Knights Contract Walkthrough

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Posted on February 19, 2011, Jordon Justice Knights Contract Walkthrough

Knights Contract is a action game with a unique mechanic — it puts you in control of two medieval ass-kickers with wildly divergent abilities. Heinrich is an immortal executioner with a giant scythe; Gretchen is a fragile, witchy babe with a bevy of magical powers. Heinrich can’t die, but he gets tired, and he needs Gretchen’s magic to keep him peppy. Gretchen can die, so she needs that giant scythe to keep swinging.

Together, you’ll take on the evil Dr. Faust, chopping a Boschian nightmare’s worth of fantastical creatures along the way. Some of them are bound to prove difficult, so take advantage of the walkthrough below. We also have lists of trophies and achievements, as well as a Cheats page that collects useful Knights Contract information.

Table of Contents

Episode 1 : Death-Ridden Town

  1. Press X for a weak attack and Y for a strong attack.
  2. Grab enemies with B and then attack them with any of the face buttons.
  3. Hold LB to lock on to an enemy. Move the Right Stick to switch targets when locked on. The reticle that appears will indicate the foe’s health.
  4. Begin by defeating the several enemies that appear around you. They won’t attack much so use this opportunity to get used to the controls and practice some of the combos.
  5. When they’re beaten proceed down the steps.
  6. Destroy the mound of snow between the pink flowers to reveal a Lost Page.
  7. Fight your way down and around the bend.
  8. After you pass the house that crumbles watch for the small barn on your right. When you get close enough an enemy will leap out at you.
  9. Fight around the corner.
  10. Gretchen will now join you. Hold the Right Trigger to ready her magic. The symbols on the bottom-right of the screen indicate what spells you have equipped. When readied, press the corresponding face button to use the attack. There is no finite magic meter but each skill takes time to recharge before it can be used again.
  11. You’ll fight multiple variations of the large enemy that now approaches you. While each has its own method of attack, Heinrich’s attacks will always be deflected by any that carry a shield. Use Gretchen’s magic to destroy it before you begin your assault.
  12. You can also use magic to perform Finishers on enemies that are near death. When the outline of the lock-on cursor turns red, successfully use a magic attack on an enemy to initiate the Finisher animation. You need to press B when indicated to complete the maneuver.
  13. Note that for many enemies, only certain magic attacks will begin a Finisher on them. If you have the skills ready, you can also chain Finishers together by ignoring the indicated button press and using another magic attack instead. Used after a solid combo string, this is a sure-fire way to crank up the hit count.
  14. Defeat the shielded foe and the two companions that arrive after.
  15. Continue ahead and down the stairs.
  16. Though Heinrich is immortal, his body can become badly damaged. If he falls to his knees or is ripped apart, rapidly press A to receive aid from Gretchen. Her health is indicated by the top bar on the HUD and if it gets to zero, she will die. To expedite the healing of both when not in combat, press RB to carry Gretchen.
  17. Take out the last few enemies and proceed forward to begin the boss fight.
  18. Straeggle will try to charge at you, knocking you to the level below. If this happens you will be faced with several Wight enemies. You can defeat them for spirit if you want. Hop back up when you’re ready.
  19. Get in close to Straeggle and keep the pressure on her. You can use multiple Finishers on her so take advantage of the opportunity.
  20. When she leaps to the other rooftops, grab Gretchen and move away so that you are near the small house on the stage. Straeggle always dashes the same way but this area is safe.
  21. With the witch defeated, hop down to Gretchen.
  22. Press A at the silver vines to climb up.

Episode 2 : The Knight’s Contract

  1. You’re being chased at the onset of this level so immediately press and hold down to get moving.
  2. Don’t worry about the flaming prong that shoots from the wall, it’s timed to hit before you reach it.
  3. Try to stay near Heinrich’s right but don’t hug the wall too tightly. There are a few snags that can slow you down, but you want to grab the Lost Page at the end of the street. You’ll know you’re there when the creature pauses a moment. He dashes forward immediately after so get around the corner as soon as you have the page.
  4. During the next chase just keep charging ahead. You need to move left and right a bit but the path is clear.
  5. The prods in this area can hurt you but they’re quite slow so just move around them.
  6. Make sure to turn the next corner quickly as well.
  7. During this boss fight make your way to the corners closest to your enemy.
  8. Clear out the objects to find two more Lost Pages.
  9. You need to be patient during this fight or you’ll get taken out a lot quicker than you’d expect to from a second level boss.
  10. Target one of the feet and use the Impaler to hold him to the ground. Get as many attacks in as you can but watch for his counter. As soon as you see him wind up for a swing, press A to dodge out of the way. If you’re rolling away, even if the attack clearly hits, you won’t take damage.
  11. Use the Rose magic to help boost your combos.
  12. When he jumps away to one of the rooftops, grab Gretchen and move as far to the other side of the area as you can. He’s going to belch out some fire that reaches incredibly far.
  13. Eventually your enemy will jump onto the central cathedral. The subsequent fire attack only goes in a straight line so stay to one side or the other and get close for when he crawls back down.
  14. Once you’ve whittled the health bar down to the black the final quick-time sequence will begin. Every boss in the game has one of these sequences to conclude the fight. The inputs are either a quick button press, movement of the control stick, or a rapid mashing of either. If you fail any part of it the boss will knock you away and you will have to fight against a slightly replenished health bar.
  15. The moves required here are a quick A, rapid left and right with the Left Stick, another A, up on the Left Stick, then finally a mash of Y.

Episode 3 : The Frozen Forest

  1. Proceed forward from the start.
  2. You now have access to the Fury moves. These will use up all or most of your Witch Points (indicated by the bottom bar of the HUD) but unleash devastating damage on your enemies.
  3. Hold the Left Trigger to ready the attack. Press X or Y to use the Knight’s Fury. This beefs up Heinrich making him super powerful as well as slowing down your enemies so you can bring the hurt. Pressing A or B while Fury is readied will use Witch’s Embrace. This creates a giant Gretchen that deals large damage to all enemies on screen.
  4. Defeat the Dendrites then begin down the slope.
  5. Break the icicles for a Lost Page.
  6. Defeat the next wave of enemies below then head over the edge to the area blow.
  7. The pair of Dire Wolves that attack are fast and can be deadly if you try to fight them both at once. Instead, focus your attention on only one, eliminating it as fast as possible, before proceeding to the second. The wolves are vulnerable to a Trap Finisher.
  8. Head down the path beside the waterfall.
  9. Clear out the Dendrites (did you notice they can be Finished right away?), head across the bridge, then take on another wave.
  10. Head back up the path to fight another pair of wolves. Continue through the cave under the waterfall.
  11. Inside, take out the smaller enemies first so they won’t interrupt your combos with their periphery attacks. Then focus on the large Dendrolord. You should have four spells equipped now so incorporate them into your combos – timed so that you always have one to use. This should make short work of the enemy.
  12. Clear out the wolves in the next room and continue out of the cave.
  13. Follow the snowy path up and around.
  14. Do not approach the edge of the cliff or you will fall back down.
  15. Head left and grab the Lost Page near the broken bridge.
  16. When fighting the next enemy be sure to avoid the edges.
  17. Climb and fight your way to the top. When faced with multiple enemies, try to focus your attacks on one enemy at a time. The trap can be great for holding on to one while you concentrate on another. The upgraded Impaler also does nice area damage.
  18. Complete the episode by moving forward.

Episode 4 : Finding the Ice Lord

  1. Fight forward until the avalanche takes you down.
  2. You’re now separated from Gretchen, meaning you do not have access to her magic spells. The Needle of Time at the top of the screen indicates how long you have to reach her.
  3. Head straight into the cave, past the ice that looks like tombstones.
  4. Continue up to a small body of water with three Wights.
  5. Ascending you next reach a room with giant shed snake skin and a Dire Wolf.
  6. Climb the vines. The walls should have green tent to them. Several more Wights will fight you near the next body of water.
  7. Proceed up and out of the cave.
  8. Walk to the edge to fall down to Gretchen.
  9. The Ice Phantoms can be a nuisance so bring them down with the Hammer followed by either a swift combo or Trap.
  10. Move through the entrance blocked by icicles.
  11. Follow the path right and around. Jump down to the Save.
  12. Proceed up the path to the left of the save.
  13. Move through the tubular snake skin-lined corridor to a room full of Wights. These guys can be tough, especially in packs, so use your spells wisely.
  14. When they’re defeated, proceed up and follow the left path.
  15. Break through the ice and hop up to the Seal of the Bond.
  16. Move back into the cave.
  17. When you get to the fork, proceed straight and up.
  18. After you see a few rocks crumble in front of you you’ll face off against two Dendrolords. Again, focus your attention on one at a time.
  19. Once they’re mulch continue ahead and upward.
  20. Climb the vines and exit the cave.

Episode 5 : The Serpent’s Den

  1. Move forward to face an Ice Serpent for the first time. Don’t be afraid to get in and let lose. Use your magic liberally but make sure you’re close enough to make contact. When the Serpent pulls back slightly roll out of the way to avoid its charge. A Hammer Wight will attempt to offer support. Defeat it for Spirt if you want but being aggressive with the Serpent will ensure you’ve won before the Wight can attack.
  2. Break the pile of wood ahead and to your right for a Lost Page.
  3. Defeat the Dendrolord and continue forward.
  4. You face the other Ice Serpent now (trust me, there are two). This one will charge less but also spray an ice mist that can freeze both you and Gretchen. If you’re hit, shake the Left Stick left and right to break free. Be aggressive again and you’ll win in no time.
  5. Grab the Lost Page just ahead and proceed down the path.
  6. Take out the Wight and Phantom then move into the ice cave.
  7. One of the Serpents will attack again. Because of the angle of the cave you’ll have a harder time dodging the ice mist. That makes it extra important to keep bringing the fight and incorporating your magic. Get this fight over as quickly as possible to avoid either of you getting shattered.
  8. Grab the third Lost Page and head out.
  9. After a few more Ice Phantoms move ahead to the Save.
  10. Enter the open area to your left for the first half of the boss fight.
  11. You’re facing off square against one of the Serpents. Watch for it to move its head side-to-side. This means that it’s about to slam down. Dodge to one side then let lose as much as you can. When Ice Phantoms appear, turn your attention to eliminating them. Though the Serpent doesn’t have a lot of health, the Phantoms will cause you a lot more grief then they’re worth if left unattended.
  12. Now it’s time for the real fight. Trude will sit back and let her Serpents fight at first. One will often focus on breathing ice and the other on slamming down at you. Dodge a slam then knock the Serpent around a bit until it goes limp near Trude. This will prompt her to attack you herself. She has two charges, one that doesn’t give as much warning as her pets so be ready to dodge. Stay near the back of the screen if you can as she reaches out quite far in her attack. Inevitably you’ll be up near the front so destroy the debris in the area to collect the last Lost Page. Watch out for the ice breath as this is where you’re most vulnerable. Moving to either the extreme left or right sides will keep you safe from freezing. When you hear Trude say “Can you handle this?” watch for the purple circles indicating where she’s about to drop ice chunks. Avoid accordingly.
  13. When she’s taken a solid beating you’ll enter the quick-time sequence.
  14. The movements required are a quick press down of the Left Stick, Y, X, then B.
  15. Congratulations on your new weapon.

Episode 6 : A Town Ablaze

  1. You start out partially surrounded so let the enemies close in a little and use either your upgraded Impaler or the Halifax.
  2. Head right then make an immediate left. At the end (just around a small collection of lava) is a lever. Pull it.
  3. Throughout this level watch for the glowing spots on the ground. These indicate where a fireball is going to fall.
  4. Turn around then follow the ramps down to the waterway.
  5. Note that you can take the path left to an open area but there are no items, just enemies that can be defeated for Spirit.
  6. Follow the water back to where you pulled the lever for a Lost Page.
  7. Turn around and head into the sewer.
  8. Continue forward (nothing but barrels down the right path) and up the stairs.
  9. Treat these new Fire Phantoms just like you did the Ice, Hammer then combo/Trap.
  10. Proceed forward then up the ramps to your right.
  11. Cross the bridge left then take out the Homunculi.
  12. Clear out the Phantoms then continue to a cutscene.
  13. Cross the bridge and up the slope, being cautious of the lava.
  14. In the next area you’ll face a Fire Giant. He will deflect many of your attacks so peck away at him while using your magic. At first you can unleash everything but then time your magic so that you’ll have some available for when his exterior bursts away, revealing his core. He’ll take damage even when protected, just not as much.
  15. Note the sewer cap, we’ll be right back for it.
  16. Exit the area, moving around right of where the Fire Giant began and hop down the ledge.
  17. After you see some people innocent lives lost, pull the lever to release the water.
  18. Now return to the last area and enter the sewer through the cap.
  19. Grab the Lost Page directly ahead and extinguish the Magmites.
  20. Fight through the left path.
  21. After the cutscene you’ll get the Lance. Use this to take out lone Phantoms. If you’ve upgraded your Hammer, save it for enemies that are grouped together.
  22. Proceed forward and straight, back into the sewer.
  23. Fight straight ahead until you exit.
  24. Move up the ramp and grab Gretchen. She has a tendency to get stuck on the lava pools so carrying her is the best way to avoid this.
  25. Defeat the Fire Giant and note again the sewer cap. This area of sewer is still full of lava so we’ll come back after we’ve cooled it down.
  26. Continue forward to an area being bombarded by fire rocks.
  27. Grab Gretchen and weave through. Climb the vines and drop down on the other side.
  28. Head forward and left to another fireball-laden area.
  29. Again, carry your companion around the glowing indicators and through the gate at the other end.
  30. Use the lever just ahead of your to release the last bit of water.
  31. Follow the ramps down and move under the archway nearest.
  32. Turn left toward the giant arches back to the Save.
  33. Turn back around, go under the arches, and enter the sewer on the left.
  34. A lot of enemies will swarm in the small corridors so weaken several with combos then clear them out with area magic.
  35. Head down the first left, clear the room, then grab the item at the end of the connected hall.
  36. Exit and take the path left, past the rubble, to a very tall ladder.
  37. In the room above you’ll find Illusion, a new magic spell.
  38. But it doesn’t come for free. Several Magmites will spawn from the lava. Clear them out quickly as they’ll soon be followed by a Fire Giant. Avoid him until all the minions are defeated first.
  39. With everyone beat, drop down the ladder and return the way you came.
  40. Fight your way up the stairs then turn left up the cooled lava to exit the sewer.
  41. Run up the nearby ramps, cross the small bridge, then finally turn right to ascend the stairs into the tower.

Episode 7 : The Burning Tyrant

  1. You begin immediately up against a Fire Giant and two Fire Phantoms. Take out the Phantoms first or they’ll interrupt your combos. Gretchen also has a tendency to get stuck in their fire streams.
  2. Break the crates in the right corner, behind where the Fire Giant began, for a Lost Page.
  3. Grab Gretchen and head up the stairs. There are several spots throughout that Heinrich can fall through if he stands on them for too long. This is really annoying so watch for areas that look different and roll away if you think you’re about to fall. It’s also a good idea to carry Gretchen when you can so she doesn’t get hung up on the lava.
  4. Climb up and move across the planks.
  5. Defeat the Magmites, being careful to not stand in any lava for too long.
  6. Just after you move under what looks likes scaffolding another Magmite will pop out. Don’t lock on to him right away – he’s trying to tempt you onto a hole. Let him get closer then take him out.
  7. Cross the wooden plank to the Seal of Life.
  8. Ignore the Magmites for now and get rid of those Phantoms. They are nothing but a headache if you wait to defeat them. Gather the Magmites together and clear them with the Halifax and Impaler.
  9. Continue up the stairs.
  10. Hammer the Phantom that appears ahead. It’s a one-hit variant of the normal enemies.
  11. Climb up to face three more just like it.
  12. On the next main level, eliminate the faraway Phantom before extinguishing the Magmites.
  13. Cross the bridge and climb the ladder.
  14. The first half of this boss fight is actually pretty simple if you watch the patterns.
  15. Use the Lance to slump Holda on her horse. Run in and deal as much damage as you can. DO NOT USE YOUR KNIGHT’S FURY. You’ll want to save any Witch’s Points for the second half of the fight. When Holda charges off, grab Gretchen and carry her around the stage. Move around the periphery to find a Lost Page. She’ll give you an audible and visible clue before she throws her spears so get moving when you see the signs. Her charge can be very painful so get ready as soon as she spins in place. Wait to dodge until she’s close though. Holda’s most deadly move is the slam she performs when re-entering the arena. She leaps high in the air before so figure out which way she’s going and get running the other way. Dodge roll just as she’s landing.
  16. Now the real fight starts. Again, this doesn’t have to be too difficult if you’re patient and follow the patterns. Rip into Holda as soon as you start. This would be a good time for the Knight’s Fury. It won’t take any massive chunk out of her health but it’s the best opportunity to use the resource (and yes it will still hurt her quite a bit). You’re not going to have very long later on to get in the combos so I would also recommend using Illusion whenever you have an opening. It’s very important throughout the fight to properly work in your magic attacks. Equip something else in the Lance’s place as you won’t have a need for it.
  17. Holda only has two attacks while on the platform with you. One is a standard spear attack. While not too damaging, it can knock you back, and falling off the edge means death. If Holda’s able to spear Gretchen she’ll continue to damage her until you attack enough to free her. Try to constantly be near Gretchen, she’ll actually be your greatest threat. When Holda spins her spear above her, grab Gretchen and move away. Holda hits the ground, producing four lines of lava. If you don’t have Gretchen, she’ll often get caught in a pool and receive constant damage. You want to avoid them yourself as they’ll slow you down, causing damage the entire time. When Holda’s aflame and holding her shield your attacks will be deflected. Just carry Gretchen and avoid the pools until Holda hops away.
  18. When she’s off the platform Holda will through exploding spear your way. Carrying Gretchen, stand at one of the edges until just before Holda launches her barrage. Move toward the center, weaving as necessary. The risk hear is that the explosions have a relatively wide radius of damage, and getting hit at the right angle can easily fling you over the side.
  19. Take your time in this fight and make the most of your openings to eliminate Holda’s health and begin the finishing sequence.
  20. To eliminate the Burning Tyrant press A, followed by the Left Control Stick pushed left, right, then up; mash B, then finish with a quick Y. Another brutal end.

Episode 8 : He Who Desires Eternity

  1. This is a short episode if you want it, or can be stretched out to grind for some Spirit.
  2. Homunculi will continue to spawn from the breeder on the ground ahead of you.
  3. Destroy it to seize the reinforcements.
  4. Before finishing off the enemies, grab the Lost Page ahead and to the left.
  5. Two spawn points will appear now. Focus all your attention on destroying one before turning on the others. You can take out Homunculi if you’re getting overwhelmed but you must do it quick or risk allowing more to enter.
  6. Next a skirmish with Dr. Faust. He isn’t terribly strong but his speed more than makes up for it. If you swing at him he’ll dodge every time so let him attack first, dodge to the side (backwards will often result in getting hit) and then unload with magic and a combo. Don’t expect to land many hits on each opening. You’ll make up for it with the number of times he’s available.
  7. After enough damage Dr. Faust will create two duplicates. Take them out first (the real Faust will glow gold) then return to your true target. If he leaps into the air, it’s either to make the clones or pounce on top of you. Either way, keep moving to be safe.
  8. Once his health is getting into the yellow he’ll create four new assistants to aid him. Use your area attacks once you have one in a combo to try and spread out damage. They’re fast and peck a lot so keep dodging and watching for openings. When they’re gone, take out the last of Dr. Faust, causing a retreat.

Episode 9 : The Entangled Castle

  1. Head up the slope then right.
  2. Thunder Phantoms require the same strategy as previous iterations, knock them down, then finish them off. The only difference (besides more health) is that they can teleport, causing you to lose your lock on. Wait until they’ve moved a few times or are about to attack before using magic.
  3. Proceed up and in through the door.
  4. Clear the room then move through the open door.
  5. Enter the door to your left and head down the stairs.
  6. Arachnids are weak enemies that irritate more than they hurt. They can catch you or Gretchen in a wad of hair, often shot from a wall. If Gretchen gets wrapped up, you’ll be unable to use magic until she’s freed. Arachnids also have the ability to dash. Though they don’t go far and you may think you hit them, they are invulnerable when dodging – just like you.
  7. Head to the far left corner for a Lost Page then proceed up the right stairs and through the door.
  8. Continue forward.
  9. Go through the open doorway then turn left.
  10. In the back room, destroy the rightmost barrel for another Lost Page.
  11. Exit and turn right.
  12. The door straight ahead leads to a room of Homunculi if you want the Spirit.
  13. Exit out the door marked “Proceed”.
  14. Back outside defeat the Sword Wight that jumps down.
  15. Head left to face a whole group of them.
  16. Continue ahead and climb the vines.
  17. One-hit the Phantoms that appear then cross the hair-bridge.
  18. Flip the switch.
  19. Cross back over and move around to where you climbed the vines.
  20. Remove the bar from the door and head through.
  21. Climb the vines to your left for another Lost Page.
  22. Turn back and go through the door.
  23. Climb the vines ahead.
  24. Defeat the Phantoms up the stairs and cross the lowered bridge back into the tower.
  25. The room to your left is a grinding spot if you want it.
  26. Go straight from the entrance to the T intersection.
  27. The left room is full of Arachnids.
  28. Kick through the door to the right to continue.
  29. Fight through the room beside the Save to come out on the other side of the hair wall.
  30. Time to save Minukelsus again.
  31. Go straight ahead, through the door with candles on both sides.
  32. Fight your way to the balcony.
  33. Be careful when attacking the first Arachnids to not fall back down.
  34. Use your Hammer and Lance to defeat the spiders around Minukelsus as well as those across the way. You have quite a bit of time so just focus on landing your magic and not falling down.
  35. Note that if for some reason the game doesn’t move to the cutscene after you’ve defeated the Arachnids up here, it means that one must have fallen down. Because all need to be defeated to proceed, hop down to find the last troublemaker.
  36. Move up the stairs and examine the unpowered mechanism.
  37. Go back down and through the open door, just to the right of the large sealed doors.
  38. Head up the two flights of stairs and go left, crossing the hair-bridge.
  39. Grab the new Hildebrand magic.
  40. Turn back and hop off the edge.
  41. Go back the way you started (through the door to the left of the stairs).
  42. You’ll be attacked by Wights in the room proceeding the Save.
  43. Go through the opening created when the enemies burst in.
  44. Head all the way down the stairs, through the door at the very bottom.
  45. In the waterworks, turn right then cross the small bridge left.
  46. Climb the letter and pull the switch to release the water.
  47. Head straight from the bottom of the ladder and around the bend to another switch, this one activating the door lift above you.
  48. Exit the way you came, climbing the several flights of stairs crossing through the two rooms bordering the Save, and into the main area.
  49. The Imperial Wight that attacks you is essentially the same as any other Sword Wight, just much more powerful. Do not underestimate him. Because he takes more hits to finish though, focus first on eliminating his support. This is a good opportunity for your fully upgraded Impaler if you’ve invested in it.
  50. Now head up the stairs and throw the switch.
  51. Kick in the door for a few more flights of stairs (this is a tower after all).
  52. The first room is a swarm of Arachnids. They’re not much trouble.
  53. The second room with its Wights and Phantoms is a little more challenging. Clear out the initial Phantoms first, then the basic Wights, and finally the white-armored leader. There will now be four Phantoms in the corners throwing down roaming attacks. Just knock them down with your Hammer and Lance then exit the room.
  54. Proceed through the door.

Episode 10 : Furious Lightning

  1. Trendula gives you very clear audio indications that she’s about to bring down lighting. Watch for the purple circles then move out of the way.
  2. She has three fist attacks. One is just a punch. You’ll see her pull back first and a white glow around her hand before she attacks. The second is a slam. She tends to do this more on the upper area of the level. Roll out of the way then press A when you’re near to jump on. Run up her arm and to her head. Throw in some combo moves but after about three use magic, preferably the maxed Impaler (if you have it) or a leveled-up Hammer. Even though she’ll throw you off, the attack will deal a lot of damage. Her final move is just a variation of the last, she’ll begin to swing down but stop short before finally slamming. This is hard to dodge as you’ll likely have rolled from the psyche-out. Just try to stay alert and dodge at the last possible second.
  3. Victorious for now, head down the hallway.
  4. The statues against the wall are actually Wights and will attack you when you get near.
  5. Defeat them and continue ahead.
  6. Turn right into a large hall. There’s a Save to the left.
  7. Stay away from the hole Trendula punches and work your way through the Phantoms.
  8. With them cleared make your way along the wall farthest from the hole and head back toward the entrance. Now cross over and grab the Lost Page just to the left of the hole.
  9. Exit the hall and begin up the stairs.
  10. One-hit Phantoms wait for you on the landings and Trendula will try to punch you through the wall. When you hear the rumbling, roll back to safety.
  11. Before entering the next room, allow yourself to heal and recharge your magic. You’ve got a lot of foes coming.
  12. Start a combo on a Wight or two to get them gathered and slightly weakened then unleash the Impaler line. Hopefully you’ve taken out a few so get rid of those annoying Phantoms before finishing off the Wights.
  13. There is a Lost Page in one of the statues (Honestly not sure which, I got mine in the midst of the very chaotic and screen-filling battle).
  14. Head into the spire and fight your way up to the top. Be sure to roll away when you hear the rumblings of Trendula outside.
  15. Grab the Seal of the Hunter and proceed through the door.
  16. Boss time. Trendula can be a real pain, mostly due to technical issues (the first time I started and stepped onto a bridge, Heinrich fell straight through to his death).
  17. This fight plays out very much like the first time you fought Trendula. Watch for lighting and pay attention to her fists. You need to be a little more cautious this time when jumping on her arm, however, as I had several deaths result from Heinrich glitching off and falling into the void. Just make sure you’re right up against her before hitting A.
  18. Trendula doesn’t give you as much time this go around when attacking her head so magic like the Hildebrand won’t do you much good. Get a few hits in then Impale or Hammer.
  19. To help peck away at her in between openings, target her head as you’re moving around and use Hammer for some bonus damage. This spell tends to recharge rather quickly so it’s an effective little tool.
  20. Trendula has three new attacks this time. The first you may never see. Given unknown circumstances Trendula will grab the bridge you’re on. Quickly run to the nearest end and onto safe ground before she throws the walkway.
  21. The second new move is a large blast of energy. This can be devastating if it connects but the charge up time is significant so get moving as soon as you see her collecting energy near her stomach. Note that the towers do not provide protection, you must completely avoid contact to be safe.
  22. The last attack is a mist dash. She’ll use this every time after you’ve attacked her head. Its main purpose is to move her to another bridge, and often, that’s all it will do. However, if she dashes through you, she’ll hold you in her grasp at the new location and you’ll have to mash your way out. Similarly she can grab Gretchen requiring you to get close to her and use a spell to break her free.
  23. One tip that can save you a little grief is to carry Gretchen anytime you’re not attacking. If she gets caught on the opposite side of Trendula’s slam fist you may be unable to use magic when unleashing your offensive.
  24. Feel free to also use your Knight’s Fury when you’re up there. Because it slows down time you can get a lot of hits in. I would recommend spamming the strong attack as it seems to land a few hits. If you are going to use it, however, I would recommend waiting until you’re around the halfway point. If you use it too early you may find yourself on the brink of death, but nearly finished with the fight. This would be exactly when you need the help.
  25. At the completion of the main fight it’s time for the finisher.
  26. Quick hit Y to begin, followed by A, then Up on the Left Stick, and a quick X. Now mash B to pry Trendula open for a spiky finish.

Episode 11 : To the Unforeseen Future

  1. Take out the Wights and Aracnids in the first room.
  2. Work your way up the stairs.
  3. Some more Wights and Aracnids await you on the next level.
  4. Continue your ascent.
  5. You’ll now be introduced to the Gold Wight. He can be a formidable foe if you give him the opportunity to take the offense. Keep the pressure on him and he won’t be a problem. When he begins charging up, interrupt him immediately or he’ll move in with a devastating slice that will take you out in one hit. The third-rank Impaler is particularly good for keeping him caught up against a wall.
  6. Continue up farther and cross the hair bridge to Repunzel.
  7. This is an incredibly easy fight if you keep on the pressure. The Hammer is good for stunning her and the Impaler will rapidly drain her health. She may pull her self to the ceiling and fire hair at you. Grab Gretchen and run around the perimeter to avoid getting caught. If she does ensnares you be ready for a quick button press to get free. Repunzel has one other potential move. She emits a blue glow around you that forces your movement to be reversed. Several Aracnids will then fall from the ceiling. It may be disorienting at first but once you get a sense of the movement, the Aracnids shouldn’t prove a bother.
  8. Once she’s adequately weakened it’s time for the quick-time sequence. First up is a quick B to save Gretchen, followed by X, then Right with the Control Stick, Right Bumper (a new addition), and finally Y.

Episode 12 : The Witch’s Enclosure I

  1. You’re now fighting along side Minukelsus. While you won’t get the big combos or finisher moves that you got with Gretchen, don’t underestimate the little guy’s moves.
  2. Ready his moves like you do with magic. Y launches an ice vial. This will freeze most enemies, allowing them to often be shattered with just one hit. This can hit multiple enemies if they are close enough. Similarly, A throws an exploding vial, capable of damaging multiple targets. Be warned that you and Minukelsus can also be caught in the blast. B calls your companion into a fury of rapid swipe toward your current target, useful for assisting in combos but the attacks are quite weak. The most powerful but difficult to land, X has Minukelsus stab with the Arcana Blade. This will destroy many enemies in one hit but the slight charge time can allow foes to get away. This is also the only technique that will remove the shields from Wights. Note that both of the throwing attacks can be used to bring down Phantoms, but both can also miss if you do not use them close enough to the intended target.
  3. Get a feel for the techniques against the Wights ahead. Be careful though, a swift swipe from one of them can send you over the edge.
  4. Follow the stairs down to another encounter if you wish.
  5. Head back and proceed up the narrow bridge to enter your first portal.
  6. Head straight and up the ladder for a staff.
  7. Back down cross the small bridge.
  8. Run past the door for another staff then turn back and enter.
  9. Take out the Other-Worldly Phantoms then continue forward.
  10. Take the stairs all the way to the top for a Lost Page.
  11. Run back down and enter the open door.
  12. Turn left and move to the back of the room for two staffs.
  13. Exit and turn left to enter an open room.
  14. Move into the room straight ahead (with the sealed door to your left) to face off against some Aracnids.
  15. Move into the next room then turn left to spot the Guardian in the hall and your first Seal.
  16. Turn back into the room and, after defeating the abominations, take the left hall.
  17. Enter the room on your right.
  18. Vanquish the Wights to obtain the Shard of Seals – the key to opening the Seal you saw before.
  19. Now exit and turn left. In the next room, turn right and follow the hall to the Seal.
  20. Proceed forward and straight ahead to a pair of Silver Wights.
  21. Follow the bends around right for a staff and hop up the ledge.
  22. Ignore the portal for now and continue up the stairs.
  23. Follow the hall left into a room with another Lost Page.
  24. Head back out, turn right, and exit through the portal.
  25. Use the Save if you need then follow the path left.
  26. Extinguish the Fire Phantoms then continue straight out.
  27. When you reach the landing with the portal turn around and take the stairs (beside the path you just entered on) down for an optional fight.
  28. Destroy the Fire Phantom before taking on the Silver Wight.
  29. Head back up to find another Seal. Enter the portal to retrieve the key.
  30. The Dire Wolves can be somewhat problematic without your Impaler and Trap to slow them down but keep up the pressure and use Minukelsus’ alchemy to put them down.
  31. Grab the Shard and head back through the portal.
  32. Open the Seal and climb the vines.
  33. Take the ramp up to spot Gretchen below.
  34. Climb the next vines and move up through the archway to a large landing.
  35. Nab the bonus Spirit from the staffs then enter the portal.
  36. Move forward slightly to entice the Gold Wight to appear. Make short work of him with your ice.
  37. Grab Minukelsus to navigate through the fireballs. Like always, watch for the glow on the ground then either continue forward if it’s safe, or dodge to one side.
  38. Near the first main curve (where the camera switches perspectives) is a Lost Page.
  39. Some OW-Phantoms greet you ahead. Don’t let them get too far away or they’ll leap in for some hurt.
  40. Grab your companion and continue forward.
  41. After spotting the Guardian you’ll be jumped by some more Other-Worldly Phantoms.
  42. Proceed down to another batch.
  43. Almost there. Forward then follow the path left to a clearing and… guess what… more OW-Phantoms.

Episode 13 : The Witch’s Enclosure II

  1. You’re now in control of Gretchen alone.
  2. She can attack with X and Y just like Heinrich, but expect to be relying much more on your magic skills. One technique the game won’t tell you about is pressing B. This will fire a small burst of energy, good for reaching far away staffs. More importantly, you can charge the move to unleash a shorter-range but significantly stronger energy blast.
  3. Hold RB to convert Witch Points into Health. While you can perform the Witch’s Embrace Fury attack, I recommend conserving your points for replenishing health.
  4. On that note, re-equip the spells you wish to use. Note that you cannot use Halifax or Lance without Heinrich.
  5. Head up the ramps.
  6. At the landing head down the descending stairs and through the door.
  7. The next area will give you a chance to feel out Gretchen’s strengths and weaknesses against some Wights. Whenever possible, try to knock your opponents off of the edges. The Impalers are particularly useful for this.
  8. Follow the stairs ahead.
  9. Hop up (much faster than Heinrich) and through the door.
  10. Grab the Lost Page and prepare for some Shield Wights.
  11. Continue forward and down, through the door. You’re back to where you started.
  12. Now climb the stairs before you, defeating the Wights on each landing.
  13. Hammer Wights are your biggest concern now that Gretchen is alone as they are able to break out of Traps, as well as free their companions.
  14. Enter the portal at the very top.
  15. Move into the sewer straight ahead.
  16. Several Other-Worldly Phantoms will surround you. These guys can take a beating now and their charge move is quite damaging. Use the third-tier Trap if you have it (start putting points toward it if you don’t). This is the easiest way to clear out a group of OW-Phantoms from here on out. In general, the Trap is a good way to do crowd-control if you’re getting overwhelmed.
  17. Destroy the staffs down the right hall if you need some Witch’s Points.
  18. Follow the path forward for a new piece of equipment.
  19. Exit the sewer and make your way up the ramp near the entrance.
  20. Watch out for the gold sliders. They’re fast but allow for ample time to get through. Just don’t go rushing blindly (especially around this corner).
  21. Impale the shields off the Wights ahead then take them down one at a time.
  22. There is a sewer hole in the corner of this area. Jump into it.
  23. Take the right path for another staff then head back left.
  24. Up the ladder then hit the staff straight ahead.
  25. Move down the stairs to your right.
  26. Take the first right to a room of OW-Phantoms.
  27. Head down the hall for the Seal of Rage. I highly recommend you have this equipped whenever you’re using solo Gretchen.
  28. Now exit the last room and turn right.
  29. Around the corner is a tall ladder out.
  30. Focus on the Sword Wights before turning your attention to the Hammer.
  31. Grab the Shard of Seals then return to the sewer.
  32. An Gold Wight will appear behind you. Even though Gretchen’s concerned, the narrow space you’re fighting in will give you an advantage against the big guy. Like before, just keep up the pressure and don’t allow him any openings. The full Impaler will do wonders for you in these corridors.
  33. When he’s defeated proceed all the way forward and turn right.
  34. Once you’ve hopped down, turn left, away from the stairs.
  35. At the T-intersection turn right, hopping up the small ledge, and climb the ladder back to the surface.
  36. Now open the Seal.
  37. Gretchen is very vulnerable to the flames of Fire Phantoms, causing her to sustain recurring damage. Don’t take their presence lightly. Dodge swiftly before moving in and Hammering them down.
  38. Proceed through the sliders.
  39. A Silver Wight and his buddies are waiting for you.
  40. Deal area damage when you can but concentrate on taking out the lackeys before you work on the leader.
  41. Head left to see the Guardian float away.
  42. Return back the way you came until you encounter three real Fire Phantoms.
  43. Once they’re beaten, climb the vines nearby.
  44. Slip through the sliders for a potentially bothersome fight.
  45. Get the Shield Wights protection destroyed immediately. Then focus on him and the other sword-wielder. The Silver Hammer Wight can be a real pain but he’s much easier to deal with on his own.
  46. When they’re all turned to dust, use the portal.
  47. Head through the door, forward, and through another.
  48. Watch for the lighting that will now become a more frequently occurring bother.
  49. Some more Wights then another Seal. Head down the only progressive path.
  50. A well-timed final Impaler can knock two of the three Hammer Wights off the next stage.
  51. Continue on and up, through another door.
  52. Save if needed then proceed through the portal.
  53. Beat down the OW-Phantoms then grab the Shard and head back through the portal.
  54. Now head back and open the Seal.
  55. Up and through the door.
  56. Forward, up the vines, and another door.
  57. Enter the portal.
  58. The Thunder Phantoms are as annoying as ever. Just keep moving and try to time your Hammer right after they’ve completed a teleport.
  59. Climb the two sets of vines nearby for your new favorite spell (as Gretchen anyway). The Fangs are incredibly powerful, but have a limited range. You need to get in close. Try to get multiple enemies gathered together. It works very well in conjunction with the Trap as well.
  60. Now hop all the way down.
  61. Move up the small ledges, follow the slight bend left, and then the thin curved path down into the cave.
  62. A room of Ice Phantoms and staffs. Be aggressive to clear them out with minimal damage so you can make the most of the Witch Points you’re about to gather.
  63. Continue up to a den of OW-Phantoms.
  64. Exit out the other side.
  65. Keep moving so as to avoid the lightning during this fight.
  66. Follow the left path.
  67. After the Thunder Phantoms hop up the vines to the end.

Episode 14 : The Witch’s Enclosure III

  1. Head up the vines.
  2. Defeat the Wights then continue left.
  3. Enter the portal.
  4. Again, stay aggressive against the Hold Wight. Your freeze move is very useful for accumulating damage against the shiny foe. Try to keep moving as the meteors can put a damper in your fight if you aren’t careful.
  5. Search the corner of the room with the most rubble for a Lost Page.
  6. Exit out the portal.
  7. A new Seal and a new portal. Go back to where you started the chapter.
  8. Some Hammer Wights will greet you on the way. They’ll try to knock you over the edges so return the favor with Minukelsus’ bomb.
  9. Enter the portal.
  10. This room will try to overwhelm you with Other-Worldly Phantoms so keep swinging like a madman and use the freeze and bomb when you see the foes have gathered together.
  11. Grab the Shard and exit.
  12. Now return back to the seal (right, up the vines, forward, left).
  13. Open the seal and proceed forward.
  14. A Wight with Fire Phantom backups, then the section with the cheapest death potential.
  15. The narrow bridge ahead gets littered with fireballs. You need to keep moving but stop and dodge backward if you see a glow appear just before you. One sideways hit from a rock and you’ll go flying off to oblivion.
  16. Enter the portal.
  17. Head straight and into the next area.
  18. Across the small bridge are two Fire Phantoms and a staff if you feel so inclined.
  19. Head down the ramps to the waterway.
  20. Straight forward (from the bottom of the ramp) is a a staff guarded by some Wights.
  21. Go toward the sewer away from the ramp for some OW-Phantoms then a very unusual moment with water.
  22. You’re alone for the next few fights so put those combo skills to use. Remember that while there are certain strings of attacks which allow you to constantly deal damage to one enemy, this will often leave you vulnerable to attack from another. Don’t forget to check your six.
  23. Try to stay in the tunnel as OW-Phantoms will join the fight in the next room.
  24. Proceed forward then left. Go up the stairs to exit the sewer and find Minukelsus under attack by a pack of OW-Phantoms.
  25. When they and the Fire Phantoms are dispatched, you’ll receive a Lost Page from your companion.
  26. Go forward and up the ramps.
  27. Cross the small bridge and move through the sliders. Several enemies will appear but don’t try to fight them in the halls. Grab Minukelsus and run straight. Turn the corner to reach a more open space.
  28. You’ll come under fire from some Phantoms here but you’ll have more room to breathe then before. Besides, if you die here and continue, you’ll get to skip all the OW-Phantoms.
  29. Exit this area to reach another waterway junction.
  30. Across the small bridge and up the stairs is a room with some Silver Wights and a staff off to the left if you’re looking for Spirit.
  31. Head down the ramps and proceed forward (from the bottom of the ramp).
  32. The fight against Shadow Gretchen isn’t too much too be worried about, just time your attacks carefully as she’ll teleport away. Most of her attacks, particularly later in the fight, are designed as traps. They won’t directly attack you but will sit on the battlefield for quite a while, waiting for you to trigger them. When she summons Wights to aid her, concentrate on eliminating them before continuing your main fight. Minukelsus’ stab attack is devastating to Shadow Gretchen so prioritize making contact with it. There is a Lost Page in one of the corners so scavenge as you dodge around.

Episode 15 : The Witch’s Enclosure IV

  1. Your magic will be reset again so equip your desired skills before continuing.
  2. Proceed forward and up the stairs to two regular and one Silver Wights.
  3. Up the vines and through the door to three Silver Wights. By now you should have a fully upgraded Impaler and Trap. These in conjunction with a second level Hammer and your Fangs should make for smooth victories over subsequent opponents.
  4. Note the Seal and enter the portal.
  5. Take out the Fire Phantom first as it’s the only one that can cause lingering damage. Avoid the Thunder’s attacks as you take out the Ice next. Then finish the last Phantom.
  6. Grab the final piece of equipment just in front of the portal and exit.
  7. Head left to the Save point and another portal. Enter.
  8. Keep moving to avoid the lightning as you take on the multiple waves of Wights. Draw them early on toward the edge to see if you can knock any off before fighting with your Traps and Fangs.
  9. Grab the Shard and exit.
  10. Return to the Seal and proceed through.
  11. Follow the narrow path upward to catch a glimpse of Heinrich and Minukelsus.
  12. Another portal waits beyond the door.
  13. Hop on the platform which will take you up.
  14. Defeat the Phantoms to continue your ascent.
  15. To reach the nearby item you actually need to fall down through the hole just across the wooden bridge.
  16. There’s a staff at the bottom of the stairs to your left.
  17. Proceed up the stairs to the right, cross the wooden structure, then up some more stairs to the Rain magic.
  18. Now head back down the stairs and fall again off the side.
  19. Jump back on the platform and return to the top.
  20. Head left and up the stairs. One-hit Phantoms will now bombard you during your climb.
  21. Move past them, especially the Thunder Phantoms, waiting to attack one at a time with your Hammer. If you can’t lock-on, they can’t attack you, so take your time.
  22. Leap the ladder at the very top.
  23. Shadow Heinrich proves more a formidable foe than Shadow Gretchen. Whenever he moves toward you, be sure to get an attack in before he has a chance. His attacks are swift and will deal significant damage if you give him an opening. The Hammer is your best bet for stunning him as you move in, followed by a few standard attacks and then Fangs. He will teleport away every time he encounters a Trap so lay down the third-level area to provide yourself with a safe zone to heal from. There are a few staffs on the edges of the area. Only use them when completely necessary. The Lost Page for your foe is also on the periphery. Just like Shadow Gretchen and Minukelsus’ stab maneuver, Shadow Heinrich is particularly weak to Gretchen’s charged energy blast. Stun him with a few hits to give yourself time for the buildup.

Episode 16 : Cutting Ties

  1. This episode is just one fight to finally wrap up this dream world. You’re now back in control of both Heinrich and Gretchen so reset your magic appropriately. Didn’t realize how great Finishers were until you got them back right?
  2. Verderinde is a fast opponent but easily trapped. Use your Hammer in combination with your Trap, followed by an Impaler. The Illusion magic is also very useful here but only begin it when Verderinde is clearly caught in a Trap. When she leaps high in the air, dodge to the side to avoid her crashing attack. She also has three ranged attacks, all of which require a swift roll to avoid. Her own impaler is the slowest and easiest to avoid. She’ll also fire off the parts of her wings (Z.O.E.’s Anubis anyone?). While you can easily get away, Gretchen will often get caught so if she’s low on health be sure to carry her. The final projectile is a straight laser. Because there is very little warning of this attack it’s the most difficult to avoid. Just keep watching and dodge at the very first sign.
  3. For Verderinde’s quick-time sequence input a quick Y and RB, then mash B. A final Right on the Control Stick and that’s it.

Episode 17 : Walpurgis Night

  1. Head straight up and around the corner.
  2. There’s a spawner and Homunculus so lay down a Trap area and concentrate on stopping reinforcements.
  3. Continue upward and break through the rocks.
  4. The Stone Giants can take a beating but are easily destroyed either by a Trap Finisher (grab them when they’re vulnerable to slam them down and start a new Trap) or with a smash of an upgraded Halifax.
  5. Proceed with your ascent. Loose rocks can now fall on you but the camera will often shift to point out the discolored stones so slide away when you hear the rumble.
  6. A series of Dire Wolves are in the next room but they’re no match for you anymore.
  7. Exit through the narrow passage and climb the vines.
  8. Deal with the rocky baddies then hop down the other side.
  9. Break through the rocks to reach two more spawners and their Homunculus.
  10. When looking at the two side-by-side paths, follow the left one up to continue.
  11. Save, break through the barrier, then climb out.
  12. More Stone Giants.
  13. Grab Gretchen and follow the path up to some more vines.
  14. Another breakable rock to a narrow bath and even more rock baddies.
  15. Keep on trekking up, climb the vines, and follow the bend to two spawners and two Dire Wolves. Focus on getting those producers taken care of so you can actually delimit the total number of enemies. Trapping the Dire Wolves is the best bet for keeping them off your back while you work.
  16. After you’ve eliminated any stragglers, follow the only rising path up to a Stone Golem.
  17. This guy is just like the Fire versions you’ve fought before, just a little bigger with some more health. Stay on the assault. Remember that even damage to the exterior counts toward his overall health bar. Try to save at least one magic attack though for the exposed core.
  18. When the Golem’s back to rubble, exit the area and move toward the altar entrance.

Episode 18 : The Witches’ Ruins

  1. This episode can get pretty confusing so stick with me and I’ll save you some serious back-tracking.
  2. Head straight to some Stone Giants.
  3. Move past the slider to a trap floor.
  4. Watch out for the spinning blade tower. These things can cause some serious damage, mostly because they’ll bounce you backward, right into their path, dealing multiple stings of damage.
  5. Take out the Homunculus then, looking at the three paths with one in the center, climb the vines on the left.
  6. Run past the vertical sliders into another Stone Giant room. Given the small size of these rooms the third-level Trap is super effective.
  7. Standing so there is one path on your right and one ahead, go straight forward.
  8. Some of the Wights will attack right away but others will wait until hit from their pedestals.
  9. Grab the Lost Page then turn back.
  10. Now follow the path straight ahead and up the vines.
  11. Proceed through the stone gate.
  12. Take out the Fire Phantoms first. The Soul Hunter can be hard to hit given his floating nature but he comes down to fight quite a bit. Hit him with the Hammer when you can then get in for a big combo. The full Impaler is good to back him into a corner with and eventually he can be caught in a Trap.
  13. Grab the Spirit Crystal then exit through the gate.
  14. Jump down, past the sliders, take a right in the next room, then hop down into the pit you first fell in.
  15. When the Homunculus are toast climb up the center (shorter) vines.
  16. Take a right at the top of the stairs and another immediate right to find a pedestal on the ledge. Place the Spirit Crystal here.
  17. Cross halfway on the bridge then turn left.
  18. Take the first left, avoiding the spiral slicer to a room of Silver Wights.
  19. When you’re done, look for the spiral slicer if you’re disoriented. With it to your back, turn left and hop down to two more slicers. Enter the room past them.
  20. Some more baby golems.
  21. Exit straight ahead then take a right and follow the stairs up.
  22. Past the slider is another pit room.
  23. Climb up the center vines and follow back into a room with a Lost Page.
  24. Go back into the pit and head up the left vines (two sets) and go through the gate.
  25. Just like before take out the [Ice] Phantoms first before shredding up the Soul Hunter.
  26. Grab the Soul Crystal then, lining yourself up so there’s a gate in front of you and one to the right, proceed forward.
  27. Some Homunculus and statues with four paths.
  28. Stand so the vines are behind you then move forward past a spinner and onto the main-room stone bridge.
  29. Place the Crystal in the pedestal then drop down beside it.
  30. Follow the only path to yet another pit, this time with two Silver Wights and one Gold.
  31. Enemies take damage from the spinners as well so try to knock them into the hazard if you can. If the spinners are giving you a lot of grief, the Halifax can smash them apart. Eliminate the Silvers first but keep an eye on the Gold. If he starts to charge up, drop whatever you’re doing and interrupt him.
  32. Now climb up the right vines.
  33. Watch for the new floor hazard and climb up another set of prickleys.
  34. Better run. Just keep moving until the boulder lands behind you.
  35. Before proceeding, climb both sets of vines beside you to find another Lost Page.
  36. Time to face off with another Stone Golem. Immediately lay down a Trap area to keep him busy then bust up the buddies he brought along. When they’re nothing but pebbles get aggressive with the Golem. Keep up the pressure and don’t give him a chance to attack. If you do need time to recharge, be sure to grab Gretchen and keep running to the edges of the arena.
  37. Now it’s the real boss fight. Again, lay down an area Trap for the Giant Homunculus then prioritize destroying the spawn points. Take out any remaining Homunculus then rip into the king. This is an easy fight if you don’t give him a chance to turn it around. The third-tier Impaler and Trap will ensure you’re always on the offense. If you do see him reach up for a swing, simply roll to one side safely. No quick-time sequence this fight but get those fingers ready because we’ve got the final difficult moments coming up.

Episode 19 : An Old Score to Settle

  1. Turn a
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