Latest Saints Row reboot trailer shows off in-game footage

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

In an age of gameplay trailers that don't seem to contain any actual gameplay, it's refreshing to see the latest trailer for the Saints Row reboot contains some actual in-game footage, even if it is just a brief sprinkling.

The trailer, below, is quite long and mostly consists of the usual pre-scripted CGI affair, but if you skip on to the 7-minute mark, you'll get to ee some in-game footage for what little remains of the video. 

As for the rest of the trailer, it features a number of interviews with the game's developers talking about the new game, including the location of Santo Ileso, which will be the main locale. It's a huge city surrounded by desertland, and from what we can gleam it looks pretty spectacular. 

The trailer also talks about the characters who will feature in the game, along with a rundown of the various enemy factions who you'll be facing through your time in the city. Finally, we also get a look at some of the combat, which looks to be fairly standard for a Saints Row game. In fact the whole thing looks like the usual over-the-top insanity we've come to expect from the series.

Saints Row is releasing on the 25th of February next year.


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