Latest Fallout London mod trailer features killer postboxes and tube trains

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

If we're being realistic, Bethesda's next official outing in the Fallout universe is years, maybe even decades, away. The good news is that the modding scene for Fallout 4 is alive and well, and one of the most exciting projects in development right now, Fallout: London, has just released a new progress update.

As a Brit, you can probably imagine I'm pretty excited about this mod in more ways than one. We've rarely seen the Fallout universe outside of the United States of America, so to see a mod bring that lore into the streets and settings I know well is incredibly compelling. It adds a certain emotional impact to see London in a post-apocalyptic setting, even if it is through an unofficial mod.

Sometimes though, mods are just so professionally done that you find yourself just as excited, if not more so, than if it was an official release. The latest update shows off just some of the progress the mod team have been making, including a closer look at the robotic residents of London. Perhaps most amusingly of these is the post killbot, an iconic red pillar box typically used for mail, being turned into a deadly killer robot.

With a circular saw in one hand and a grabbing claw in the other, I suspect it won't be sorting your mail anytime soon. It looks fast, too, with big chunky wheels (and a rather amusing stabiliser on the front) - another bot, based on a naval sea mine, is also featured. On rare occasions, they still crop in the Thames as relics of the second world war, but these ones are somewhat unique in the fact that, well, they've got legs.

Finally, I'm excited to see the team has developed the planned London Underground network further, being able to create a fully functional train system. Rather than using "sideways elevators" to make trains work, the team have developed a fully functional system that means you can ride trains across London at any time. If you've ever visited London, "The Tube" is an iconic and critical part of getting around the city, so it's wonderful to see this integral part of the experience getting the attention it deserves.

There's plenty more to see in the video too, although nofollow there's no word on when we might expect a release. In the meantime, you can keep track of the team's progress on their website.

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