not looking.
  12. You’ll see stairs in the back corner. Go up them and at the top, take cover behind the glass cases. Quickly open fire on the guys straight across from you. Try to drop them fast — your cover’s not great. Roll to the other case to your left if you need to.
  13. Past those guys, you’ll see Brady break away and cut to the left down another corridor. Go that way and get to cover behind the concrete post to the left quickly, to avoid an ambush.
  14. There are guys all down this hallway, but they mostly stand in the open. Try to kill them fast, before they have time to get situated. When you see Kane start forward again, follow him.
  15. Chase Brady down the hall to the right, then back outside into the market. When you get there, get down and use the cover to protect you from the shooters up ahead.
  16. Move forward by trying to stay behind cover as much as possible. Shoot, wait for an enemy to reload, and sprint up to the next spot. When you’re close enough for good shots, finish them off. Watch for reinforcements behind the van to the right.
  17. As you clear the market, go to the right beside the van and down the hall. Around the corner, you’ll see attackers show up as another car rips into a market.
  18. Crouch by pressing L3 and hurry to the low wall ahead. Get in cover and pick up the gas canisters lying around. You can throw them out and shoot them to take out enemies.
  19. Clear the way. You’ll have a few more guys to kill, but there are more canisters if you want them. Then, follow Brady around one more corner, and you’ll have him pinned down.
  20. Take cover as Brady shoots at you, then move up to him — he won’t fire on you again. The mission ends with a cutscene.
  21. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Welcome to Shanghai” Achievement is yours when you finish the mission.

The Details

  1. Take cover the instant the missions starts, as you’re taking massive fire. Look to the right first – you should see two guys taking cover almost in the open across from you. Blast them.
  2. Grab an automatic weapon early, as the guys will just be streaming toward you. Try to clear them out of the immediate vicinity, moving up from car to car slowly. Keep them from putting too much fire on Glazer’s black limo — the one with the health meter — or the mission ends.
  3. Try to stick close to the wall on the left, where cover seems to be better. Open fire on anybody standing and keep your head down. Move up whenever possible — forward motion is the key here in most cases.
  4. Watch out also for enemies to abandon their cover and come charging at you, especially as you get close. They love to do that.
  5. The fighting will keep moving forward. There’s not a lot you need to do here strategically. Pick your shots for effective kills whenever possible and keep your head down. Eventually, you’ll clear this portion of the street.
  6. Follow Glazer’s car as it takes the off-ramp to the right. Two guys on motorcycles will attack as you run down the ramp — just stop and blast them as they come sliding toward you.
  7. A truck plows into Glazer’s car at the bottom of the ramp, right as you reach it. Shoot any stragglers on the right side of the truck and then pull Glazer free with X. After he’s loose, you have to protect him.
  8. Move to the left side of the truck and take cover behind a dumpster. You should have an enemy or two taking cover ahead of you. Take them out and move up to the cars there, sweeping the area on your right flank, near the edge of the building to the right.
  9. You should be free from being shot if you move to the left and get behind the cars. Go forward when you can and move from cover to cover, toward the police cars.
  10. Stick to the left side, where Dumpsters populate the area. They make more effective cover than cars. Push forward toward the cops, dropping them as often as you can until they’re cleared out.
  11. Go down the ramp to the left after Glazer does.

The Garage

  1. Lead the team across the garage to the far side. You can either take the ramp up, to the right, or go through the room to the left and take the stairs.
  2. On the next level, you’ll face an  ambush not long into your trek to the other side. Grab cover and watch for dogs; they’ll knock you down as they attack you, but you’ll hear them coming.
  3. Watch out for Glazer here. You have to protect him, so try to stick close to him to draw fire. Keep moving laterally to different cover positions to make sure you can get eyes on all the cops up here.
  4. Stick to the concrete posts for cover if you can, and grab fire extinguishers off them to throw at the enemies. If you can, clear a path up along the left side,which will enable you to move up and flank the enemies — the faster you move forward, the faster Kane does, which means he can help you more.
  5. Do your best to keep Glazer safe as you cross the garage. When you fight to the opposite end, you’ll see a small doorway. Approach it from the side so you can take out the guy inside without being shot. Inside, lift up the door with X.
  6. Follow the hall to a door you can kick, then start descending the stairs. You can kick down another door along the way for a short moment with Lynch, but it’s not the path. Descend until you hit the bottom.
  7. Go out and take cover at the knocked-over columns. Watch the high ground to the left — a cop will try to sneak up there to take you on, and he can hit you even under cover because of his position.
  8. Clear the way forward and move up whenever you can. The right side has a couple of guys who dug in after you move up from your first position — don’t let them flank you.
  9. You’ll see another few guys at the next line up at ground level, but they’re easy to take down. The last of the cops will be in elevated positions just ahead of you. Wait for a clean shot to take them down, because they can hit you easily from there.
  10. Get up to the doorway up there after the way is clear. Through the door, take cover with Kane quickly and start dropping the cops. Their positions aren’t as good here, so if you have a shotgun, you should be able to do some major damage.
  11. Move up and watch to the left, by the staircase, for two more cops behind cover there. Clear them and take the doorway ahead to the right, which leads back outside. Use the wall for cover and start knocking out the cops behind their cars just outside.
  12. Take out these guys on the left, then move along the wall (without going outside) to the opening to the right. There are a few more cops waiting on that side of the area who will plug you as you’re exiting by the door. Drop them before heading outside.
  13. Make sure the way ahead of you is clear to the other side of the street, then get around to the front of the cars and take cover, so that you’re facing down to the right. The van shows up just ahead of you. That’s your new goal.
  14. More cops pour out of the store just ahead — the one with all the neon lights. You can take them on, or, if you can make it, you can sprint to the van. Either way, you’ll be under fire when you make for the getaway car.
  15. Get to a comfortable number of enemies and sprint for the van to complete the mission.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Street War” Achievement is unlocked when you make it to the van.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

  1. Follow Kane and Tommy as they move into the sweat shop. Eventually you’ll come to a door Tommy has to kick down.
  2. Shoot the guy on the other side, get through the door, and take cover. More guys appear in the doorway to the next room, on your left. Hammer them as well.
  3. Move through the doorway ahead. You should see a door blocked by beads to the left — watch for a guy there shooting at you. When he’s dead, go through the beads to the next doorway. Follow Kane if you need to and head around the corner.
  4. You won’t be attacked again for a few minutes. Move forward until you see stairs. Take them up and go through the rooms until you can come back down again. You’ll enter another hallway and turn right, passing a blocked up pathway to the right.
  5. Take the corner as you go through a room with lots of big metal tanks. Go right again through the next room and down a hall. When you hit the next doorway, you’ll see a guy standing with his back to you — grab him with B.
  6. You can use this guy as a shield, but it’ll only stop the enemies from attacking you for about two seconds. Watch above for an opening, where another enemy will shoot down on you.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: If you hit X while holding the human shield, you can throw him at one of the guys on the ground level. Do so, and the “Catch!” Achievement is your reward.
  8. Kill the two guys on the ground floor and the third guy up above, then hit the stairs. In the next room, take cover and watch out for the enemy closest to you, who wields a shotgun. Kill him and take it from him if you can — it’s great for in here.
  9. Finish the two guys left on the other side of the room and check around the corner to the right, as you move through the center. That’s the alcove from which you were taking fire in the room below here, and there’s probably another one of Hsing’s men hiding there.
  10. Exit the room and you’ll go up through a beaded doorway. Push through that room and the one past it and you’ll see a long hallway open up in front of you. It’s washed out, because of the light from outside, and there are doors along the right-hand wall. The first has an enemy in it.
  11. Ideally, you want to take cover in the doorway and kill the guy in the room to the right. Then, when the way is clear, run to that side room. It’s connected to the rooms beyond by doors you can kick down, giving you a chance to move slowly, clearing the way forward.
  12. Kick into the next side room, drop the guy inside. From there, you can kick down the door to the left that leads back into the hallway, and flank the enemies waiting there.
  13. Kick down the last door and make a right turn. Take cover in the doorway and clear the room with all the stacked furniture.
  14. Ahead, you’ll go down some stairs again. You’ll meet back up with Glazer’s men when you get there, once you reach a door at the bottom.

Together Again

  1. Stick with the team as they go down toward the opening into the courtyard. When the shooting starts, get cover and look up — your priority is to drop the three guys on the second floor.
  2. Start with the one to the left — he’s the most problematic, as he has a clear shot at your position. Kill him as fast as you can, then direct your shots at the shooters across from you and above to the right.
  3. When all three of those guys are dead, you can start moving around the left side to other cover positions so you can flank the enemies. Then move up toward the square piece of concrete, as you clear the way forward.
  4. From this square well, you’ll see more enemies coming from the left to join the fight in the courtyard. Take cover so that you’re facing that way and finish them off. When you can move again, you’ll find a hallway there that you can follow.
  5. Get to the rolling metal door and lift it up to enter the next room. You’ll see two doors — one ahead, one to the right. You can kick them both down (actually, enemies kick down the right door), but you might be better off approaching the one on the right first.
  6. If you kick down the other door,  you expose yourself to attacks from two different directions, as both paths flood with enemies. If you do go through the door ahead (it’s on the left, relative to the other door), get through quickly and take cover. Watch for fire from across the open courtyard to your right.
  7. Either path will work. Take cover, clear the room, and move forward. Try to limit your exposure on your flanks from the open windows — you’ll take fire from the other path either way you go.
  8. You can follow the walls all the way around to clear out all the enemies if you wish. Keep your eyes out for a blue door ringed in Christmas lights, however — that’s your goal. Kick it down.
  9. Go through the room with the bunks, down the stairs on the other side, and lift the rolling metal door. Down through there, you’ll find yourself in a big warehouse. Go up the steps to the right to another door. Open it to trigger a cutscene.
  10. The wall explodes out in front of you — don’t bother fighting, just head to the right where there’s a doorway, and climb up to the second floor.
  11. You’ll take fire through the windows as you move through the hallway — ignore it. Take cover behind the walls and dodge past the windows using A.
  12. TIP: You’ll need extra ammo. Before going too far, check for a room opposite the windows where there is extra weaponry stashed.
  13. Watch below you for a van to show up — you have to destroy it before it can escape. Meanwhile, enemies will appear to your left. You have to avoid them while you shoot down at the van. If you don’t take it out, you’ll fail the mission.
  14. When the van arrives, hit it with everything you’ve got. Protect yourself from the cops in the building across from you — you have to dump enough ammo into the van to destroy it or the mission ends. It doesn’t matter where you shoot it, just how much.
  15. Once the van is destroyed, you can try to deal with the cops across from you. They’re along the walkway to the left, as well as straight across, but the ones that are across are much harder to hit.
  16. Go to the end of your hallway — you’ll have to kick down another door — and set up in the doorway with Kane, facing the walkway to the cops’ building. Clear it as best you can and try to avoid fire from the cops across and to your right.
  17. When you’ve taken the walkway, sprint down it to the next building and find cover there. You can take the cops out much more easily if you’re closer to them, especially if you brought a shotgun. Move forward under cover and blast away until you’re safe.
  18. Push forward, and you’ll reach stairs that lead to a door back to street level.
  19. Follow the alley until you see a cop. Drop him and take cover at the corner — reinforcements will appear behind him, as well as a dog. Shoot them all from this position to remain mostly safe.
  20. Turn left just before the cop car, into an alley with a green floor. Stick to that and you’ll find a wall you can climb with X. That ends the mission.
  21. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Death Sentence” Achievement is unlocked when you escape Hsing’s hideout.

Laying Low

  1. As with other stages, you start this one out under fire. Take cover and start shooting back.
  2. SWAT troops are fanning out to the left and right. Pick your shots and try to keep them from flanking you, especially up the left side. Kane can generally handle the right.
  3. This is a good spot, so stick to it for a few minutes while you clear out the initial wave of enemies. When you can move up, jump over your cover, and head up the left side to clear out any remaining enemies. You’ll flank them while Kane keeps them busy.
  4. ACHIEVEMENT: If you can get out of this restaurant without being downed, you’ll get the “Sichuan Specialist” Achievement. The best way to accomplish that is to avoid getting too close to the SWAT guys and their shotguns, and picking good, solid cover positions. Beware of the wood walls, which disintegrate without soaking up much punishment.
  5. Be careful as you follow Kane around the corner to the left — a SWAT ambush awaits you just ahead, with enemies beyond the round window. Pick off those you can with headshots from a distance.
  6. From there, try to sweep around to the right side, keeping low and flattening enemies with your shotgun. (You do have a shotgun, right? Look for one on the SWAT bodies, along with a silenced assault rifle.)
  7. You’ll find the exit door just beyond these last few enemies. Kick it down, but watch out for a cop to kick down the door at the far end of the hallway. Get your gun up to be ready for him.
  8. Go through the kitchen and open the sliding door. Follow the allies until you find a flight of metal stairs going up. You’ll reach a rooftop above a bunch of cops.
  9. Don’t wait for the cops to see you — start firing on them before they can get to cover. Keep your eyes open for cops trying to move onto the rooftops to your left and right to flank you.
  10. You shouldn’t have much trouble, since you have elevation on these guys. Drop down afterward and go through the shed with all the scooters. There’s a cop inside, around the corner. Open the sliding door just past him.
  11. Keep moving along the alley until you hit the street. Turn right and follow it, bearing right until the cops show up. Blast any that get near you and take cover.
  12. Move up when you can and look for scaffolding you can access by a ramp on the right. The high ground will afford you a tactical advantage when fighting the cops below. Just make sure they don’t run up behind you.
  13. Clear out the stores on the street below. From the scaffolding, you should be able to get most or all of them. Then descend back down, take cover, and clear the area for good.
  14. Move to the right, into the white, brightly lit kitchen. You’ll exit into an alley in the back, where you’ll find a climbable wall.
  15. Follow the alley for a long while. You’ll climb steps, cross a rooftop, and drop down onto a big open lot with ruins at the far end. Sprint to those ruins and hold there while the helicopter passes over you. Then follow Kane down through the concrete tube across to the left.
  16. At the bottom, quickly take cover behind that low wall — SWAT guys are swarming the room just ahead of you. Move along your wall to find an Acetylene tank that you can throw at the enemies and then explode.
  17. ACHIEVEMENT: This is a good place to nab your “Can It!” Achievement if you’ve already gotten a few explosive kills. Knock down a total of 10 enemies by throwing exploding cans (you should get as many as five or six here) to unlock the achievement.
  18. With most of the SWAT troops dead, move up carefully and take cover at the next concrete barrier. There might be guys attacking from the left and right edges of the room, as well as at the top of the steps at the far end, so move with caution.
  19. After the ground troops are gone, you’ll be clued in to a sniper at the top of the steps. The best way to deal with him is to move up when he’s not looking, charge up close and cap him with your shotgun. Then snag his rifle and go through the hole to the right.

Destroyed Building

  1. Climb up the stairs right around the next corner. You need to use the sniper rifle to kill the two marked SWAT snipers on high ground across from you. There’s one to the right that’s closer, and another in the back-left corner that’s further away.
  2. When they’re dead, use the high ground and your scope to shoot down on the troops that are amassing in front of Kane’s position below you. Pick off as many as you can with the rifle.
  3. Finish this wave of enemies and move toward the back of the area, where a tunnel leads away from the room. More SWAT guys appear there, especially to your left and right. Watch for this ambush, as these guys can put some hurt on you.
  4. TIP: Go up the stairs to your left if you want more ammo for the sniper rifle.
  5. Stay under cover near the opening in the wall and shotgun the SWAT team as it attacks you. It shouldn’t be too hard if you can keep the enemy from flanking you. When they’re dead, follow Kane forward.
  6. You’ll encounter more SWAT cops in the garage area. Get cover and look for an enemy to roll an exploding canister your way. When that happens, you can try to shoot it before he does to blow him up with his own weapon.
  7. If you got extra sniper ammo, you can use it here to headshot a few of these SWAT troops and even up the odds. If not, try to flank around them using the ample cover on the left side, but be careful for enemies doing the same thing.
  8. Keep under cover and you’ll be through before long. This is the last push to the end of the mission. Use that left flank effectively and you should get the drop on the last of the SWAT guys. Then get to the fence, past all the bamboo and you’re done.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll receive the “Nowhere to Hide” Achievement once you’re out of the destroyed garage.

Coming Home

  1. Gangsters are waiting in the apartment building’s garage. There’s no easy way to approach them, but you can grab the guy peeing to the right as a human shield if you want. Really, though, you should just take cover and open fire to kill as many as you can.
  2. TIP: You can try to be stealthy. If you move up along the left side, you’ll find a gas canister  you can shoot that’s near the enemies. It probably won’t kill them all, but it’ll start the fight in your favor.
  3. Clear out the garage and head for the sliding door. Get up the stairs, where you and Kane will split up. Follow your path to another staircase.
  4. At the top, enemies appear on Kane’s side of the building. Use your position to flank them (the sniper rifle helps if you still have it) and help Kane out before pushing forward.
  5. As you approach the far end of your pathway, three enemy gangsters will show up and take cover at the walls. Drop them fast with your shotgun if you can, or grab cover and be a little more methodical about it. The alcoves along the right railing are pretty useful for protection.
  6. You’ll hit another staircase and face a mess at the top — enemies on both sides of the building mean crossfire. There will be two waiting for you just through the door, at the top of the stairs.
  7. Shoot these first two guys as fast as you can and take cover in one of the alcoves to the left. Get into the corner so you have protection from the enemies on Kane’s side as well as from those further down the walkway, on yours.
  8. The guys on your side will try to flank you, so be ready for them. They’ll move up alongside you and try to shoot you around the corner. Don’t give them the opportunity.
  9. Dropping all the guys leaves you clear to the end of your walkway, where another gangster will show up carrying a shotgun. Get him from a distance if you can and grab his weapon.
  10. Open the sliding door when you meet back up with Kane. At the top of the next staircase, you’ll have gunmen waiting on the far side of a barricade just in front of you. Sprint over to the cover on the right side, where a gas canister is waiting.
  11. Chuck the canister at your enemies for a quick takedown. Finish the last guy, who’s running toward you, and jump the barrier. Get your shotgun ready as you approach the next barricade.
  12. Two enemies round the corner just in front of you — kill them as fast as you can manage, without stopping. Then jump the barrier and turn left into the apartment. You’ll have soldiers on the floor above you shooting on your position, and there’s no way to fight them.
  13. Entering the apartment activates a cutscene, so you’ll get a short breather.

Lynch’s House

  1. Get up and take cover behind the chair. If you have a weapon with range enough to shoot at the enemies in white across from you, do so.
  2. Head left into the kitchen and get behind the counter. The wall blows in and three enemies follow — use your position to drop them as they enter. Then go through the wall into the bedroom and turn left to get to a hallway.
  3. Head into the next room, where you’ll get another quick cutscene. You’ll then go through a door to the right into another apartment, where you’ll pass a sniper rifle. Snag it.
  4. Go through the beaded doorway on the left and take cover on the balcony outside. You’ll see Xiu — she has a marker above her head — being attacked by several enemies. It’s your job to snipe them.
  5. This is actually pretty simple. Don’t let the enemies get close to Xiu, especially when she’s hanging on the outer pillars, and you’ll do fine. Crank off headshots as fast as you can in the meantime. When the enemies are clear, Xiu will escape.
  6. Follow the balcony around the corner into another room. Kick down the door to leave up ahead, then kick through another door and you’ll move through an apartment onto the roof.
  7. Drop down and turn right. You’ll have to fight your way back toward Xiu, but watch for enemies appearing along the right side as you go. Take cover here and clear the way forward.
  8. Up ahead is another drop-off to a lower rooftop area. This one is teeming with gangsters. Take cover above and shoot down on them for an advantage.
  9. When you’ve knocked out the initial wave — there are maybe six or seven guys down there — drop down and take cover facing to the right. Another wave of enemies is approaching, but a good spot should let you unload on them as they come running up to take cover near you.
  10. Move up when you can. You’ll see a building ahead of you where soldiers in white are climbing down to attack you. Take cover here and shoot them before they’re set up. Use the sniper rifle if you have it.
  11. Run forward and you’ll set off another cutscene, which also marks the end of the mission.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Baby Be Safe” Achievement is yours when the mission ends.

A Thousand Cuts

  1. Hey look — another alley. Follow this one until you get back inside. When you do, look for a door that goes left into a room full of bikes. Follow that into another room with bikes in it.
  2. Leave through the door into a hallway. Blow past the stairs on your left to a doorway at the far end of the hall on the right side. Go through there and through another door into a white bathroom, where you’ll get a cutscene.
  3. Exit the room the way you came in. When you return to the hallway, you’ll see a silver door at the end of the hall you can now open with Kane’s help. Follow the hallway until you get outside.
  4. Take the steps and you’ll find yourself up on a rooftop. Use the scaffolding on the left to get down, and then head toward the wall on the left side of the parking lot.
  5. You’re totally exposed and weaponless out here, but if you can snag a human shield, you can take his gun. Move up to the first bus and look for a guy relieving himself along the wall on the left side.
  6. Now that you’re armed, use the buses for cover. Backtrack around the last bus so as to not get immediately blown away — you’ll have to kill four or so enemies before you can advance
  7. TIP: It’s possible to do this all with stealth. Sneak past the peeing guy as he goes to leave, hug the left wall avoiding anyone else, and make for the scaffolding at the far side. You can slip in underneath it among the bamboo, then go around the corner to the left to get through the parking lot.
  8. Killing those four or five guys should pretty much clear your way. Hug the wall, keeping it on your left, and you’ll round a corner, then cut past a bus until you see a blue security booth across the lot from you. Turn left to find the exit just beyond.
  9. You’ll enter another alley. Follow it until you come to a door you can lift up. Beyond, you’ll see cops standing in the street just ahead. Just drop them from here.
  10. Around the corner to the right are a few more cops. Get out to the street and take cover facing to the right. Look for some better weapons than the pistols you’re carrying as you go.
  11. Hug the right wall and you’ll find a path into another section of the street. More cops are set up here so get cover on the wall as you move up. You should find a shotgun on a cop right inside the narrow path, so grab that too.
  12. Your best bet is just pushing along the narrow walkway on your left here to the store just beyond. The walls of this path are wood — and therefore pretty useless. The walls of the store are concrete and make for better cover.
  13. When you get to the store, face out and start killing the cops taking cover behind debris just outside on the other side. A spot inside the building against the right wall should give you an angle on all their positions, and easy kills.
  14. Now move outside and take cover behind the debris — go for the oven that’s closest you, as it’s the most substantial and therefore safest. Take a minute to kill all the cops in the area. There are a few spread out behind cover ahead, and they’re dug in pretty well. Watch for one to charge and try to kill you up close.
  15. Duck into the blue copy shop along the left wall and you’ll enter a mall. Turn right when you’re inside and follow the hallway to a metal door you can lift, triggering a cutscene.

The Mall

  1. Head out of the store and get cover behind the floor cleaner straight away. If you have a shotgun, you should be able to drop all three of these cops with zero fuss. They’re all still running to cover — hit them before they’re ready for you.
  2. Now approach the opening to the restaurant up to your left. It’s full of cops, so take cover and start clearing them out. You only need to make your way to the middle of the room.
  3. Among the enemies in the restaurant is a dog, but it will come tearing at you from right through the restaurant and you should see it coming. When you’ve cleared out enough of the cops, make for the spot between the booths, halfway through the room on the right. Take cover there.
  4. When you’ve got a second, kick the door down to your right. You’ll enter the bathrooms — kick through another two doors and you’ll have flanked the cops. Grab a fire extinguisher off the wall right next to the door and you can throw it their way for a big explosion.
  5. Get cover right outside here and be careful — just outside the restaurant, SWAT troops are amassing. You might need to move up to trigger them. But take note of the fire extinguisher on the leftmost face of the pillar just ahead of you. Shoot it when they get near it.
  6. Get cover and shoot your way to the front of the restaurant. You should be able to kill the SWAT guys as they take cover just ahead of you. None of their positions are as good as yours — just be careful if you’re taking fire at an angle from the left.
  7. There are more SWAT troops set up just outside the restaurant. When you can, move forward and carefully start picking them off. It’ll take some work — most of these guys take a lot of shots to put down — but before long, you should be able to move outside safely. After that, sprint down the street past the cop cars to end the mission.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: For saving Kane and completing the mission, the “Lost Love” Achievement is unlocked.

The Deal

  1. Since you’re not in an alley, this mission must start with a firefight. You start mostly in the open, so take cover behind the table in front of you immediately.
  2. This is one of the worst positions in the room. The other side of the room is covered in enemies, but the cover you have is wooden. As soon as you can manage it, sprint up to the next available cover spot.
  3. You need to get up to the concrete barriers just ahead of you, and away from these wooden boxes, which will eventually get shredded. Concentrate your fire on the enemies closest to you and clear a path to the concrete cover. If you move fast, you’ll get there before you get cut apart.
  4. The last wood box on your way up has a gas canister you can throw to clear the way ahead of you. Use it, and look for another gas can to the right you can shoot to help out.
  5. Once you have a good position, try to clear the left and right extremes around you. These are the best angles the enemies have against you and more troops will try to move up and take those spots while you’re fighting.
  6. After a few more seconds, you should finish killing the first wave of gangsters. More start to flood in from the second floor above you, heading down the stairs on the right.
  7. Stay down at first to avoid getting shot from above. Kill the guys coming at you from the right as you start to sweep to the left from position to position, taking cover so that you face to the right
  8. You’re headed for a staircase that’s tucked away in the left corner of the room. When you get to it, you can climb it to flank out the guys who are still on the second floor. You can support Kane from above and finish off the last of the reinforcements.
  9. Now head down the walkway to find a sliding metal door you can lift open. Continue forward through the warehouse until you come to a table with a bunch of dead construction workers scattered around it.
  10. Just on the other side of the big cloth wall thing, you’ll be ambushed from the landing above you. Double back to safety behind the cloth thing and get your bearings.
  11. First, look for a gas canister nestled in the corner on the landing, to the right of the stairs. Shoot it to even the odds.
  12. Now you can run up and get cover behind the metal crate closer to the stairs. The last two enemies are situated to the left of the landing, and one or both may even come down the stairs toward you. Your position should be perfect for dealing with them.
  13. Climb up and head left to the opening that leads to another hallway. Grab one of the gas canisters here and toss it inside to quickly eliminate all opposition. At the far end is a door you can open by twisting the valve on it.
  14. Go along the walkway and you’ll hear Lynch shout, “There he is!” That’s your cue to look for enemies taking up positions just ahead of you, around behind the wooden boxes. You shouldn’t have trouble killing both of them.
  15. Stick to the path, up the stairs and around the corner to the left. There’s cover every couple of feet as you go, as the walls jut out. About halfway down the hall are two more troops, waiting to take you down. Take cover and shoot them down quickly.
  16. Exiting this hallway triggers a cutscene. When it’s over, run to the wooden crate just ahead and take cover from the sniper. Look for a guy coming down the stairs to the left — the only one — and when he’s down, go up those same steps.
  17. You’ll be back on another ribbed walkway. Take cover on the right and look around the right corner of your column for a catwalk that runs perpendicular to yours. It’ll have a couple of soldiers setting up to give you a crossfire. Drop them.
  18. Now turn your attention back to the walkway ahead of you, looking around the left side of your cover. There should be two or three more guys set up just ahead of you. Wait for them to stick their heads out, then take them off.

Escaping the Ship Yard

  1. Move up the walkway and take the catwalk to the right. Get to cover in the middle of the catwalk as you go, because just below you, soldiers are taking positions. You can shoot them in the back if you have the coordination — just don’t get blown away in the meantime.
  2. There are metal plates on the railings you can hide behind every couple of feet moving to the right. Go from position to position and make for the back corner at the end of the catwalk. There you’ll find two gas canisters to throw down at enemy soldiers.
  3. There are also a couple of gas canisters down on the ground floor with the soldiers that you can shoot. Press Down on the D-Pad and they’ll be highlighted with circles.
  4. It should just be a matter of mopping up when the explosions die down. Move to better cover if you need to and shoot down on the soldiers until they’re all dead, then descend the stairs.
  5. Follow Kane. He’ll head for another staircase to the left, but as you approach it, you’ll see soldiers across from you. Take cover and wait for them to try to get in close — they’re using shotguns, making them vulnerable to you unloading on them as they approach.
  6. Head down and take cover facing left against the reinforcements down there. You’ll want to move to flank them — take the staircase up on the right and keep moving until you find another staircase. At the bottom, take cover facing left and you’ll find a flanking position.
  7. You’ll also find a gas tank. It’s tempting to use it right away, but don’t. Instead, clear a path to the concrete barrier ahead of you and take the gas canister with you, then throw it toward the back of the room. This last position has four enemies sitting behind it, and you’ll do the greatest damage with your canister there.
  8. Help Kane clear out the guys set up to the far left — that should take some pressure off you. It’ll be some tough fighting, but you should be able to whittle down the soldiers until they’re all dead. Look for a sniper rifle in the back of the room among the bodies.
  9. Go through the back of the room and you’ll enter another huge area. Get to cover quickly. You can take the stairs on the right and try to flank, but it’s tough and your position is exposed for a really long time before you can get to safety.
  10. Instead, stay low and use that sniper rifle to start picking off enemies while Kane takes the high road. Look for gas canisters to blow, and one you can throw to your left. You’ll have to clear the way up to it, though.
  11. Your best bet is to just stay low and pick your head shots. It shouldn’t be too difficult for you to drop a soldier every few seconds to keep yourself safe. Move up if you can — you’ll find an additional gas canister against the right wall.
  12. After a few kills, the soldiers will retreat around the corner into the next room. Follow them. Take a gas canister if you have a spare.
  13. Right in the next room, grab cover at the concrete barrier and watch as soldiers start taking cover up ahead of you. When they’re close enough, whip that gas canister at them that you brought. There’s another to your left if you need it.
  14. The room is huge and spreads out to the left as well. Make your way to the cover on the left and hold up there. Bring a canister if you have the spare, and if not, grab the one in the corner at this second position. Look for soldiers moving up to flank you on the left
  15. Blow those guys up. Grab that last canister and break for the cover to your left. Use it on the guys in front of you and clear your way up the stairs.
  16. You’re going to take hell for getting this position, but it really is the best in the area. There are gas canisters all over the place on the upper level, and you can shoot down easily on all the enemies. Move up along the walkway slowly, being careful of your cover.
  17. You should also find a sniper rifle up here that will help you. Don’t stick your head out too much, though, as you’re getting shot at by about 15 enemies. Instead, look for gas canisters to shoot on the ground level, and move to the walkway on the left.
  18. Go slowly from position to position, shooting down on the soldiers below you when you get a clear line of sight. Watch for enemies set up on your walkway — there are maybe two or there, but they should be easy to deal with.
  19. You don’t necessarily want to use cover here. Instead, stand at an angle so that the stacked boxes protect you but you can shoot past them. It’s much more effective than leaving one whole side of yourself exposed, which the cover in this area tends to do.
  20. With your superior positioning, it’s mostly just finishing the last stragglers. As the soldiers dwindle, you can move up some more for better positions. Be careful and ensure that the guys on the high ground up ahead don’t ascend to your walkway and get the drop on you.
  21. Head to the back corner of the room just ahead when you’ve finished up. The door there takes you out of the mission.
  22. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Double Cross” Achievement is yours when you finish up.

Out of Shanghai

  1. Enter the dock yard and run along the path until you hit an orange metal door. Open it and enter the warehouse. Go right and take the stairs.
  2. Continue along the catwalk until you get outside, and keep moving forward into the red building the catwalk leads to. Take cover just inside the building — on the other side of those cars, soldiers are waiting.
  3. Your high ground position puts you somewhat far away from the enemies, but you can move along the catwalk on the right side of the room to get closer. From above, you should be able to snipe down on the soldiers with almost no difficulty.
  4. Watch for reinforcements to come in through the big doors in the far wall, past the cars. Fight through all of them and proceed outside.
  5. TIP: Look around for a rifle while you’re out here. The soldiers carry single-action, long-range rifles that don’t have a ton of ammo, but they’re great for head shots. Grab one for the next fight.
  6. Just outside, turn right and take cover from the approaching soldiers. Move to the left side of the yard, along the back of the pipes. You’ll have to kill a soldier looking to flank you, but he has the right idea – from here you can flank your enemies as you move into the next warehouse.
  7. Turn right and go out the two big doors. Markers will appear on your screen for a pair of machine gunners. Turn right as you enter the room and take cover facing left of the doors you just entered from.
  8. Snipe the machine gunners if you can. If not, use gas cans (they’re all over this room) and clear a path along the wall to your right. You want to sweep around the side of the machine gunners so you can get close enough to blow them up or take them out.
  9. Use the D-Pad to highlight gas canisters you can shoot or throw. Once you’re in flanking position, clear out the enemies between you and the machine gunners.
  10. Move up close, using the long, low metal walls, and aim for the gunners’ heads. They go down just as easy as regular troops, and when you’ve killed them, you can grab one of their guns before heading outside.
  11. Turn right and take cover. Use the machine gun (and look for an explosive you can shoot to the left) to clear these guys out. Then head through the yard.
  12. You’ll find an alley between buildings left of the train tracks. Follow Kane around the outside of the buildings. You’ll go through a broken wall and drop into a train yard. Stick with Kane and sprint across the yard to a door you can open to avoid the helicopter circling above.
  13. Go through until you hit the trains. Try to stay out of sight and move to the right, around the back of the train, so that all the cops are on the same side of you – between you and the door in the far wall. Then let them have it.
  14. Look for an explosive gas canister just behind the cops’ position, between them and the opening behind them. That’ll take out a few. Clean up the rest and leave the room through the opening.
  15. Back outside, move toward the train car in front of you and take cover to the right. Soldiers are advancing down the yard toward you, but you should have that machine gun to lay into them with.
  16. ACHIEVEMENT: The machine gun is great because of its large clip size, so try to use this opportunity to unlock the “Steady Hand” Achievement. It requires you to make five head shot kills in a row on a single clip.
  17. Don’t let the soldiers flank you from the left around the train car. Keep clearing them out and moving up when you can.
  18. As you advance past the stopped train on your right, a marker will appear above a sniper on a boom out over the yard. He’s tough to kill, but get down and keep shooting at him and you’ll drop him before can drop you.
  19. Stay under cover as you venture across the train yard — soldiers are just across from you, and they’re dug in.

Crossing the Train Yard

  1. Carefully move up to the cover that’s parallel to the train to your right, then book it that way and you can cut through the train cars to get alongside the enemy troops. It’s not a much better position, but at least their fire will be broken up in two directions.
  2. Standing inside the train car, take cover along the edge of the doorway so you can fire out. Try to make head shots so the soldiers will actually die. It’ll take some work before you can move up.
  3. There’s a small piece of metal cover just ahead of the train that you can make for, which will give you a little better ability to shoot at the enemies. From there, clear the way and you can get along side them at the train platform.
  4. The machine gun will make short work of the remaining enemies near the train platform if you act fast. Stay low  and unload on them to clear the way.
  5. Now get inside the train car those guys were guarding and take cover on the right side of the doorway. You’ve got more soldiers between you and the other platform across from you, but the range is much shorter and easier to deal with.
  6. You shouldn’t have much trouble here. Be careful of guys trying to get close to your train car from the right as you fight. Clear them all out with Kane’s help, then cross to the other platform.
  7. Open the door to the train and you’ll go inside the warehouse. Step out of the train and grab cover immediately. Look for a soldier on top of the train on the right side, shooting down.
  8. Once he’s dead, you can concentrate on the two or three soldiers down the aisle from you. Take your time and pick your shots to minimize hassle before continuing down the corridor.
  9. At the end, hang a right and go through another train. There’s a gas canister you can snag here, which you’ll probably want, because…
  10. …Right on the other side of that train car are a mess of soldiers. Toss your canister and blow it near those guys, then pick off the others.
  11. You’ll see a train leaving behind the enemy position. When the way is clear (read: you won’t get instantly dropped when you step out), run to the right, through the train car there. Then sprint to the train to end the mission.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll receive the “Slow Train to Hell” once you board the train.

Air Strike

  1. This one’s easy. You have nowhere to go, so pick a spot you like under cover and wait for the helicopter to fly in close to the building.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: This is a great mission to unlock the “Hand of God” Achievement. If you can avoid dying for the length of the helicopter trip (which shouldn’t be hard), the achievement is yours. You can also unlock it by avoiding death in any mission.
  3. When it gets there, just lean out and unload. Kill as many enemies as you can, and pay attention for one with a marker above his head. Make sure to drop him.
  4. Approaching the building the second time, you’ll hear Kane yelling about troops with RPGs. These guys each get a marker as well — take them out first. Try to keep your head down but don’t stop firing to minimize the damage you take here.
  5. Reload as you come in for a third pass at the building. A chopper appears to challenge you right after you knock down the enemy troops — there’s not much you can do but unload on it.
  6. Try to keep clear of the chopper’s fire and return as much as you can at once. Keep your aim sharp to avoid wasting time and taking too much damage. It takes something like three full clips to kill the helicopter, so be careful.
  7. You’ll swipe at the building one more time. Watch for rocket troops — they’re all marked and they’re all dangerous.
  8. After passing the building that last time, another helicopter will attack you. Repeat the process of firing as many bullets as you can at it to destroy it, and your helicopter will crash on the roof.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT: The mission’s not over, but the “Bring It Down” Achievement is unlocked after a cutscene in the helicopter.


  1. When you get out of the helicopter, you’ll be weaponless. Run up the stairs onto the helipad in front of you. Look for a staircase on the other side, across from where you go up.
  2. Stick to the right side of the roof, keeping things between you and the sharp shooter that’s marked on your screen. Head to his building, sneak up the stairs, and grab him from behind to take his weapon. Kill him and grab cover.
  3. You’ll see a door up ahead, where soldiers have just emerged. Run down the other staircase next  to your position, to the right, and move between the pipes on the side of the roof, toward the door. The soldiers will leave and you can slip right past them and inside.
  4. Descend the stairs. You’ll see a cop with his back to you — grab him to get his gun, then take cover in the doorway as the rest of the enemies in the room unload on you.
  5. Use your sniper rifle to take out whatever guys you can, specifically the ones below you to the right, and the one across from you on the upper catwalk, in the right corner.
  6. Cops will make their way up the stairs to the left of your position to get in close. Be ready for them. Kane will be pretty helpful in that situation, but keep an eye out.
  7. When you can move, head down the stairs and take cover on the ground floor. Snipe a few more cops before heading to the right and following the walkway, where there’s more cover. There will be cops ahead of you, possibly on your walkway, so stay down.
  8. Before long you’ll have cleared the room. Head up the stairs ahead of you, where you’ll find a useful fire extinguisher to take with you. Descend and go through into the next room, the opening to which is to the left of the fire extinguisher.
  9. Take the stairs to your left. As you approach the corner ahead, more enemies will appear below you. Wing that fire extinguisher at them from above and shoot it — you should drop most or all of them with one go.
  10. Quickly sprint to the cover ahead on your walkway, and look down at the area ahead, where troops are taking cover. You have elevation, so you should be able to sweep them out pretty quickly. When you’re clear, take the stairs down, resupply and move down the corridor.
  11. You’ll find a door at the end of the corridor. It exits into a hallway, which leads to an elevator and a cutscene once you enter it.

The Offices

  1. Go through the hall to the open door at the end and take cover. You’ll recognize the offices you recently shot up when you get there. Kill any cops you can hit from here, then move around the cubicles to the right and flank them.
  2. Move up and take cover facing to the left behind a pillar. Soldiers are entering the office from further down, and you’ll need protection from them. Kill any you can as fast as you can
  3. Immediately following the soldiers, a chopper appears at the windows, firing in. Move so that you’re protected on the right by your concrete pillar and keep shooting down the soldiers. After you’ve killed all of them, move up to the next column between bursts of fire from the helicopter.
  4. Run to the big glass wall just ahead of you to enter the next office. More soldiers are ahead, and the helicopter has circled to be behind them. Clear the way forward and get behind one of the columns when you can.
  5. Your primary job is to kill soldiers and avoid being shot by the helicopter here. Let the enemies clear out the cubicles so you can see clearly.
  6. Notice that in the back of the room is a guy with a marker over his head. This enemy has a machine gun, and he’s deadly. More importantly, you want that gun.
  7. Kill all the soldiers supporting him, then try to nail the machine gunner with a head shot. It’s the best you can do, seeing as you can’t flank because of the helicopter. When he’s dead, wait for the chopper to be between shots, then sprint to the machine gunner’s column.
  8. Hide behind the column, keeping it between you and the chopper, until you can grab the machine gun. The chopper floats around the building so that it’s set up in the next room — the door is to your left. Head that way now.
  9. Take cover in the doorway — two more machine gunners are right in front of it, hiding behind copy machines. Taking them out with blind fire should be really simple.
  10. There are a few more soldiers in the room to the left. Be careful of helicopter fire as you finish them. When they’re all dead, make for the column in the center of the room, right in front of the door. Keep it between you and the chopper.
  11. The helicopter will float along the side of the building to your right, down the aisle of cubicles, where there’s another column. Sprint to that one when you’re clear, and you can take cover there and blind fire at the helicopter without taking damage.
  12. Use the column to protect you as the chopper moves and blast it when it’s in between volleys of fire. It shouldn’t take too much punishment to kill it.
  13. The door is on the opposite end of the room. Open it and get cover — ahead, soldiers and cops are digging in.
  14. If you turn to the right, you’ll see glassed-in server rooms. Shoot out the glass and you can enter the rooms, using the servers for cover, allowing you to move up and flank along the side of the enemies.
  15. Go up slowly on the right and clear the room. Watch for soldiers falling in behind you as you clear everybody out all the way forward.
  16. Leave the office when you’ve cleared it out through an open door in the left-side wall. Follow the hallway until you hit a staircase. Keep climbing through the hallways and open the door at the end.
  17. You’ll have to kick through a few doors in the kitchen as you go. After that, you’ll exit into a room where a helicopter has crashed through the wall. Go up to the counter and look for an explosive fire extinguisher.
  18. Soldiers fan out from the chopper into the room — throw the extinguisher more or less between them and you’ll wipe most out. Kill the stragglers by shooting any that are surrounding the helicopter, and making your way to the chopper around the right side of the room.
  19. When you move through the chopper, you’ll use it to flank out any remaining resistance. Immediately take cover in the chopper right after the ground troops are dead and turn around, back the way you were facing.
  20. You’ll see a ramp and guys up on the second floor. Clear the way so that you can get up that ramp and take cover at the top. Go up just a little way, though and take cover right above the helicopter
  21. Try to nail the guys straight across from you, moving up the ramp as you finish off the soldiers in a right-to-left sweep. There are lots and lots of soldiers, and they won’t make it easy for you.
  22. Expect this to be a stupidly hard fight. There’s no good place to take cover and the upper floor is littered with enemy troops. They have all kinds of angles on you. If you can clear the guys furthest to the right before you go up, you’ll be better off.
  23. Try to bring a gun with some range if you can find it — a rifle or assault rifle work best. Clean head shots will get you through this fastest, but you’ll probably die a few times as you try to pin down who’s shooting you and where from.
  24. The way up is clear — get ahead to the stairs on the left side of the room and ascend again. Open the door to the executive floor and take cover.

The Executive Floor

  1. You should find a rifle as soon as you take cover here. Grab it and start squeezing off head shots on the SWAT soldiers — it makes things easier if you thin them out. Be careful o
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