L.A. Noire Newspaper Locations

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Posted on May 18, 2011, Phil Hornshaw L.A. Noire Newspaper Locations

You’re tracking down L.A. Noire‘s film reels and you’ve started to map the city’s landmarks, you’re unlocking everything that’s hidden with our Cheats List and solving all the cases with our L.A. Noire Walkthru. But there’s still more to find hidden in this massive game.

Scattered throughout 1940s Los Angeles are 13 hidden newspapers to locate, all of which give Cole Phelps information about L.A. and clues that can open up additional cases. We’re in the process of finding and documenting all 13 newspapers, along with the cases they unlock; and we’ll have all that info listed here just as soon as our diligent walkthrough team pushes through this massive game.


  1. At the first crime scene in “Upon Reflection,”check on a crate against the right wall as you approach the bloody door in the alley.
  2. During “The Driver’s Seat,” look on the dining room table at the Blacks’ residence.
  3. Check the bar near Dudley Lynch in Ray’s Cafe during “A Marriage in Heaven.”
  4. In the storage alley of Silver Screen Props during “The Fallen Idol.”
  5. In “The Red Lipstick Murder,” check the floor near the front door of the Henry residence.
  6. You’ll head to the Hobo Camp for “The White Shoe Slaying.” Find this one inside Stuart Ackerman’s shack.
  7. This one is in “The Black Caesar,” found on a desk in the warehouse of Ramez Removals.
  8. At the American Legion Stadium during “The Set-Up,” check the training table.
  9. You’ll find this one near the first dead shooter in the alley at Haskell’s Finest Men’s Wear during “Manifest Destiny.”
  10. During “A Walk in Elysian Fields,” check the right corner of the front lawn near the fence at the Morelli fire.
  11. Check Leland Monroe’s desk inside his home during “A Polite Invitation.”
  12. On the front counter at Rapid Exterminators during “A Different Kind of War.”
  13. In “A Different Kind of War,” check Harlan Fontaine’s desk at Dr. Fontaine’s Surgery Center.
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