Lara Croft is Heading Back to the Big Screen for Some Reason

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Posted on March 7, 2011, Phil Owen Lara Croft is Heading Back to the Big Screen for Some Reason

The whole Tomb Raider thing is pretty much dead in terms of greater pop culture awareness. People generally remember the Jolie movies as being terrible, and when a non-gamer hears I’m playing a current-generation Tomb Raider game I get laughed at.

This news is new, and so I don’t know what the general reaction will be to this, but I suspect that it won’t be favorable. A new Tomb Raider movie is on the way courtesy of GK Films, who bought the rights from Squeenix. The movie’ll be a reboot. Hmmmmmmmmm.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence that a movie Tomb Raider reboot would be announced a couple months after the game Tomb Raider reboot, but it can’t be. It just can’t.

Since the game has actually been announced — which means it’s been in production for a while — it’s doubtful that the movie could be ready for release when the game is, but you can bet your ass that Graham King is banking on this new, gritty, dark Tomb Raider being successful and making the idea of a new Tomb Raider movie seem not as silly as it does right now.

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