Killzone 3 Walkthrough

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Posted on February 4, 2011, Phil Hornshaw Killzone 3 Walkthrough

Like its predecessors, Killzone 3 will drop you into the boots of Sev, a special forces soldier in the army of the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance, which is locked in a war with the vicious Helghast. Having invaded their enemies home planet, Helghan, in the previous game, Sev and his comrades will now have to try to survive while cut off by the massive Helghan navy that appeared at the end of Killzone 2.

The game features a variety of enticing features, including jetpacks, destructible environments, and Hollywood voice talent (Malcolm McDowell and Ray Winstone are both on board). If you’re lucky enough to own a 3D TV, Killzone 3 supports that too. Regardless, you might need some help somewhere along the way, which is why we’re preparing this complete, step-by-step walkthrough. We’ve also got a list of trophies, and a cheats page that collects useful information about the game.

Be warned: this walkthrough surely contains at least some SPOILERS.

Table of Contents

The Walkthrough

A New Beginning

  1. You’re about to get a little bit of training. Exit the elevator and go to the desk on the left. You’ll be told to move on to the weapons range. If you need help finding your objective, press Up on the D-Pad.
  2. When you arrive at the weapons range, talk to the armorer at the far end. Follow the instructions and test out your guns. It’ll take a couple of minutes.
  3. After training, follow the instructions of the other soldiers and your objective marker until you get to the broadcast room. You’ll get a cutscene when you arrive.
  4. TROPHY: Congrats on your “Ready for Battle” Trophy, which is awarded when you complete training.

Evacuation Orders

  1. Finally, you’ll need to meet up with Narville. Follow Rico and climb down to the street below. Follow Rico until he IDs two Helghast with their backs to you. Approach one and kill him silently with L1.
  2. Move up past these guys and you’ll eventually hit a small group of ISA fighters. Get down behind cover and start dropping the Helghast up ahead. You shouldn’t struggle too much with them, but watch out for incoming grenades.
  3. Past the first wave, you’ll find more Helghast assembling ahead of you on the street, near where you see some animal-type mech moving through the background. Watch out for the soldier carrying the missile launcher.
  4. With those guys cleared out, go up the stairs and look for a missile launcher on the ground on the left. Pick it up, grab ammo from the box in the corner immediately to the left, then follow Rico until you get another cutscene.
  5. Descend the stairs and enter the museum. You’ll hit Helghast around the first corner — toss a grenade at them before they can scatter. Push up and finish them.
  6. Down the hall, you’ll hit a staircase that opens on a large room below. Take cover either at the top or the bottom of the stairs and start picking off enemies.
  7. Once it’s clear, you can head down through the big room to a doorway on the far side. Just outside the door is an ammo drop on your right. Grab what you need and move down the stairs.
  8. You want to clear the area on the right side of this courtyard, where you’ll see stairs. Drop the guy on the mounted machine gun first, then kill the troops on the ground. When you can, move up toward the stairs.
  9. Keep hopping from cover to cover, staying down whenever possible. When you hit the stairs, watch for two more guys at the top. They might not be paying attention to you, so get a melee kill while you can.
  10. TROPHY: Get a “Brutal” melee kill (i.e. with the knife) and you’ll unlock the “In Your Face” Trophy.
  11. You should be clear to get to the valve on the gate. Turn it and you’ll open the path below. Get down to the rest of the squad and stay with them as they move on.
  12. Move to the hole in the building to the left of the APC. Up ahead, Rico will boost you over the wall to another cutscene.

Afterward, move up and take the mounted machine gun turret as Helghast flood the area between your building and the next. Blast them all and then take the gun with you by hitting Triangle. As you enter the museum, you’ll encounter fairly heavy Helghast resistance — particularly around the corner to the left and up on the balcony. Use your heavy turret to take out as many as you can, as fast as you can, especially above you. Move carefully left and sweep the area clean. Use the cover on the right side of the room as a good place to stop and open fire. You’ll deal with light armor troops up here, and if you leave too many alive too long, they’ll get brave and come try to stab you up close. Head forward and you’ll reach the stairs to an upper level. Clear the balcony ahead of you as you enter the open room ahead and push across to the far side. More stairs lead to the roof. Take cover at the hole in the wall on the left and start knocking out the Helghast positioned nearest you. Your objective is away to the left, where there are a lot more troops. Go to the door and go straight across to the corner of the roof ahead, where you’ll find additional ammo and a good place to hole up. You’ll have to clear the roof twice, as a drop ship appears to bring Helghast reinforcements to the next section. Watch the opening on the right. When you’re safe, make your way to the door up ahead and plant a charge. Blow the door and turn back to the right before going through — that same place that saw Helghast guys charging through to engage you will now cough up a couple more. Kill them and move through the door to the last section. Mop up and cross the bridge on the right. You’ll push through a residential area — melee the broken doors to get through them. A cutscene activates as you leave the building.

Follow the ISA forces forward and watch for RPG gunners. You’ll see troops up on the buildings to the right and the overpass just beyond. Shoot the red barrels on the overpass to blow them and clear the RPGs. Move up carefully and take out the entrenched Helghast, watching for handy missile launchers as you go. You’ll need to clear the bridge forward so the armor can move up. Take cover facing the building to the left and hit it with missiles if you have them to take out lots of enemies at once. There’s not a whole lot of strategy left here. Move up slowly and take cover to avoid getting blasted, and watch for Helghast RPG teams. You’ll see them amassing in the back left corner as you near the end of the bridge — hit them with a grenade. You should do just fine. Mop up the last of the enemies to end the chapter. TROPHY: The “Time for a Dip” Trophy is unlocked when you hit the river.

Pyrrhus Evac

  1. As the tank gunner in a Hammer, your job is to blast everything in sight. At first, this will consist mostly of infantry troops on the ground. Look for RPGs and hit them first.
  2. Up ahead, you’ll round a corner so that you’re under a high bridge with two drop ships hovering. First, look for the AA guns under the bridge on the left. Take those out with L1.
  3. Sweep machine gun fire over the RPG troops on the ground to take them out, then back the two hovering drop ships. Do so quickly and you’ll be able to move up.
  4. You’ll face more infantry troops in machine fun nests and running over field as you go on, before APCs push onto the road and give chase. Spin around and keep hammering away at them to keep them off you.
  5. Beyond those, you’ll start to see tanks appearing ahead of you. Keep pounding away at them — they’re always your top priority. Try to watch for RPG fire and deal with that as well.
  6. Before long, you’ll pop out in an area with an overpass above you. Take out the last two tanks (you’ll get a Trophy), and then focus on the machine gun batteries as you move up.
  7. TROPHY: The “Smoking Wrecks” Trophy unlocks when the last tank explodes.
  8. Not long after that, a cutscene will take you out of your armored vehicle. You’ll find yourself in a building right afterward. Head up the stairs and stop when you can see down to the street and support your troops on the ground.
  9. Break through the door ahead, then quickly drop back and get clear. The trooper ahead of you has a mounted machine gun. Use cover to crack a headshot on him, then grab the machine gun and mow down the soldiers on the street.
  10. Beyond that, you’ll find another staircase. Just as you step onto it, you’ll see the laser sight of a sniper. Get clear, pull up your sights and step out for a quick headshot on him before moving forward.
  11. Move up and you can quickly flank two snipers who are shooting down on the road below. Grab their rifles and move to their positions. Look to the building on the left, where you’ll see more snipers — watch for their laser sights.

Take out the snipers and head for the ladder. At the top, you’ll find more sniper ammo. Head around the corner and get down. Look for the two mounted machine guns — one is on the ground on the left, the other is in the building a little to the right, second floor. With those two guys down, conserve your ammo and wait for snipers to appear in the building across from you. They’re your priority. You’ll deal with two or three across from you. More snipers appear in the building to your left, which you just exited. Take them out, then the ones who appear to the far right. You might have to get up higher to deal with them. Keep your head down until you’re ready to take your shot. A few more shots and you’ll get the all clear from Rico — now you can shoot down into the general population of Helghast troops. Take your time and line up good shots, as there’s a Trophy at stake. TROPHY: You can get the “Eagle Eye” Trophy here if you fire off an entire clip of sniper rifle ammo, notching a kill with each shot. Take your time and you shouldn’t have trouble at all. As soon as all the Helghast are dead, you’ll get a cutscene. TROPHY: The “Save the Intruders” Trophy unlocks when you finish up the ARC cannon.

Next you’ll pilot an EXO. Follow Rico and join up with the convoy. Watch for entrenched Helghast positions ahead, and take them out. Rico leads you to the right. Follow along with him and keep marking and annihilating the Helghast positions. As you move up, you’ll see a bridge on your left — watch for a tank there, and one further to the left of it on the ground. Use missiles to take out both. A little further on, you’ll crest a hill where you’ll be able to see a bridge ahead that you’ll pass under, with two buildings on either side of the road beyond that. This is the last big push with your EXO, and you’ll want to move forward carefully. From the top of the hill, you can identify and peg the first line of defenses. Check the buildings, first and second floors, for RPG teams and machine gunners. When you run out of groups of enemies in the buildings, turn your attention to the overpass just beyond them. There are a couple of machine gun nests there that you may or may not be able to hit from here. If you can, life will be slightly easier. Move up a little and be careful. You shouldn’t have infantry to worry about, but there are tanks just beyond this section that will send mortars your way. They’re best dealt with from afar, if possible. Head up the road a little ways, try to get some missile fire on the tanks, then back up. Make sure you’ve destroyed all the tanks and the machine gunners before you go under the overpass. Just on the other side, hard to the left, is another heavy machine gun turret — it’s anti-tank, so it’ll take you out in a hurry. Nail it with missiles and head to the right Ground Zero.

With Rico gone, you’re alone (for the most part) in this next section of trenches. Just at the corner ahead of you, above your position, is a Helghast flamethrower unit. Drop him from a distance if you can, then move to the corner but stay back. Helghast infantry are set up to stop you just around the corner. Clear them out from safety, if you can. They have shotguns, so be careful. You might want to swap your assault rifle for one of those shotguns. Move up and watch the right as you enter a more open section of the tunnel — there’s another flamethrower trooper up there. Drop him, then turn your attention back to the trench ahead for more guys to blast. Move up with the ISA soldiers that just joined you. You’ll see a blasted-out car on the right and Helghast set up near and behind it. Take cover and start knocking them out, but don’t move up past the blasted vehicle. When you get up a little further, more Helghast troops enter the area from just ahead of you. They’ll drop in from the left side wall, so if you go up too far, you’ll get flanked. You can do flanking of your own by pushing down to the cover position way down on the right. Just a little further, you’ll clear out a few more guys as ISA troops meet you from the other side of an APC. Once the way is clear, you’ll be able to head straight up a staircase and start another cutscene.

Six Months On

  1. Follow Kowalski as he moves into the jungle. He demonstrates that you can shoot those spiky plants to make them explode, which is handy. After that, you’ll have to fight off some giant spiders.
  2. Move on until you hit a cutscene. When it’s over, assassinate the nearby Helghast trooper with L1, then take out the guy above your position with a headshot as Kowalski orders.
  3. Stick with Kowalski as he moves up. He’ll duck down into some tall grass with you a second or two later — do the same, wait for the patrolling trooper to get close, then blast him in the face or (even better) assassinate him from behind.
  4. Move into the cave. On the other side, you’ll see two Helghast stop and converse near some burster plants. Shoot the one in the back on left to blow up the two guys before they can blow your cover
  5. TROPHY: The “Spiky Personality” Trophy is unlocked by killing a Helghast with a burster.
  6. Follow Kowalski. He’ll boost you up onto a ledge up ahead, and beyond that you’ll hit a cave where you can watch another Helghast patrol get set in the area. Follow Kowalski to the left into another small cave, and assassinate the trooper standing guard there.
  7. From this spot, carefully aim down the sites at the Helghast across the path from you. Put two in his skull to take him out or he’ll signal for help.
  8. Get with Kowalski to the next cave, where he’ll signal you about two more Higs who are walking past some bursters. Resist the urge to kill them until they stop moving — they’ll both go past your cave, stop, and look down the path toward where you just came from. When that happens, just shoot the bursters closest them to take out both.
  9. Stick with Kowalski. You’ll see two Helghast below a rock bridge ahead, with one above. The two below start their patrol on either side of a burster, right under the bridge. Hit that to kill them — if they move away from it, wait for them to go back. Then do the same to the bridge guard.
  10. You can just head on from there. You’ll hit a cutscene and part ways with Kowalski next. Move down along the ridge and you’ll see two Helghast troops talking. When one walks away, assassinate the other.
  11. Follow the second trooper through the dark cave to the bottom. You’ll be able to quickly slit his throat, but there are three more guys here so be careful. There should be one on the ground leaving a cave just ahead of you — shoot the burster beside him.
  12. Now carefully put a headshot on the guy on the ledge above the cave, and then look to the left to the cliff side where another guard stands. Pop his skull too, then make for the cave.
  13. At the far side of the cave, look up the ramp ahead of you for another, somewhat more difficult to spot Helghast trooper. Pop him with a headshot and climb up to his position to pass through the cave there.

Through the cave, climb down and cross a couple of bony looking bridges, past some waterfalls and springs. Before long, you’ll drop down to a spot where the Helghast have dropped some equipment from a truck. There will be waterfalls just in front of you, a two man patrol exiting to the upper left, and two guards left. One is on the ground level to your left, the other is on the walkway above. Wait for the guy on the walkway to move all the way to the right and put a bullet in his head. Then move carefully through the dark cave-like area behind the waterfall to get behind the second trooper. Assassinate him from the bushes. Stay low and go left into another darkened area. You’ll see a Helghast standing guard nearby — get behind him but don’t execute him, because just in front of him is a big spider-like troop carrier. Wait for it to depart, as well as the two-man patrol that follows, then assassinate the trooper. Crouch and move up through the tall grass on the right to avoid detection by the Helghast to your left. Move into the darkness beyond that and push up along side them. When you run out of the dark section, you’ll find more grass — use it to slip past the last of the group and get to the cave just past there. Past the vines, you’ll probably see spiders milling about on the path ahead. Hit the two bursters you can see from the cave to take out all or most of them. Keep moving and you’ll hit another cave and drop down. A cutscene comes up before you run up against any more opposition. Watch the Helghast patrols ahead of you. There’s a guy standing nearby that you’ll need to assassinate, but there are three more Helghast wandering around to the left and right that must be dealt with as well. When they’re not looking, assassinate your first guy, then get back down. Check the patrol of the Helghast on the left. He walks right past a burster — wait until the other troops are turned away as he passes it while coming from the left, then shoot it to take him out. Wait until the other two troops are looking away from you, then sprint to the next patch of tall grass to your left. Move behind the storage truck thing and you’ll find more tall grass. The trooper who comes closest to this position stands right beside a patch — get into it, wait for no one to be looking, and assassinate him. The last guy is straight across from your last assassination spot. A quick headshot will do the trick. That’s it. Advance into the compound and you’ll find the uplink station, and another cutscene. TROPHY: If you got past all the Helghast troops without being seen, you’ll nab the “Never There” Trophy. TROPHY: Turning on the uplink gets you the “ISA TV” Trophy.


  1. Immediately after you send the transmission, a Helghast troop carrier shows up to blast away at you. Stay back behind the uplink — you can get back even further to the left — because you’re going to need to avoid enemy fire and mortars from the troop carriers.
  2. Quickly try to snipe out the Helghast on the ground, if you can. You should be able to tag a few out rather quickly with headshots. Eliminating them will allow you to move around a little more to avoid the troop carriers.
  3. Right beside the uplink is an ammo dump and a heavy machine gun. Grab both and use the machine gun to lay into the troop carrier nearest you. Run to the right and grab additional cover if you need it. After some sustained fire, you’ll drop the first carrier and loosen things up a bit.
  4. You can put some fire on the second carrier, which is blocking your way out of this area, from near the supply container on the right side of the map. In fact, you can use that container as cover to move all the way around this area to the cave you need to climb out through. Be careful, though — as the troop carrier loses sight of you, Helghast troops will come after you.
  5. Blast the first trooper who comes down toward you, then carefully enter the cave and look up the ramp for a second. You need to take him out fast, lest he put serious hurt on you. At the top of the ramp, be careful of the personnel carrier’s flamethrower if it’s still alive — pound it with your machine gun and finish it off.
  6. Climb the nearby ramp and follow the path until you can drop down into an area with several metal gates set up for cover. Get to one of them and look to your left — there’s a flamethrower trooper around here somewhere that must be dealt with quickly. After that, you’ll see two RPG-carrying Helghast zipline down from a drop ship. Take them out quickly, too.
  7. You might want to change cover for a better look down the ramp, where three riflemen are coming your way. Lay them all out with your heavy machine gun before descending the ramp. You’ll hit another area with Helghast behind cover beyond that. Watch for the flamethrower guy heading your way, then mop up the others.
  8. Follow the path up through the cargo container on the right as you move up. As you move along the cave ridges, you’ll see a piece of cover up ahead. You can sprint to it, because you’re about to be under fire from all kinds of Helghast. The spot’s decent until enemies throw grenades, so be ready to retreat.
  9. From here, you can shoot at the elevated position across from you, but watch for soldiers to try to move up the ramp on your right. Clear out all of them, then cross over and climb up to the elevated spot and look down at the path you need to take to leave. Two reinforcement troops will come through the cave opening — take them out with the blaster plant.
  10. As you go through the next cave, Helghast will be set up and waiting for you. Carefully sneak up to the exit and just blast them from there. As you do that, you’ll see two of those quick-moving Capture Troopers enter the battle behind them. Unload on them fast, if you can, before they can get to you.
  11. TROPHY: If a capture trooper gets near you, quickly hit L1 to dispatch him. You’ll also unlock the “Turned the Tables” Trophy.
  12. When this area is clear, you can grab ammo to the left, some assault rifles to complete your loadout, and a missile launcher from the pair that are stacked against the wall just as you exit the cave. Keep moving forward and you’ll find your way back to the ISA troops, eventually.
  13. From your elevated position, help take out the nearby Helghast, then drop down and move up. You’ll fight enemies coming at you in teams of two all the way back to a ramp — take that up to the right.
  14. As soon as you crest the ramp, turn right and get down to deal with the troops making their way toward you — they’ve got a couple of capture troopers in tow, so it’s best to just unload on them now. Past that, take cover and mop up the last of the dug-in Helghast on the upper level, across from you.

Stick with the ISA trooper as he leads you along the ridge. You’ll come out near some Helghast troopers out front of the ISA base. Kill them, then move in and start supporting your fellow ISA as they fight off the Helghast. Run through the base and you’ll find Narville before long. He’s fighting a losing battle against the Helghast overrunning your position, and you get to help. Up front are a few machine gun nests you can use, but near the back up against some crates is a sniper rifle. If you hit the objective button, you’ll see the different entrances the Helghast are using to assault you. Try to keep them clear, or at least hide from their incoming fire. Keep dropping troops and eventually a troop carrier will enter the base. Kill it with a machine gun nest or that missile launcher you’ve been carrying for a while. Take out a second troop carrier when it arrives, then just keep blasting away — watch out for flamethrower troops primarily. You’ll need to move back toward the entrance of the area as the fight goes on, or you’ll be killed. Eventually, a cutscene kicks in to end the chapter.

Icy Incursion

  1. Time to do some gunning. This isn’t a hard section of the mission: just shoot anything that moves or looks like it might move. Watch out for the AA cannons on top, as well as RPG crews. Don’t stop firing.
  2. TROPHY: If you manage to take out every target with the minigun during this sequence, the “Minigunned” Trophy will be yours.
  3. When your Intruder drops down below the deck line, open fire on the blue fuel pipes to seriously damage the rig and take out big chunks of the deck. You’ll rise up again after that and get a second shot at the AA cannons and anything still alive up there.
  4. You’ll approach another rig just after that. Repeat the process and concentrate on the AA guns and the RPG teams. As you circle toward the other side, you’ll see a drop ship leaving. Clear the deck, and you’ll pursue.
  5. Take out the drop ships as you’re flying and you’ll hit a cutscene slightly after that. When it’s over, you’ll be on foot again.
  6. Before you leave the Intruder wreckage, you can actually climb up the hill on your right and shoot down on the Helghast amassing below. Your better vantage point will help you clear them out a lot easier than if you were closer to them. Look for explosive red barrels.
  7. Head down into the camp and take cover as you turn along the path to the left. Clear the path going forward, then cut through the hut on the right for ammo and to get to the tanker just beyond. Move to the right of the hut quickly to get some cover.
  8. The tanker is swarming with Helghast, so find a good place to hide for a few seconds while you drop them. A grenade to the top level will set off a chain reaction that’s pretty helpful. Pound your way in through and get inside.
  9. Move up to the top deck, being careful of the Helghast at the top of the stairs. You’ll find a whole mess of guys both inside and out up here, so stay on the steps so you can back down as you fight them to avoid getting dropped. Use grenades on the interior troops.
  10. Push up and then drop down to the cargo deck, where you’ll fight jetpack troopers. Get to cover and try to aim for their heads when they stop moving. There’s also a missile launcher trooper at the far end of the ship to be aware of.
  11. Jetpack troopers can be irritating — the best thing you can do is try to avoid them until they land, then lay into them full-force. Rico will do some serious work on them during the fight, which is handy. Make for stairs at the far side as you go.
  12. After a cutscene, you’ll get yourself a jetpack. Use it to jump out to the ice flows, then to the ship on the left, which you can move through. At the far side, head to the end of the metal girders and fly across to the rig.

Take cover or at least stay down on the right side and fight off the few Helghast who are down here on the rig deck. Once you’ve killed the guys on the lower two levels, climb up and head for the stairs on the left. You’ll see a trooper waiting for you — you can blow him up by hitting the barrel there, which destroys the stairs. Fly over them to get to the top. The area below the AA gun is crawling with Helghast, so find cover and keep moving. The cool thing about the jetpack is that you have a lot of tactical options about where you want to stand when you fight — a good spot is actually across from the AA gun on the other side, one level up. Whatever you choose to do, your strategy is just to keep from getting pinned down or blown up, and clear the guys from beneath the AA gun. Your jetpack’s SMG fires a ton of rounds and rarely overheats, so it’s handy for dumping a ton of ammo into enemies. Its not too accurate, though, so you might want to switch to your assault rifle when at range. Plant a demo charge beneath the gun when you’re finished killing everything. After the cutscene, jump off the edge of the rig and fly down to the ice berg. Travel across the bergs until you hit a big ice flow just short of the next oil rig. You’ll have to clear this position of a lot of enemies — about three riflemen at first, then a few jetpackers, then some other Helghast deployed from a drop ship. The jetpack SMG should serve you really well here. Clear them out, then hit the objective button to highlight the big blue fuel pipe you have to shoot on the rig.

Fly aboard, then turn right and take on the Helghast awaiting you on the deck. Use the containers for cover and pound them with your SMG. Once you’re through them, take the stairs down, clear out a few straggling Helghast, and stop when you run out of catwalk. Below is your destination, with two Helghast protecting it. Blast them and drop down. Plant your charge, then turn right and deal with two jetpack troops. You might need to duck behind the pipe in order to avoid getting murdered. Hit these guys in their faces, or dump ammo into their jetpacks, and you’ll take them out. Fly across to the platforms ahead to advance. The catwalk is out ahead of you, and when you fly across to the next section, two waiting Helghast will open up from your right. Turn quickly and take them out to clear the second demo spot, then plant your charge. As soon as you’re done, hit the objective indicator so you know where to go — you need to fly up and get off the rig. Check the platforms above you as you fly up. The very first thing you’ll encounter is a jetpack trooper. Blast him, fly across to the first platform ahead of you, and quickly spin around to deal with the enemy trooper straight across from you, shooting you in the back. When you’ve put him down, look up for half a staircase above you — there’s a Helghast waiting to kill you on it, so kill him from below. Now you’re clear to keep climbing. When you pop up on top, use the crates for cover and the overwhelming force of your jetpack SMG to kill off the opposition as it comes at you. The way off the rig is just ahead and to the right, so when you feel like you can make it, just sprint to the objective to trigger the cutscene. TROPHY: Get off the rig in two minutes or less (which is very doable) and the “Quick Exit” Trophy is yours. You start with four minutes, so as long as you can do it before you get to two remaining, you’re good.

Breaching the Last Base

  1. When you land after the cutscene, you’ll need to work your way up on the left to avoid the machine gun nests. Sprint from position to position until you get alongside the bunker, then take cover there and start finishing off the Helghast defenders.
  2. You’ll only have to kill three or so in order to enter the building. Inside are a couple more and on the stairs to the left you’ll encounter another trooper. Fight your way up to the top level, using the stairs for cover as you clear out the last few defenders. Then jump on the WASP gun emplacement.
  3. Straight across from you is the first machine gun nest — get a red lock with your reticule and blast it. Right after that, you’ll have to take out a second one a little to the left: hold down the fire button to blast it.
  4. With those cleared, you’ll see a Helghast drop ship approaching. You guessed it — hit it with missiles. It should go down in one or two volleys.
  5. Finally, your comrades will start to yell about an approaching tank. Click R3 to switch to artillery mode and target the tank to take it out and protect your team. Then hit Triangle to disengage the gun and take it with you.
  6. Head back out of the bunker and immediately turn left and you’ll see the last machine gun nest, along the left side of the big field. Take it out, switch to a rifle, and sprint all the way back to the right. You need to avoid taking fire from the other WASP turrets on top of the bunker on the right side of the field, and there’s also a tank to deal with.
  7. When you hit the right side wall of the area, work your way toward the buildings ahead, fighting off the Helghast ground troops. Your goal is to get as close to the building as you can, as quick as you can, to avoid taking missile fire. As soon as the coast is clear, climb the stairs you find there to the next floor up, then take cover.
  8. Two more Helghast troops await up here, and one is even higher above your position. Pop out and put headshots on them, then wrap around to the right to get into the building. Kill the one or two Helghast inside and descend the stairs, where you’ll find another one. Here you’ll find an ammo dump.
  9. You can go outside from here and fight the tank, but it’s easier to go to the roof — you’ll have to do it anyway. Climb back up inside the bunker, go back outside and take the stairs to the top. You’ll hit the roof, where you’ll find a few distraught WASP gunners that you can take out.
  10. Grab one of the mounted guns, switch it to artillery, and blast the tank to take it out. You’re free to head inside and trigger another cutscene.

Once the cutscene ends, flip to your WASP, change to artillery mode, and target the tank coming down the hill toward you. Knock it out and get behind cover. TIP: You can also use the WASP to put artillery strikes on the two dug-in Helghast positions up ahead. Just make sure to leave yourself one more shot — you’ll need it. Take cover and clear the other Helghast before heading up the hill. The structure on the right when the hill banks left has an ammo dump inside that can refill your WASP cannon, and as soon as you get there, you’ll need to use it on another tank. Destroy the enemy artillery, then do the same with the Helghast infantry position. Ammo up and head onward. Helghast are dug in just ahead of you as you climb to the top of the hill. You’ll see a big building and a smaller one to the right. Pretty much all the windows in these structures hold Helghast, in addition to the ones just running around. Find cover and move up slowly. You’ll want to head over to the right, if possible, where you can clear and enter the outbuilding and use it as a base. There’s ammo inside, as well as cover. From there, you can cut your way inside the main building by entering up the stairs on the far right. Be careful as you get in, though, as there are two staircases to the top level — one to your right, one to your left. You’ll find a couple of troops on the ground floor as you enter, and a couple more above. If you did okay outside and cleared enemies from the windows, though, you shouldn’t have much trouble as you enter the building. Get to the top floor and clear it out, then proceed to the objective to end the chapter. TROPHY: The “Into the Lair” Trophy unlocks when you reach the cable car.

Stahl Arms Infiltration

  1. You’ll remember the early part of this level from the beginning of the game. Walk through the facility and you’ll eventually get to the execution room.
  2. TROPHY: After the cutscene, the “Jailbreak” Trophy is yours.

As soon as the cutscene ends, pull the trigger and charge the arc cannon you picked up from the execution. Let it fly at the door ahead of you as Helghast troops start to come in, and you’ll liquefy a few of them. Repeat the process for the second wave. TROPHY: Going forward, anytime you see a pane of glass, break it. Some of the panes are bulletproof, but if you shatter all the shatter-able pieces of glass, your reward will be the “Shattered” Trophy. Switch guns and grab ammo from the dump to your right, then head for the door. A couple more troopers will be coming toward the door. Drop them and get to cover, switching to the arc gun and charging it. Fire a shot toward the back of the room at the guys dug in there, and also to the back left corner, through the small control room on the left. Watch out for capture troops (the guys with knives) as you fight through this room. If you fired good shots with the arc cannon and you kill those capture guys, you shouldn’t struggle too hard with the mop up. When you’re done, cross to the far side and continue out of the labs. Climb the stairs for another cutscene. Keep moving. You’ll come out into a big lab area. This is another place where you can break a ton of glass, but your goal is to push to the far end of the room. Inside the first little alcove, on the right as you enter, is an ammo dump — so make heavy use of your arc cannon. Stay down and move forward carefully. The front portion of the lab is filled with openings and side chambers where Helghast are hiding, and they can get a lot of good angles on you. They’ll also be on the upper floor just ahead. You’ll fight through several waves, so don’t put yourself in danger for Rico’s sake, for example. He has a tendency to go out and get shot down, so only revive him when you feel confident you can get to him without getting shot up. Make clearing the upper floor a priority, as those guys will fire on you with impunity until they’re dead. Once you’re clear to move, keep pushing toward the door at the far end of the lab. When you get there, you’ll find an ammo dump, but you’ll also have to defend the position against Helghast coming from where you just were. Watch the balcony again, and make use of your unlimited ammo for the arc cannon. You should do okay if you just stay down and try to take out large groups of Helghast with grenades and arc  whenever possible. If you can clear the balcony early, you’ll have an easier time mopping up the ground forces. TROPHY: The “Frazzle Dazzle” Trophy unlocks if you can take out three Helghast with a single shot of the arc cannon. If you can’t do it in the labs, try it again in the factory — specifically against jetpackers. Keep fighting away until the Helghast are defeated and you can go through the door. Don’t advance until you finish destroying all the glass, if you’re going for the “Shattered” Trophy. A cutscene triggers once you’re in the mainframe room.

You’ll enter the factory next. Enemies are lined up on the left, so fire away. Break out your arc cannon to take out the guys on the upper floor as you enter the room, and use it again on the jetpack reinforcements that appear right after you thin out the enemies on the ground floor. As you advance, another set of jetpackers will appear to take you on. Hit them as they slow or land. You’ll find an ammo dump as you advance up to the second floor. Rounding the corner, you’ll find Helghast on the rig across from you on two levels. Use the arc cannon to clear them out quickly (there’s an ammo dump ahead on your left), then watch for an additional soldier to come up the elevator at you on the right as you go forward. At the bottom of the elevator, watch for an RPG trooper on the top floor just ahead of you. Drop him and clear out the others on the ground (can’t say enough good things about the arc cannon here). Advance to an elevator. Right before it is another ammo dump, so fill up before you hit the button to ascend. When you get outside, you’ll face a large group of Helghast troops. There are jetpacks on the left if you want them, but you might be better off just taking cover and shooting down on the enemies to the left. There’s not much to the strategy here, especially since you have so much cover. Basically, just sit tight and pick your shots. Let your soldiers help out and draw fire while you put headshots into Helghast troopers. Push down the ramp once you’ve cleared it, if you want, and take the small building at the bottom. That should wrap up the enemy troops. Grab ammo in the small building, then sprint back up to your men at the top of the ramp: you’re about to fight a flying ATAC, a light artillery vehicle. (Un)fortunately, there’s not a lot to this fight, either. The ATAC likes to hover around at the bottom of the ramp and to the left if you’re facing down it, so set up with cover so you’re back’s to the wall on the right of the ramp. From here, you should be able to hammer the ATAC with your assault rifle or whatever makes you feel comfortable, with little issue. The only attack that might be worrisome is the ATAC’s missile bombardment. Watch for it to lean forward and strafe toward you at a high rate of speed; quickly dodge sideways or sprint clear of your cover to avoid being blown up. TROPHY: Keep pounding the ATAC and it’ll explode before long, giving you the “Go Down and Stay Down” Trophy.

Sharp Pursuit

  1. You’ll find yourself driving a Helghast Ice Saw vehicle immediately after the ATAC fight. Be careful not to go sideways off the cliff.
  2. You have a machine gun on R1 and heat-seeking missiles on L1. As soon as you start seeing other ice saw vehicles showing up on your path, start hammering them — missiles first, always. The only way to really get through this fight is to hit everything with as many missiles as you can manage.
  3. The machine gun, on the other hand, is good for helping out but better for keeping trees and pieces of ice out of your way, or from damaging you. Use the machine gun as much as you want, but don’t expect it to bring down enemy vehicles.
  4. In the first wave, you’ll be fighting ice saws pretty much constantly. Killing them fast is the key to survival, as right as one dies, usually another shows up. You’ll want to blast the ice saws quickly to keep them from piling damage on you, one after the other.
  5. There’s not a lot to this — stay on the road, avoid the rock slides (there are two) and keep hammering with missiles. After you kill four or so ice saws, you’ll dodge another rock slide and drop ships will come after you.
  6. You can ignore the machine gun altogether at this point — it’s missiles, as fast as you can fire them, that will get you clear of the drop ships. Make sure you have a red lock (you’ll hear the tone) before firing, and keep firing until the drop ships go down. They’re as dangerous as, if not more than, the ice saws you already fought.
  7. After downing a bunch of drop ships, you’ll enter an open field where the cruiser above you is actively trying to shoot you. Dodge the big craters if you can and keep letting loose with missiles on the pursuing drop ships.
  8. Clear the field, and you’ll have one or two more ice saws to kill before you hit the cutscene and end the chapter.
  9. TROPHY: The “Iced” Trophy unlocks when you destroy all enemy ice saws and drop ships.

Scrapyard Shortcut

  1. The entire first section of this mission is enemy free. Follow Rico all the way to the cutscene. When you get control back, grab a bolt gun from the weapons rack as you head back into the scrapyard.
  2. Step to the bridge and take cover on the side of it as drones fly toward you. Switch to the boltgun and wait for them to stop moving, then hit them with a bolt to take them out. There’s an ammo dump to the left here, so feel free to go nuts.
  3. After the drones, Helghast troops start filling in the spaces up ahead. Repeat the process and take them out.
  4. Move up, but be careful — there are a couple of light troopers around these corners that will attack you up close. Brutal melees work well against them, especially if they go after Rico first. Past them, you’ll fight a couple of drones and face Helghast on high ground around the corner. Drop both enemies and put a charge on the gate to blow it open.
  5. Follow Rico through. Just ahead are two more light troopers for you to kill up close. Take the corner past them carefully, as two regular Helghast wait on the ramp just past this area.

At the top of the ramp, you’ll find an ammo dump and then a cutscene. Right afterward, you’ll face a bunch of enemies — sentry bots, a sniper, regular riflemen and a machine gun nest. Kill the sniper with your boltgun first, then clear out the sentry bots with it. TROPHY: There’s a tricky trophy you can get here if you’re careful and savvy with the boltgun. It requires some planning and some luck, though, so be careful. Do your best to clear out all the riflemen except the machine gunner (be careful also of a sniper returning to the perch above). Then move up on the left side to as close as you can get to the machine gunner. Just behind him to the right is an explosive barrel — position yourself so that when you shoot him with your boltgun, you’ll pin him to the barrel (headshots won’t do it). Execute the shot and the “Power Spike” trophy is your reward. Mop up the last Helghast and you’ll be able to climb up to the crane controls. Once you’re up there, grab the sniper rifle from the front side and get down — a drop ship is about to unload some troops. You can take shots at them in the ship if you want, but you’ll need to snipe an RPG trooper when he hits the ground. Keep shooting at these guys and try to clear them out. They’ll run forward trying to get to you, and if they get too close, the light troopers among them will climb the ladders to get up and flank you. Switch to your shotgun pistol if that happens and you’ll handle them easily. After the first group, you’ll face a second wave from another drop ship. Repeat the process — take them out the same way, and watch out for more to hit the ladders. The last group will be right in front of you, basically. Tear into them with whatever gun you’ve got handy. They shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. Right after the Helghast troops die, you’ll see sentries coming your way. Snag your boltgun again to take them out fast when they stop moving. That’ll trigger the cutscene in which Rico blasts open the way forward. Switch to your boltgun as you move through the gate. Just ahead, you’ll start to see heavy weapons troopers — they’re tougher to kill (although headshots do the trick) and carry LMGs. A bolt will still put them down in one, though. Fight through the LMG troops and kill a few light Helghast as you go and you’ll soon enter another area that’s walled off, where you’ll en
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