League of Legends Played Twice as Much as WoW in NA and EU

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Published by CJ Miozzi 6 years ago , last updated 2 months ago

According to strategic market research and consulting firm DFC Intelligence, 1.3 billion hours of League of Legends gameplay was logged this year across North America and Europe, making it the most played game in those regions. The runner-up was World of Warcraft, with 620 million hours. The firm released a list of the ten most played games, prepared by extrapolating from actual usage data from more than 21 million Xfire members. 

 David Cole, CEO of DFC Intelligence, said:

“The fact that online games such League of Legends eclipsed more than a billion hours of online game time in a year is simply incredible, and a testament to the fundamental shift currently sweeping through the games industry. By comparison, Bungie recently announced that the Halo franchise surpassed 2 billion hours of online play, but that’s over a period of seven years.”

Here is the list of the top 10 titles and total US/EU play hours from July 2011 through June 2012:

1. League of Legends: 1,292,502,456
2. World of Warcraft: 622,378,909
3. Minecraft: 371,635,651
4. Heroes of Newerth: 184,520,156
5. Diablo III: 172,907,605
6. Battlefield 3: 171,852,550
7. MapleStory: 165,503,651
8. StarCraft II: 163,980,293
9. World Of Tanks: 145,702,931
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: 126,754,082

Worthy of note is Diablo 3′s entry, which is already at 172 million hours. Cole said:

“Diablo III was not released until mid-May but in just 45 days usage of the game has equaled 172 million hours. Usage of course declines after launch, but it is still doing quite well and may surpass World of Warcraft in usage over the next year.”

If xfire usage statistics are anything to go by, however, Diablo 3′s popularity has been experiencing a precipitous drop. 

How many games on that list do you play?

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