Leaked Left 4 Dead prototype started life as a Counter-Strike mod

By FileTrekker a year ago, last updated a year ago

Some interesting new details on the development of Left 4 Dead, including a leaked version of an early prototype built as a mod for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero have appeared online via GamesRadar+ and fellow modding website GameBanana.

In case you weren't aware, the original Left 4 Dead was developed by Turtle Rock Studios, who were subcontracted by Valve to work on the games. Prior to L4D though, Valve had also hired the studio to work on Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, where they had cooked up a few interesting ideas. One of them was a mod that caused endless waves of bots to come at you, attacking you only with knives. 

The mod was called Terror-Strike and was initially designed as a testbed for the developers to work out bugs in the bot AI. The developers found themselves having a lot of fun, and that in turn, became further refined prototypes before becoming the basis for Left 4 Dead.

Now one of these early prototypes is available to download online. While lacking much of the final polish, charm and atmosphere of Left 4 Dead, the basic gameplay mechanics are obviously there. It's a solid premise and looks like great fun, even in this fairly rudimentary version. Ultimately, Left 4 Dead would spawn an entire generation of zombie wave shooters, both as stand-alone games or additional game-modes.

Interestingly, some other maps have also leaked that show some interesting prototype concepts that Turtle Rock were pitching to Valve. You can check these out, as well as the L4D prototype map, using the GameBanana link above.


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