Kim Dotcom Was a Big, Fat Cheater On Quake 2

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Posted on January 23, 2012, Phil Owen Kim Dotcom Was a Big, Fat Cheater On Quake 2

We don’t know if Kim Dotcom, the dude behind Megaupload who is now behind bars after the FBI raided their HQ last week, cheated to get his no. 1 ranking in Modern Warfare 3, but according to people on the internet, he totally cheated all the time on Quake 2.

Dotcom ran a Quake 2 league, and allegedly — ah, who cares about “allegedly?” We’ll assume he did these things because it’s fun to rag on this guy, who is a huge douchebag. Dotcom ran a Quake 2 league, and would retaliate against those who beat him by banning them from the league. What a lame person, man.

This word comes from Planet Quake, which had a little post about this back in 1998, saying that he also banned folks who complained. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

But that’s not all. A commenter on Kotaku told this story about him.

Back in the days of Quake 2 and the Barrysworld free server network, Dotcom used to troll the Rocket Arena 2 duel arenas as ‘www.kimble.org’ with an aimbot on his 6ms T1 line, raging people to the point that the entire server would clear, rather than put up with him. Then one day he was faced down and beaten by a girl-gamer on a shitty BT ISDN line – one on one, rail only. He raged so hard that he then dc’ed, looked up the player’s name up on Quake.net irc and DDoSed the b0rk.co.uk irc bouncer that she used offline. Having realised he’d accomplished nothing, he then proceeded to DDoS the entire Barrysworld server array for a week, out of petty vengeance for being made to look like a twat.



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