Latest Destiny 2 update makes welcome changes to weapon-swapping

By FileTrekker 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago

 Over the years, Destiny 2 has managed to maintain a dedicated player base, although it's fair to say that aspects of the game have received criticism in recent months and years, prompting Bungie to listen to the player base and make welcome changes to weapon swapping in its latest update, and the first since the launch of Season of the Deep, which it announced yesterday.

One of the fundamental changes introduced in update focuses on weapon-swapping mechanics. Previously, players had to endure a two-second delay before being able to shoot their guns after changing them - this delay has now been reduced to approximately one second, allowing for smoother and more responsive gameplay, enhancing the fluidity of combat and providing players with increased flexibility in adapting to different situations.

The update also has several bug fixes for various activities within the game. Players who enjoy The Crucible, Salvage, and Guardian Ranks will be pleased to know that specific issues affecting these activities have been addressed - for example - an issue where players would lose connection during the Boss encounter in Salvage has been resolved, ensuring a more stable experience. The Destiny 2 subreddit has been positively reacting to these changes, with players hoping these updates will rectify the issues they have been facing as of late.

Here are some of the critical changes and fixes mentioned in the patch notes:


  • Crucible: Fixed an issue where all players could hear all Crest pick-up sounds in the game mode Supremacy.
  • Salvage: Fixed an issue causing players to lose connection to the activity during the Boss encounter.
  • Guardian Ranks: Fixed an issue where the Champ title was not counting for progress related to Guardian Ranks' objectives. 
  • Addressed a point where the Rank 7 objective Centrifuse was not progressing when using the weapon in PvP.


  • Armour: Exotic armour focused at Rahool has similar stats to dropped Exotic armour. 
  • The Exotic Warlock helm Cenotaph Mask now has the correct description.
  • Weapons: The delay when swapping weapons from the inventory screen and being unable to fire has been reduced from two seconds to approximately one second. 
  • Other weapon-related fixes include reducing the size and intensity of the muzzle flash on the
  • Perpetualis Auto Rifle and addressing audio issues with Dark Decider. 
  • Changes have been made to Trials Glaive Unexpected Resurgence, including moving Impulse Amplifier and adding Swashbuckler and Voltshot to the trait columns.
  • Abilities: Fixed an issue where Hunters could lose their Suspending Slam after being revived.

Bounties / Pursuits:

  • Fixed an issue where some players could not progress the Into the Depths pursuit due to the H.E.L.M. portal not appearing.

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