League of Legends Season 4 Now Live

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Posted on January 17, 2014, Mike Sharkey League of Legends Season 4 Now Live

It’s time, Summoners. Season Four of League of Legends has begun.

Riot officially reset ranked ladders last night and with update 4.1, Season Four went live.

If you played during the pre-season, you know the big changes LoL Season Four brings. New masteries make it easier to stay on pace with teammates when playing as a jungler or support, and both roles also get new items to make earning gold less of a chore. Free trinkets change the warding game significantly, and there’s a new monster camp to further aid junglers in their quest to keep up.

Lots more changes, and they’re all detailed in the LoL patch 4.1 notes.

Unfortunately, the new LoL Team Builder, which allows players to select their champ, role, and position before being added to a team in unranked matches, isn’t ready for prime time just yet. Riot says that addition is coming soon.


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