Kerbal Space Program is getting a final major birthday update

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Believe it or not, it's been ten years since the original alpha release of Kerbal Space Program, and to celebrate, the game is getting one last big update with a bunch of new features and improvements, before the team move fully onto work for Kerbal Space Program 2.

It's a final hurrah for the original KSP, with the game's head of production, Nestor Gomez, stating that this will be one final big release to celebrate, stating  "I think players will really like this one. It has a bunch of great features, so we're excited for that too." 

The new update brings with it a new maneuver tool that allows you to plan complex interplanetary flights without having to install any mods, which should be a welcome addition. This should make it a lot easier for players to get around understanding the astrophysics involved in getting a craft from Kerbin to the Mun, for example. According to one of the game's programmers, Jamie Leighton, "In this Anniversary edition we're going to have a tool that allows the player to go 'I want to go from this planet with this vessel, to this planet, how do I get there?' and it will calculate it for you and create the maneuver for you. You still have to fly it. But it's there for those who want to use it." 

Other new features include new surfaces and improvements to visuals for a lot of the planets, and rotating docking port collars so that vessels can be aligned more precisely. 

The new update is set to release today.


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